The Community Print Resource (CPR) is a collectively managed print workshop and resource centre for Nottingham’s campaign community.

Resources are location near the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields / New Basford. Access is by prior arrangement for users to do their own work on a d-i-y basis. To check availability call George on 07903 788164.

Printing specifications

The main printer is a risograph, which is like a duplicator with drums containing wet ink. A master (stencil) is cut by the machine, one for each page, and wrapped around the ink drum.

risographDue to the limitations of the printer very fine details is not possible. Line drawings work better than photos. However photos may be printed so long as the contrast is clear and they are not too detailed. Any pictures need to be in greyscale or halftone. George at CPR may be able to advise on their suitability and possibly tweak them.

Black on white artwork by pdf is perfect. Whilst the printer can produce newsletters on A3 paper artwork is best on separate A4 pages, for example in one document with pages running 1 to 4. Proof copies of the artwork are matched up at the time of printing. Individual replacement pages can be exchanged if any changes are needed.

If possible leave a 10mm border. The printer can go as close as 6mm, but 10mm would be better. The printer does not bleed off to the edge of the page.

Two colour (or even 4 colour) printing is possible – there is black, red, green and blue ink. For example you could print the heading and other text in black, and a picture in another colour. Colour separated artwork would be required, to produce a master stencil for each colour.

To check availability contact us
or call George: 07903 788164 / Pat: 07870 861837

CPR Facilities include

  • A3 4-colour Digital Duplicator – Risograph GR3750
    • Speed up to 135 pages per minute
    • Scanning 400 x 400 dpi
    • A3, A4, A5 printing
    • Black, red, green & blue print drums
      (See Risograph colour chart here)
    • Needs Ink (£44/2)
    • Needs master rolls (£63.50+vat – 2 rolls x 200 x A3 masters)
    • Needs new black drum (£120)
    • New fuser unit, Sept’10 – £62
    • Annual service – £90


  • Guillotine / ream cutter 
  • A3 laminator 
  • A4 laminator (at Sumac) 
  • A4 flat-bed trimmer (at Sumac) 
  • 12-bay collating rack 
  • Long-arm stapler (for middle of folder booklets)
    • Available from MCL/Veggies at Sumac



  • Heavy Duty Stapler – Max HD-12L
    – up to 12mm thickness
    – Staples needed 12mm – ref: 1217 FA.H)

  • Heavy Duty Hold Punch 

  • Comb-binder (for binding booklets) – Prima 25

  • Set of Exhibition Panels 
  • Planax Jogger (Combi ST?) 
  • (Electric stapler) 
  • Badgemaker 5
    25, 38 or 55mm format
    Supplies from London Emblem Co 
  • Badgemaker 7
    25, 38, 55 or 77mm format

  • Braille dymo labeller
  • Projector screen


Internet Access

  • Sumac Centre – Friday and Saturday evenings

Pending Repair

  • A4/A3 photocopier – Konica 7045 
  • A3 flat-bed trimmer
  • Plockmatic 125 12 sheet collator & air separator

Critical equipment needed – can you help?

– Folding Machine

Facilities Elsewhere

– Rex Rotory copy printer at The Place

Spare supplies

– 5+4 x Canon NP G-1 Toner for NP1015 / 1215 / 1215S + 2 drums
(From the dead NP1215 copier at ‘The Place}

– 4 x Canon NP G-7 Toner for NP6025 / 6030 / 6330

Print costs

Here’s how to work it out:

There are 4 print drums for black, red, blue and green ink.

The machine cuts a master, or stencil, from the artwork and wraps it around the print drum.

Separated artwork, and hence a separate master, is needed for each colour.

Paper is passed through the machine for each colour.

Master cost : £1.00
1st print each side: £1 per 100
Additional colour: 50p/100
Paper: £1 per 100

For A3 the master cost is the same, but prints and paper are £2/100

Guillotine: £1 per job

Example Prices

100 single-sided A4 on risography copyprinter cost just 3p each
500 single-sided A4 on risography copyprinter : 2.2p each, compared to 4p or more on photocopiers
(Master £1 + prints £5 + paper £5 = £11/500 = 2.2p)

50 A4 double-sided risograph prints make 100 A5 fliers for £2.50 > 2.5p each

500 A4 double-sided makes 1000 A5 fliers for £17 > 1.7p each
(Master £1 + prints £10 + paper £5 + guillotine £1 = £17/1000 = 1.7p)

100 A4 double-sided newsletter pages on risograph cost 5p each.

500 A4 double-sided newsletter pages on risograph cost 3.4p each (6p-10p on photocopiers)

100 x 16 page A5 booklets : 20p each
(4 x A4 double-sided risograph prints, folded)

250 x 20 page A4 newsletters : 38p each
(ie 10 A4 double-sided sheets).


CPR is sponsored by Veggies Catering Campaign and Samosas for Social Change, supported by

  • Nottm Friends of the Iraqi People
  • Nottm Stop the War Coalition
  • Notts Transport 2000
  • Nottm Veg &Vegan Soc

Other users have included

  • Dissent
  • Nottm C.N.D.
  • Nottm F.o.E.
  • Lord Biro
  • Refugee Forum Campaign Group
  • University of the 3rd Age

 If anyone knows anyone that might be able to help with maintenance of this 20 year old ‘workhorse’ we’d be please to be put in touch.