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With over 25 years experience of providing pure vegan catering at Glastonbury Festival, Veggies Catering Campaign are pleased to gather together information on other great vegan food at this major event, with tweets & instagram posts by Vegan Blogger 78.

Please pass on your tips, reviews and recommendations by following and tweeting to @GlastoVegan, posting to #GlastoVegan on Instagram or by contacting Veggies

Joe Summer, at Glastonbury in 2000, describes the moment at Glastonbury 1971 when he became vegetarian for lifelife.

Vegan Caterers

Veggies Catering Campaign

Veggies has been providing pure vegan catering, and campaign info on many related topics, at Glastonbury Festival since (at least) 1990.

Buddhafield Café

All vegan, except for possible option of calves milk, the not-for-profit, mostly volunteer Buddhafield Café, offers organic, vegan food in the Healing Field/Green Fields (just before the Stone Circle).

Club Mexicana

After wowing the crowds at Glastonbury 2017, let’s hope these festival favourites will be a regular feature, serving vegan tacos, burritos and nachos, opposite Leftfield, between the Pyramid Stage and Other Stage!.

Happy Maki

Already a Glastonbury favourite, also appearing at many other festivals, green gatherings, vegan festivals and at home in Brighton.

Manic Organic wrote: “The Manics are a festival institution. A scarily large-scale organisation, a cast of what seems to be hundreds of well-drilled Antipodeans work in and behind their bedouin-style tent, and can process a queue like a military operation. The food is consistently good, a hearty plateful of Vegetable Daal or Chana and Potato Curry being just the thing on a cool evening.

Manic Organic have an established site on the main path through the green fields, as it passes between the Avalon and Greenpeace fields.”

The Peckish Peacock

A fresh, colourful blend of delicious Indian fused flavours, a lovingly created unique curry, cumin rice, scrummy pakoras, mouth-quenching mango with almond milk lassi, spiced apple tea, hot and cold drinks – 100% vegan, except milk for tea and coffee, with almond milk too, and plenty of wheat, gluten and yeast-free options.

“If you’re at Glastonbury and would like some delicious vegetarian, vegan, gluten free food or just want some top quality excellent nosh, come and find us in our new location by Yeoman’s bridge. We will be serving up a mouth watering treat from Monday onwards and can’t wait to fill your bellies”


“Give Vegan porridge a chance!”

Queen Delilah wrote: “Queen Delilah serves excellent and good-value salads. They have tasty black-eye bean burgers too, but the salads are so good they make a nice lunch on their own. Queen Delilah is a regular at Glastonbury on the east side of main route which divides the Avalon and Greenpeace fields, next door to the Manic Organic.”

Vegan Pyramid

At Glastonbury for the first time in 2017 and already cooking up a storm. Dawn Hackney‏ wrote: “Ohhhh my god at this rate I’m going to turn vegan! Another lush meal last night @TheVeganPyramid top ranking #traderaward2017

Wholefood Heaven : Buddha Bowl

A Buddha Bowl, winner of Best Main Dish at the British Street Food Awards, contains all the following:
Massaman curry with new potatoes, pineapple and soya chunks
Carrot and homemade kimchi pickle
Flash steamed seasonal greens (usually kale!)
Organic short grain brown rice
Organic omega seed sprinkle
Grilled halloumi (optional)
They’re vegan (as long as you skip the halloumi!), wheat free, gluten free and very yummy!

Somerset Live reviewed the Best vegan cafés at Glastonbury Festival 2017

Vegetarian Caterers

The following are recommended for a great choice of vegan foods

Avalon Café

The Field of Avalon has sixty plus acts performing over five days and seating for the many diners in the famous 24 hour vegetarian café. The Avalon café will also have lots of new menu additions for this year and of course its delicious coffee.

Dosa Deli

Q. How much of your menu is vegan?
A. All bar our chilli cheese dosa 🙂

Great news. We’ll come & support you, opposite Queens Head at Williams Green, between Pyramid Stage & Acoustic Stage!

Fritter Shack

Well done to The Fritter Shack, winning the Glastonbury Sustainable Trader Award at their first Glastonbury, in 2017. That’s what vegan food is all about and with many vegan vegetarian & gluten free options it’s easy to see why they are already winners.

Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods

Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods has been serving healthy vegan and vegetarian food at outdoor events throughout the UK since 1989. We specialize in healthy nutritious dishes that have won us numerous awards and accolades. We serve original great quality salads to accompany our homemade Veggie burgers, Falafels and Hummus.”

Leon’s Vegetarian Cuisine

Leon Lewis has been running vegetarian & vegan catering festivals since the 1980’s. His Leonese Feast is made up of stuffed vineleaves, spinach triangles, good bread, capriata, siny’et bedingal, tabbouli, puy lentil salad and green salad or similar. A hot food selection might be 3 curries, pilao basmati brown rice, samosa and pickles.

No Bones Jones

Winner of Glastonbury’s Green Trader Award, No Bones Jones has been providing high quality, wholesome, solar-powered, vegetarian and mostly vegan food since 1994. Find them near Yeomans Bridge.

Pandemania Pizza

Pandemania Pizza “use no dairy produce other than cheese and all our pizzas can be prepared Vegan friendly if required.”

There are masses of good veg-based toppings and, special for Glastonbury, lots of vegan cheeses. “We will be in Glebelands the quiet chill out place with some amazing theatre stuff.”

A secret tip for site crew: “We will be open for PIZZA Mon 22nd. £1 off with Codeword: I’d Like a Vodka and Tonic Please” …oops we’ve told the world!

Other Catering

Thali Cafe

The Thali Cafe has two pitches at Glastonbury, at Craft Field opposite Healing Space and at The Park next door to the Stonebridge Bar.

The Craft Field menu, on their 2013 article, seems so be the more veggie one with the “World Famous” Thali Veggie Breakfast Fry-Up, golden fried spicy potatoes, scrambled eggs, veggie sausage, baked beans and bread s/w our homemade Tomato Chutney. And for Lunch + Dinner: Keralan butternut and red pepper curry s/w coconut rice and salad, Samosa box s/w salad and homemade chutneys.

The Cake Hole

Q. Anyone know where they will be?
A. “We bake on site!” Gluten free cakes from ‘The Cake Hole’ found in the acoustic field.

Seasonal Samosas

Seasonal Samosas is a family run catering business from North Devon and in Field of Avalon. ” We believe in an organic, sustainable, low carbon growing method to ensure our food is healthy and tasty; we even use a flock of Indian runner ducks as pest control!

Our dishes are the combination of age old secret Punjabi recipes mixed with fresh Devon produce and a British twist. The secret to our unique taste is in the ‘Garam Masala’; a mix of spices that is individual to families and handed down from mother to daughter over generations.”

Truly Crumptious

Home-made crumpets are made using a local organic flour to give the best taste and are suitable for vegans, though also uses dairy products and free-range smoked bacon.

Fresh Fruit


WI Glasto Cakes

A group of WI members will proudly serve homemade vegan cakes in the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury. Come for vegan, gluten free & traditional delights!

Sunrise Screenprint

Visit the Green Market for your ethical and environmentally friendly t-shirts, hand printed in Scotland using water based inks, by the vegan-run Sunrise Screenprint Workshop.

Printers of choice for Veggies Crew T-Shirts since the 1980’s!

Keep updated – follow & scroll through the @GlastoVegan Twitter Feed

Read on further below for FOOD FOR A FUTURE

Food For A Future

GLASTONBURY has a brand new space.

Food for a Future images

‘Food for a Future’ will be in the Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival this year.

– Creative Cookery Demonstrations.
– Veggie Masterclasses.
– Solar Powered Dairy-Free ice Cream
– Greener World Talks.
– Plant-Based Nutrition.
– Free Info & Recipes.

Come and talk to us about healthy, ethical dietary choices that won’t cost the earth.

Food For A Future Program


1000 – 1100: Kids Activities
1200 – 1300: African Peanut Stew with Wraps + Chocolate Truffles
1300 – 1400: Real Junk Food Project talk with Ifty
1400 – 1500: Vegan for the Animals talk with Dean
1500 – 1600: Vegan Macaroni Cheese with Carys
1600 – 1700: Courgetti with Arrabiatta Sauce + Fresh Humous Workshop
1800 – 1900: A selection of short films


1000 – 1100: Kids Activities
1200 – 1300: Scrambled Tofu- Robert + Chia Seed and Mixed Fruit Pud
1300 – 1400: Veggies Burgers Workshop & a History of Campaign Catering
1400 – 1500: Vegan for the Environment talk- Dean
1500 – 1600: Raw Sweet Treat Inspiration with Rachana from
1600 – 1700: RAW@4. Zoodles with ‘Cheesey’ Sauce + Raw Vegan Cheesecake
1800 – 1900: A selection of short films


1000 – 1100: Kids Activities- Natalie
1200 – 1300: Tempeh Masterclass + Solar Powered Ice Cream
1300 – 1400: One Pot Dhal- Sophia
1400 – 1500: Sprout sprout & see the life shine out!
1500 – 1600: Vegan for Health with Dean
1600 – 1700: RAW@4. Pedal-powered Smoothies + Fresh Hummous
1800 – 1900: A selection of short films


1000 – 1100: Kids Activities- Natalie
1200 – 1300: Wraps with Carys + Solar Powered Ice Cream with Robert
1300 – 1400: Sweet & Savoury Crepes with Robert and Carys
1500 – 1600: Vegan for the Humanity with Dean
1600 – 1700: Courgetti with Lemon and Herb Sauce + Chia Seed Pudding
1800 – 1900: A selection of short films.


1000 – 1100: Kids Activities- Natalie
200 – 1300: Tempeh Masterclass + Fruit Crumble with Custard
1300 – 1400: Vegan Meringue with Ebony
1400 – 1500: How to set up a Vegan group in your town. Talk with Carys
1500 – 1600: African Stew with Dean
1600 – 1700: RAW@4. Cheesecake with Robert + Fresh Hummous with Natalie
1800 – 1900: A selection of short films

Follow Food for a Future on Twitter and Facebook

Reasons to go vegetarian / vegan for the environment