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From: A subscriber to the Animal Contacts Directory
To: linane@***.com
Subject: Re: Totally degradable polythene that disappears

Dear Linane,

I may well speak for many of the groups listed in the Animals Directory. Spam is spam is spam. It doesn't mater how 'environmentally sound' you think your commerical product is, it is still a commercial product and your email is still an unsolicited commerical advert!

Normally I would react to spams by tracing the sender and sending dozens of lengthy F*** OFF! messages along with complaints to the ISPs via which the message received me. Recently I have received a number of 'ethical' spams as a result of the veggies list. This would not be so bad perhap if they were non commercial spams of a campaigning nature, or even if they were commercial adverts based on real research of my organisation as a potential advert. But that is not the case.

How many of the organisation on the Veggies contact list (mostly organisations involved in Animal Welfare, Animal Rights, Animal Liberation, Animal Rescue, Human Rights, Social Justice, environmental campaigns etc.) would be interested in buying 50,000 rubbish bags? Bags with a limited shelf life! How many would have 2,000 pounds to spend on a minimum order?

We certainly are not interested in the product. We want to discourage waste - encourage people to avoid packaging, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. We want to encourage people to compost. We don't want to sell rubbish bags (degradable or not) which encourage people to see their waste as rubbish, that don't challage peoples wasteful habbits, that enable people to continue sending tonnes of non biodegradable waste to landfill sites having eased their conscience because they used a degradable plastic rubbish bag!

FAO: Veggies.

I don't blame veggies for these spams. I don't blame veggies for the actual paper junk mail that is ocasionally generated from the contacts directory. However I do suggest that perhaps you could make it clear on the website that the directory is not to be used for commerical purposes. Maybe a copyright notice of some kind - it could say that companies that used the directory would be sent an invoice!

FAO: Everyone else.

Perhaps I don't speak for the rest of you. Perhaps you like finding your email box filled with commerical spams. If however you don't like it, and would like your contact details to only be used by those with a real interest in your activities and your campaigns, please make sure the people who send the spams are made aware of this fact and tell them to F*** OFF!

> Dear Sirs,
> I was pleased to see your details on the website.
> I would like to tell you about something that I hope you will find of interest and that links in with your ethical beliefs.
> If you would like to order some degradable refuse bags, the minimum order quantity is 50,000 bags at 40 per 1000. They are sensibly packed in boxes of 500 and easily stack 10 /12 boxes high. This keeps the space needed for storage to a minimum. The bags have a shelf life of 12 - 18 months so if you can't use that many bags in a year, you may want to link up with a couple of other guys in order to make a purchase. (The refuse sacks are available in T*'s under our brand name T*. They have degradable on the label and cost around 1.10p for a roll of 10 bags. You can do the maths on that one).
> etc
> etc
> etc
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