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Veggies, and thousands of others, shared the joys of vegan chocolate cake on 10th October, the 10:10:10 Global Day of Doing!

Vegan Choccy CakeCheck out the winning recipes from 10:10’s low-carbon dish competition, including delicious vegan chocolate cake at just a fraction of the carbon emissions.

Across the world on on Sunday 10th October 2010, thousands of people will take simple steps to reduce their emissions, cutting carbon and sending a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle climate change. You can join this 10:10:10 Global Day of Doing.

More at 10:10 website.

Notts Not Stupid : Our 10:10 Pledges

Nottm Not StupidFollowing the Nottingham premiere of The Age of Stupid, the first Indie Screening in Nottingham was held at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre, joining with dozens of other independent venues across the UK in an groundbreaking new model of film distribution – the Indie Screenings – licensed directly between the film’s producers and local venues.

To mark the Nottingham screenings, a Nottingham Not Stupid Festival had been held in Broadway’s Mezzanine cafe/bar on Friday 24th April, with representatives of many of Nottingham’s grass roots climate campaigns. The film’s Producer, Lizzie Gillett attended, introducing the screenings and leading a lively and well attended studio discussion. The audience throughout the week of Broadway Cinema Screenings left enthusiastically clutching their Action Packs and Copenhagen ‘deal or no deal’ newspapers (2.75MB pdf file).

Franny Armstrong, the director of Age Of Stupid asked “How did Stupid Change Your Life?”

Pat at Veggies replied:

Despite actively campaigning for vegan solutions to climate change for over 20 years, the Age of Stupid gave a hook to redouble the efforts of our volunteer-led vegan catering campaign, Veggies in Nottingham.

Having known Franny since the heady days of McLibel I was determined that The Age of Stupid would rock Nottingham. There was sadly no People’s Premiere in Nottingham (format issues?), but a bike ride through Leicester got me to the People’s Premiere there.

On leaving the Leicester Premiere I realised that we only had a few short years until 2015 to slow climate change before tipping us over the brink. Worse still we only had those few short months until December to get the global agreement without which the rest would seem a lost cause.

However I have never been willing to put any trust in the political process – whoever you vote for it always seems to to be politicians that get in, always working hand in hand with their corporate paymasters. I realised that the future was up to us not them. There seemed to be three things a catering campaign like ours could consider:

1. Reduce our default radius of operation by (say) 10% year on year, aiming to be running with bike & trailer kitchens by the middle of the next decade!

Veggies 2010 map

2. Phase out the use of (French-grown) soya in our key product, Veggies Burgers, in favour of (potentially) UK-grown hemp.

3. Encourage our retail & wholesale customers to forgo the perceived advantage of buying our ready-made frozen vegan burgers and sosages, by offering ambient dry mixes instead (hand made by vegans at our vegan social centre).

Later in the year two more challenges came to mind:

1. Persuade Nottingham City Council to adopt a weekly veggie day: See our dedicated Nottingham Veggie Day website.


2. persuade ‘environmental’ campaign groups, notably Greenpeace, to come out of the closet and acknowledge the vital need to give equal consideration to diet as to other actions to fight climate change. See discussion at Indymedia.

For further details of the Nottingham Not Stupid Screenings, to view the trailer and to Get Active with local campaigns against Climate Change, see Veggies Not Stupid webpage.

Whether you want to help tackle climate change or just get your bills down to size, we all know that cutting our carbon footprint makes sense. Even so, it can be hard to know where to start, and to know how one person can make a real difference. What’s needed is something straightforward, immediate and meaningful: we think we’ve found it.

Veggies has joined thousands of people and organisations across the country in adopting a simple goal: cutting our carbon by 10% in 2010. It’s called 10:10, and we want you to be a part of it. Cutting 10% in one year is a bold target, but for most of us it’s an achievable one, and is in line with what scientists say we need right now.

By signing up to 10:10 we’re not just working to reduce our own emissions – we’re joining a national drive to make this happen across every sector of society. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a huge problem like climate change, but by combining our individual efforts under one banner, 10:10 enables all of us to make a meaningful difference. Let’s find out what’s possible when we work together. You can sign up and get help cutting your carbon at

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