Here is a brief history of 50 years of Vegetarian/Vegan Campaigning in Nottingham

Remembering David Lane 1934 – 2014

David Lane

bananaman imageSince about 1962 the Nottingham Vegetarian Society, has been the local branch of the Vegetarian Society of the UK. In the late 80’s it became the Nottingham Vegetarian & Vegan (veg*n) Society.

The long-standing chair of the society, David Lane, was fundamental in helping to establish Veggies Catering Campaign and the Rainbow Centre, later to become The Sumac Centre. When David retired, Veggies continued to represent the UK Society locally, in particular with campaigning and media contact.

Inspired by a visit to Nottingham by the late Kathleen Jannaway, Veggies has become closely involved with the Movement for Compassionate Living, adding sustainable living and local ecology to the many other benefits of veganism.

Through the work of Veggies and other veg*n campaigners, vegetarianism has reached a level of acceptance where there is less need to meet up socially with other veggies, and numbers at social events declined from 50-100 to 5-10. Our priority therefore continues to be with outreach on the streets and at events, and encouraging the growth of veg*n numbers in other ways, and thereby developing a market that makes is easier for veg*ns to eat and meet in general society. NottsVeg, the Nottingham-based vegan/vegetarian social group, now looks after the social side of things.

The Nottingham Vegetarian and Vegan Society was and, through us, continues to be supportive of any initiatives to promote veg*nism, hence the Vegetarian/Vegan Campaigns page – which summarises all the veg*n projects in the area.

We work with the Movement for Compassionate Living, the Vegan Society, Viva! and Animal Aid in addition to the Vegetarian Society, aiming to give some continuity of contact in the area.

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