7.30pm prompt. 1st Monday Monthly – All Welcome

Introductions, facilitator, minute taker
(please identify the following headings on the minutes)

Present / Apologies

Well Being Check-in / Qualms / Big Ups

Action Points from previous meeting
(check for copy the minutes in the blue minutes ring file)

User Groups / working groups:
– Bar
– Cinema
– Computers
– Finance group
– Food Bank
– Garden
– Kitchen / Peoples Kitchen
– Library/Book Stall
– Radical Routes
– Residents
– Social Centres Network
– Veggies
– Youth Club


Urgent & Current In-Tray


Email (review past messages & elect someone to check for next time)

Message Book & Phone Messages

Room Bookings (check bookings diary as well as online diary)

Maintenance – Jobs Book – Work Priorities

(Health & Safety review /cleaning)

(Propose a week in advance, preferably by email)

Any Other Business

Announcements, events, demos etc

Identify Facilitator / minute taker for Next Meeting – 1st Monday next month

Note to minutes typist:
– Leave carbon or photocopy of draft notes in minutes folder
– When typed up put typed copy in minutes folder
– Send email version as plain text

* Working groups should have feedback prepared and preferably already distributed on mailing list. Feedback should answer these questions- Do you need more members? Is anyone leaving your group? Do you have any CLEAR FULLY FORMED PROPOSALS that the sumac needs to decide upon?

* The Radical Routes agenda point will be broken into three parts- work commitments, next gathering, previous minutes/agenda for next gathering.

* We’d also like to add a ‘big-ups’ and a ‘well-being check in’ to the start of the meeting to give some space to positive feedback and say how we’re doing (if people feel comfortable to).

* All items for the agenda will need to have been emailed to the sumac admin list before the meeting, so no last minute additions to the agenda at the meeting (only if you are on the mailing list, that is!).

* Meetings should be advertised to begin at 7:30 and end at 9:30. The facilitator and meeting co-ordinator should attempt to ensure the 9:30 end is kept.

So, at the moment, these ideas are just proposals, but we’d like to try having the pre-meeting slot of 6:30-7:30 before the meeting to see how it goes.

Any feedback on the proposals would be good.