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What is Pretty Veggies?

Pretty Veggies is a non-profit ethical toiletries and cosmetics campaign, attached to Veggies Catering Campaign.

Pretty Veggies is here to:

  • promote and provide affordable ethical cosmetics and toiletries
  • provide an informational resource on cosmetics and toiletries and related beauty and non-food items that are both vegan and free of any kind of animal testing
  • campaign for an end to animal testing and the unnecessary use of animal ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries
  • raise awareness among the public of the prevalence of animal testing and animal ingredient use
  • make the public aware of the lies behind the labels and how “not tested on animals” does not mean “not tested on animals”
  • raise awareness among the public of the non-vegan / vegetarian ingredients in many cosmetics and toiletries
  • promote companies that offer vegan and 100% cruelty-free (with a fixed cut off date) products
  • raise awareness and ask questions to companies, publishing and sharing research online
  • promote related campaign groups such as Veggies, Uncaged, Naturewatch, BUAV and NAVs

The principles behind Pretty Veggies are:

  • No animal ingredients – all products are vegan
  • No animal testing – of the products or their ingredients, by the manufacturers, suppliers, or on behalf of either
  • Fixed cut-off dates – all manufacturers and their suppliers have certified fixed cut-off dates – a genuine no animal testing policy
  • Not for profit – all profits reinvested to promote ethical cosmetics and toiletries and donated to good causes

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