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Veggies Directory, was for over 20 years a valued networking resource for some 7000 contacts, working working for animal rights and welfare, as well as those working to protect people worldwide and the environment which we share with them.

It is currently being completely recompiled as an interactive web directory, allowing groups to add and update their own listings and facilitating improved networking between those with common interests. It will later again be published in print for those without internet access.

Groups and contacts are invited and encouraged to add their details to Veggies new Directory at

The Directory provides a coordinated means for groups to contact one another with details of their work, news of campaigns or requests for support and information. Concerned individuals will find it an essential guide to every aspect of animal rights and welfare, social justice, environmental activism, and a whole lot more.

This Directory is compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign in Nottingham, UK.

If you don't find what you need in Veggies Directory, try the World @nimal Net or the Dogwhale Web Directory.

U.K. based groups

  • Animal Rights and Welfare, (inc Veggie/Vegan), groups and contacts.
  • Rescue, Rehoming, Rehabilitation and Sanctuaries

  • Environmental, Human Rights & Social Justice Contacts

  • All contacts in Nottinghamshire

  • Resource Centres, Community Resources and Social Centres

  • Sources of info & other directories
  • Internet resources

  • Trading contacts
  • Catering Contacts
  • Guesthouses, B&Bs, hotels etc.
  • Healthcare and Natural Healing

  • International & Overseas Animal Contacts

  • Country Finder
    If, like me, you are not sure which continent relates to each country, find the link here. (A bit dated - based on the Weetabix World Atlas 1996 !)

  • Group Finder . A simple "group name" search.
  • You could also try a search on Google

    Veggies aims to keep the Directory as up to date as possible, but obviously there will be errors or omissions from time to time.
    You are now able to add more groups or links to the Directory yourself:
    Visit Veggies new Directory at
    It is recommended that groups and contacts should check their details now.

    Veggies cannot accept any liability for losses or damages arising from errors or omissions in the Directory.

    Published continuously since 1986 by Veggies Catering Campaign
    © 1986 - 2006 .
    Don't even think of using of this directory to generate a mailing list without clicking here first.

  • Veggies Directory is an ongoing project (run by self-taught volunteers), and sections may be added or redesigned in the future.

    "Thanks alot, its a real help having our contacts available through you guys, as the published directory has helped a fair bit with us while trying to get in touch with certain groups internationally. " - Hamilton, New Zealand

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    Sorry but the current print edition (2002/3) of Veggies Directory is now out of print.

    Production of the next edition has been delayed, however now is a good time to add-your-entry, to help us compile the next edition.

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