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Vegan Athletes for Peace

On 21 January 2015 we received this from Neil Robinson:

My name is Neil Robinson and I’m a vegan former professional footballer. Myself and another vegan former professional footballer, Dean Howell, are undertaking a charity cycle challenge, starting on May 22 2015, cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats and to be completed in 9 days.

See our website for further information:

vegan-athletes-for-peace logoWe’re doing the cycle challenge to raise awareness of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for the health of humans, animals, and the planet. Also, to raise funds for a variety of charities who are doing great work to bring about the healing of the planet and all who live on it.

You’ll see from our website that we’ve chosen your charity as one of our 13 supported charities, and our grand plan is to raise £2,000 for each charity. If you agree to being one of our supported charities, we would be very grateful if you could help to promote our website and our cycle ride through your website and social media pages.

I’ve attached a short ‘media pack’ for your info too.

Many thanks!


Neil Robinson

Neil Robinson


Vegan Athletes for Peace

The Peaceful Planet


Veggies reply to Vegan Athletes for Peace

Thank you so very very much for including Veggies amongst the great charities that you are supporting on your vegan charity cycle challenge from Land’s End to John O’Groats in May.

We have worked with almost all of those charities & campaigns over our 30 years of “networking for humans, animals & the environment”, so i find it hard to convey how honoured we are to be included alongside them.

We will of course do all we can to spread the word, including a listing on Veggies diary, on the UK Vegan Outreach Diary and on the Animal Rights Calendar (these are integrated listings).

I have also started a conversation on @VeggiesNottm Twitter feed, which I hope will be picked up by our 1600 followers. Once we get it out to the 122,000 AnimalRightsUK facebook followers, combined with the efforts of all the other charities, the effect should be a huge vegan outreach opportunity!

Please pass on our enthusiastic gratitude to Dean too.

best wishes

Pat and the Veggies Crew

Vegan Athletes for Peace Charities
Vegan Athletes for Peace Charities

Happy New Year / December review

We hope everyone had a nice and peaceful Christmas

xmas meal 2014

Here at Veggies we all get on so well we even have Christmas Day dinner together Thanks to Chrissy for the amazing event – the food (obviously all vegan!) was amazing and the table was beautiful! to all you guys and see you on Veggies 2015 tour soon! …more…

operation safe winter

What a truly heartening afternoon to see so many caring and compassionate people out in force to make ‪#‎OpSafeWinter‬ Nottingham a success today.

It was beautiful to see the massive pile of donated warm clothing, sleeping bags, food and other items that people had given. We were so pleased to have been able to contribute to the day with free food and hot drinks for those in need. …more…

Derby & Kensington

What a fantastic couple weeks of vegan outreach we’ve done! Last weekend we were at Brinsley Animal Rescue Christmas Open Day, and this weekend just passed we catered at the annual Compassionate Derby vegan festival on Saturday and yesterday at Animal Aid’s ‘Christmas Without Cruelty’ Fair.

All three events were busy for us so we’re lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer crew. Twenty different crew members helped out over these three events! …more…

Sumac Winter Crafts Fair on Sunday 14th December, with beautiful handmade gifts from local craftspeople, socialise and enjoy yummy Veggies food. …more….

Archive of all past Veggies Events

Latest News Tweets

Veggies Twitter Account includes news of Veggies Events and other activities, and substantial items from like-minded friends.

As we are busy people, and expect that you are too, we do not tweet too often. We do not intend to document the trivia of our daily lives! Likewise we tend not to follow others on twitter who tweet too often.

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The Vegan Side of Twitter

Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, went vegan in 2001 after visiting Farm Sanctuary.

Biz Stone is also lobbying for vegetarian meals in school lunches. He sent a letter to Rep. George Miller, chair of the House Education and Labor Committee, writing: “Hundreds of thousands of students across the country don’t eat meat, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study. However, these young vegetarians often can’t find healthy, meatless meals in the school cafeteria.”

Biz Stone obviously believes in the power of lunch, because Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters provides free vegan lunches to its employees.


See also Interview at Farm Sanctuary on YouTube.

Veggies Summer Tour

Between now and the end of August, Veggies has eight weekend camping events, as well as several single day events.

Veggies Action CateringWe recommend you to check out all these events with view to attending / supporting them.

Even better, if you are attending any of these events you might like to help with Veggies Campaign Catering.

Please contact us if you might help in any way.

Warmest wishes and motivational ‘Go Team Veggies!’

Friday 18th to Sunday 20th July
Peace in the Park – Oxfordshire

A Buddhist event at the Global Retreat Centre with a mix of music, talks and meditation pavilions. Events and activities will include ‘Mindset Talks’, new ‘One Question’ events, woodland activities for children and adults, story-telling from ancient lands, an open air chill-out meditation lounge, sacred music in the grounds, and the hugely popular ‘Meditation & Music for the World’ event.


Friday 18th to Sunday 20th July
and Friday 25th to Sunday 27th July
Goddess Camp – Bestwood Park, Nottm

Women, men and children are welcome for a weekend of celebration, ritual and workshops at the Goddess Camp at Bestwood Country Park.


Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th July
Northern Green Gathering
Derbyshire Dales, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire

A small volunteer-run environmental/educational gathering, a 4 day event on a beautiful new site, focussed around sustainable living and green campaigns. There will be environmental workshops & campaigns, permaculture, organic veggie cafes, stalls, healers & alternative therapies, kids space, theatre & circus workshops, and a showcase of environment living in action, including solar power and wind power.


Thursday 31st July to Sunday 3rd August
Green Gathering – Chepstow, Wales

At the Green Gathering you can rediscover ancient skills and explore
pathways to future sustainability; talk with key speakers from the Green movement and engage in lively debate at the Green Forum venue and inform yourselves about current issues and causes with groups in the Campaigns area, which will include a Co-ops Camp, co-ordinated by Radical Routes.


Thursday 31st July to Monday 4th August
Peace News Summer Camp 2014 – E.Suffolk

Event to help build a radical movement for the future by building a living community today, with local activists – top trainers – revolution – non-violence – learning from other movements – community – glorious countryside.


Thursday 7th to Monday 11th August
Animal Rights Gathering – Notts/Derbys

The Animal Rights Summer Gathering exists to promote cooperation and to spread information between the various groups and individuals working throughout the UK to stop animal abuse.


Thursday 14th to Wednesday 20th August
Reclaim The Power – location TBA

August will see thousands ‘Reclaim the Power’ and stand in solidarity with communities opposing fracking. Camp will be a hub for skillshares, workshops, entertainment and direct action. There will be a probable Veggies Cafe space & action catering.


Thursday 28th to Monday 1st September
Earth First Summer Gathering

The Earth First! Summer Gathering is the place where people involved in radical ecological direct action – or those who want to be involved – get together for five days of time and space to talk, walk, share skills, learn, play, rant, find out what’s going on, find out what’s next, live outside, strategise, hang out, incite, laugh and conspire. The workshops, networking and planning of actions at this low impact eco-living camp is organised non-hierarchically.


During this period we also have these one day events:

Community Circle

Tuesday 22nd July &
Tuesday 19th August
Details from

Cycle Mania

Friday 8th August
Details from

Brinsley Animal Rescue Open Day

Sunday 10th August
Details from

London Vegan Festival

Sunday 17th August
Details from

Much more on Veggies Events Diary

More on Veggies Catering for Gatherings

Commotion for the Ocean

commotion logo

Veggies Catering Campaign is in its 30th year of supporting grassroots campaigns and activists.

Entirely not-for-profit and led by volunteers, ‘Veggies’ uses great quality vegan fast-food as a catalyst for discussing a broad spectrum of issues with patrons. The range of campaigns supported by ‘Veggies’ includes (but is not exclusive to) Vegan Outreach, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Anti-Vivisection and Environmental.

In our 30th Anniversary Year we have decided to adopt an Ocean Conservation theme to run alongside the Vegan Outreach at Veggies at Glastonbury.

Commotion for the Ocean would like to introduce to you the following amazing organisations:

The Black Fish

The Black FishThe Black Fish is an international marine conservation movement on a mission to end the industrial overfishing of our oceans. Using drones, citizen inspectors, boats and social media, their investigation and action expose and challenge illegal and destructive fishing practices. Their grassroots campaigns and educational projects are aimed at empowering individuals to get actively involved in conservation work and help build citizen-led conservation communities. Illegal overfishing is a global problem, threatening fish populations, coastal communities and causing major destruction to the marine biodiversity. Fishing crime needs to become a political priority.

More at

Sea Shepherd

Sea ShepherdSea Shepherd’s mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife around the UK’s coastline and across the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. Innovative direct-action tactics help Sea Shepherd to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities committed against marine wildlife and habitats. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd UK works to ensure their survival for future generations. It is also the charity’s goal to outreach to the UK public via talks, presentations and events to educate people about the importance of marine conservation.

More at

Captive Animals Protection Society

The Caps logoCaptive Animals Protection Society uses a variety of methods aimed at creating a world without cages. Undercover investigations, research, campaigns, political lobbying and education are the bread-and-spread of this fantastic organisation. CAPS’ ‘Sea Lies’ campaign focuses on the UK’s largest chain of aquariums, Sea-Life. Their most recent investigations found that animals are still being taken from the wild to stock aquariums, animal welfare provision was lacking and that a generally poor standard of educational information was provided to visitors, further to this claims about conservation were questionable.

More at

Surfers Against Sewage

sas logoSurfers Against Sewage (SAS) is an environmental charity protecting the UK’s oceans, waves and beaches for all to enjoy safely and sustainably, via community action, campaigning, volunteering, conservation, education and scientific research. SAS create volunteering opportunities for individuals and communities to be involved with activities that safeguard our seas, coastlines and beaches. Regularly engaging with school children and universities, SAS’s educational sessions provide real-life actions for the public to utilise in their day-to-day lives that help tackle marine pollution.

More at

Blue Ocean Planet

Blue Ocean PlanetBlue Ocean Planet’s primary aim is to educate, raise awareness and ultimately help protect marine environments and its wildlife. Workshops focus on the major ecological issues we are now facing, for example: plastic pollution and its widespread impacts upon marine species. Eco-clubs, self sustaining community groups and public events are just some of the forums where Blue Ocean Planet are able to encourage members of the public to take action. Their ‘Coral Triangle Project’ is all about reef conservation and awareness programmes. The project supports coral reef communities to provide holistic management of the wonderful ecosystems, resident and migratory mega fauna.

More at

Animal Aid

Animal AidAnimal Aid is the UK’s largest animal rights group and one of the longest established in the world, having been founded in 1977. Animal Aid has been instrumental in some of the biggest positive changes to treatment of animals in the UK. They continually conduct undercover investigations and produce detailed reports of their findings. Their ‘Dark Waters’ report details the impact of eating fish on Animal Welfare, Human Health and the Environment. Leaflets produced by Animal Aid allow grass-roots groups around the country to inform the public that ‘Fish can feel pain’.

More at

Fin Fighters UK

Fin Fighters UKFin Fighters UK started life as a small grassroots group known as Fin free Cambridge with the intention of making Cambridge the UK’s first officially fin free city. In 2013 they successfully petitioned the city council to pass a motion that strongly condemned the sale and distribution of shark fin within its city limits, thereby creating the first legislature in the UK to protect sharks, and setting a milestone for marine and shark conservation in England. They are now gathering support for a nationwide campaign, and are putting all their efforts into this mission – ending the distribution and sale of shark fin the UK totally by the year 2020.

More info: Finfightersuk on Facebook

Viva! Campaigns

Viva!Viva! Campaigns for a vegan world free of the suffering endured by farmed animals across the world. One of the ways they do this is by producing literature on the many aspects of animal agriculture. The resources that Viva! provide for campaign groups are an invaluable tool for raising the awareness of the public. Viva!’s leaflets help to remind the public of the sentience of marine animals.

More at

All this and more at Veggies at Glastonbury Green Futures

Veggies At Glastonbury

More news from our Ocean Commotion partners

Glastonbury 2014

Veggies at Glastonbury

Veggies Catering Campaign catered at Glastonbury Festival from 9am Wednesday to 6pm Monday, in the Green Futures Field, at the opposite end of the site from the Pyramid Stage, towards the ‘Stone Circle’.

Veggies has been at Glastonbury since (about) 1987!

Commotion for the OceanEvery year we give over a share of our space, and some of our crew, to running an information/workshop space with displays and activities in support of active groups working for positive social change.

This year our workshop/activities space is supporting the work of Sea Shepherd , Captive Animals’ Protection Society and The Black Fish.

Tetra FishActivities may include:

Veggies Glasto QR CodeOur workshop space has to be paid from our £4,632 fee, whilst providing crew to run the activities means we have to close for a few hours each day.

Our core times are likely to be 10am to 4am, with the interactive space running from 10am to 6pm.

To be kept updated look out for this QR Code

For more campaign presentations check out the Speakers Forum, including:

  • Wednesday 4pm: Calais Migrant Solidarity
  • Thursday 10am: Small Wind Turbine Design – Dexter Dixon
  • Thursday 2pm: Reclaim Our Energy Future – Theo Simon, Stop Hinkley
  • Friday 5.15pm: Arrest That Poet – Danny Chivers
  • Saturday 2.15pm: Undercover Policing – Jenny Jones & Merrick Badger
  • Saturday 3.15pm: A flavour of the Green Futures Field …more info…

And no doubt we’ll gatecrash Seize The Day’s gigs for a campaign shout out!

Amazing musicians, vegans and animal rights supporters Rodrigo y Gabriela are playing the Pyramid Stage Friday 1.45pm

More coming soon – bookmark this page!

Cleaner, greener and fairer

Read our Green Trader Awards submission

See also Green Glastonbury info.

Find us in the Green Futures Field

Glastonbury Green Futures Field

The Green Fields are at the opposite end of the site from the Pyramid Stage, towards the ‘Stone Circle’; cross the ‘Old Railway Track’ – Green Futures is on the right.

Those in the know, know that the field is packed full of venues, spaces and healthy food. There is Groovy Movie, The Mandala, Small World, Permaculture, Henry’s Beard, A pedal powered Laundrette, Rinky Dink, The Tin Village, Lunched Out Lizard, Speakers Forum, Astrologers amongst many.

“Not to mention the World’s finest Vegan Burgers from the Veggies Catering Campaign”.

Veggies has catered in the Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival since 1987.

  • In 1990 tickets cost £38, our trading fee was £600 and our burgers cost £1.00!
  • Tickets for 2014, costing £210+fees, sold out on October 6th 2013.
  • Our trading fee is now £4632 (up from £3675 last year).
  • Sorry, Veggies burgers will cost more than £1.00!

A flavour of the Green Futures Field

We will be presenting the work of the following at the Speakers Forum on Saturday at 3.15pm:

The Pets Project

Refs4Pets is a pet fostering (refuge) project at Nottingham Women’s Aid

Animals can often be used to make people stay in abusive relationships. Threats, actual abuse or neglect towards pets can force survivors to remain in dangerous situations or put themselves in danger by returning to feed or care for their animals. Most refuges and hostels are unable to house animals.

The Pets Project helps women and their children, reluctant to leave abusive relationships because of their pets, by providing a fostering home for their animals. Pets are cared for by volunteers who have been checked for their suitability whilst the women continue to pay for their animals feed. Every attempt is made to find appropriate foster homes for each animal and we are always looking for fosterers for all types of animals.

Stop The Badger Cull Campaign

The impending badger extermination is harrowingly cruel, farcically unscientific and frighteningly undemocratic. It must be fought on all fronts, but this cannot be done effectively without funding.

Activists will travel to the cull zones to engage in legal, non-violent, direct action to protect the badgers, whilst street campaigners keep the public fully informed of exactly what the government is unleashing in the countryside against totally unambiguous public opinion.

For the tens of thousands of badgers in the final countdown to a brutal massacre, it is now or never!

…and more…

Find out about these great groups at Speakers Forum Saturday at 3.15pm too:

Pyramid Stage Friday 1.45

Veggies Glasto 2003 gallery

Glastonbury 2013 gallery

Glastonbury 2013 panorama

See also our 2013 Glastonbury Festival Report

Veggies Glastonbury Application

Please describe the food you wish to sell from your stall.

Veggies BurgerEthically sourced vegan foods, including our own hand made Veggies burgers, cakes baked on site from organic ingredients, pasties & samosas, pedal powered smoothies, fair trade organic teas & coffee.
Have you traded at Glastonbury before?

Glastonbury 2013We have traded at Glastonbury Green Futures since 1990, using our award winning vegan / organic / fair trade catering as a base for campaign outreach for the many groups with whom we work.

In 2013 we were at pitch Q1/32 [Green Futures Field at junction of Old Railway Track with pathway to the stone circle]

Have you traded at any other festivals in the past 2 years?

Veggies at Arms FairGlastonbury is the only ‘commercial’ festival at which we cater, other than Splendour, held locally to us in Nottingham.

We cater over 70 other events each year: green events (eg Nottingham Green Festival), action camps (eg Peace News Camp / Climate Camps), indoor fairs (eg Animal Aid Fair / London Radical Bookfair), local community events (eg stuff of Life) and on-the-streets campaign catering (eg No Dash for Gas / Uncut).

And loads more on Veggies Events Archive

Please provide any other additional supporting information.

Veggies 2000Glastonbury 2014 will be a special one for us as it will mark our 30th year of campaigning and catering.

Our work supports Nottingham’s independent campaign social centre, the Sumac Centre, as well as many groups working for human, environmental & animal rights, for peace & social justice worldwide.

Describe the type and style of your food and anything special or unique your stall would bring to the Festival.

Veggies AwardVeggies promotes the use of vegan, fair trade, locally sourced and organic products.

Since 1984 we have never sold other than fair trade teas & coffees.

We use minimal packaging and reusable mugs. All the compostable packaging generated by Veggies would fit into one bin bag!

We are three times winner of the Best Vegan Catering Award. We received the Glastonbury Green Trader Award in 2011.

More at Glastonbury Festival 2014 on Veggies Diary

Eat the Burger – Wear the T.Shirt

Veggies 2016 Summer Tour T-shirts have arrived from Sunrise Screenprint

tshirt print ready 2016 Tour dates

friends not food t-shirtBuy your own Veggies T-Shirt and get 10% discount on all purchases at all events on our tour at which you are wearing the shirt! See details here.

Here are some we made earlier…

t-shirt lineup pn 2016

Veggies T.Shirt 2014 Veggies 2014 Tour Dates

Thanks Anna for the designs from which we worked. T.Shirt PDF . Tour Dates PDF

2013 Badger Tour

2013 shirtBadger tour dates

Veggies Summer ‘Tor’

Summer Tor

2009 Tour Dates

2009 Tour

25th Anniversary Tour

25th Anniversary

(See dates here)

15th Anniversary T.Tshirt

For an exclusive opportunity to be the first to wear the shirt, Join Our Crew! or find us at Glastonbury Festival.

Veggies On The Road (April 2014)

Veggies On The Road (April Edition)

Published: April 29, 2014 19:29 by Tally

The wonderful Veggies volunteer crew are still all hands to the pump as they continue their packed 2014 tour, catering at events around the country promoting social change, community spirit, care for animals and the planet. Veggies is an all-vegan, volunteer-led, social enterprise based in the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields, Nottingham. This month they have been catering at some very diverse events indeed! Starting the month was Awaken Inn, a spiritually-minded event, followed by the British Juggling Convention, the Liverpool ‘Live a Better Life’ fair, Nottingham food event ‘Melting Pot’, and then rounded off with this year’s ‘World Day for Animals in Laboratories’ march and rally, organised by the local grassroots group Nottingham Animal Rights.

Awaken Inn – Saturday 5th April in Wolverhampton


At the Awaken Inn!


The lovely event organiser


Chrissy with her delicious vegan buffet!


Vegan milk sampling and information table ready to go

Several members of the Veggies team headed down to Wolverhampton to cater at this new event, and the wonderful Veggies chef Chrissy made an exciting vegan buffet especially. The team also took along their campaigning kit full of information about how to lead a more compassionate lifestyle and a range of vegan milks for the public to sample.

As Veggies were the sole caterer at the event, this meant that all the food that people were eating on the day was vegan – some great outreach! It was heartening to see that the organiser was so keen to promote the vegan message, as there was not only Veggies there raising awareness, but also the Vegan Society, Lakeside Ethical Treats and Tony Tofu with his range of vegan cookbooks. This was a small event so it meant that the vegan message was a very prominent one! A Veggies volunteer also wrote a new flyer ‘Animal Rights, Veganism and Spirituality’ to encourage people to make connections between issues.

Much respect to the Awaken Inn organiser who sent a lovely email to the team afterwards saying that she knew of at least one person who had gone vegan straight away as a result of the event, and we hope more since.

British Juggling Convention – Friday 11th-Thursday 17th April in Barnsley


The British Juggling Convention

BJC 2014, the 27th annual British Juggling Convention, saw jugglers and other circus skill enthusiasts gathering from all over Britain and even further afield for a week packed with workshops and shows. The convention was open to anyone and was a family friendly event. Veggies were delighted to be invited to cater again, as they did in 2013 in Pickering and in Nottingham in 2011 and 2007.

One of the organisers attributes his vegan conversion to the bakewell tart that he had from Veggies when they catered the event at Harvey Hadden Stadium in Nottingham in 2007!

Veggies did displays about the Radical Routes network of housing & workers co-ops & social centres at this (and many other events). As a result of discussions at the 2013 event in Pickering a new women’s housing coop is intending to join the network.


The gentleman who went vegan after Veggies bakewell tart


Chrissy made a friend 😀


Some of the team (including a bear apparently!)

Whilst the venue caterers did a pretty good job of providing vegetarian options, many others at the event clearly appreciated the special treat and ethical bonus of Food By Veggies! “Awesome Food” said the message delivered by the event’s ‘secret postman’.

The 6-day duration of the event also enabled the team to try out new ideas for meals that could be cooked with the Veggies Trailer facilities. Look out for chilli or curry & rice, fresh soup and even pan fried chips at appropriate future events.

Liverpool ‘Live a Better Life’ Fair – Saturday 12th April


Liverpool stall as the team wait for the event to open


Next to Nowhere activist centre

It was the second year running for Liverpool’s all-vegan event, with a range of stalls selling cruelty-free food and lifestyle products and campaigning groups. The team had an adventure as they got to stay overnight beforehand in Liverpool’s volunteer-led radical social centre ‘Next to Nowhere’. It’s great to be able to link up with other activists around the country working for social change.

Melting Pot Festival – Saturday 19th-Sunday 20th April

Melting Pot was a celebration of the diverse and vibrant cultures and flavours in New Art Exchange’s locality of Hyson Green in Nottingham. In this cultural bank holiday weekend, NAE invited everyone to explore their local identity through an assortment of food stalls, live music, dance performances, artist’s events and family activities.

Veggies was there alongside up-and-coming Nottingham based tempeh business ‘Offshoot Foods’ to provide the vegan options and hopefully encourage more people to make the switch to a delicious plant-based diet!


World Day for Animals in Laboratories – Saturday 26th April

This annual event was hosted this year in Veggies home city of Nottingham, and organised by the local grassroots group Nottingham Animal Rights. Several hundred campaigners took to the streets of Nottingham exposing the horrific conditions laboratory animals have to suffer and calling for the scientific alternatives to be used.

Despite a torrential downpour as the trailer was setting up, the skies brightened in time for the arrival of activists from all over the UK and further afield. Campaigners maintained a visual presence in the busy public square all day and huge numbers of the public took leaflets to find out about what was happening. There was a range of excellent speakers and several campaigning groups with stalls in Market Square, helping to raise vital awareness about the horrors of vivisection and the scientific alternatives to animal testing. The day’s proceedings were covered by a local newspaper and were also the leading story on ITV Central, and the coverage was very positive.

Veggies was hugely popular with the crowd, selling out of burgers after shifting the 360 bread rolls that they’d brought with them. As ever, animal rights campaigners were delighted to see them and there was a wonderful sense of community.



You can see what other campaigning adventures Veggies is going on this year over on their website:
If you’re interested in volunteering then contact

Other links of interest:

World Day for Animals in Laboratories –
WDAIL 2014 campaigning groups Save the Harlan Beagles – and AVC –
Liverpool LABL –
British Juggling Convention –
Awaken Inn –

Radical Routes Network –

You can find out about adopting a plant-based diet for animals, health, other humans and the environment over on the Vegan Society website –


Veggies 30th Anniversary

Veggies Catering Campaign registered (as Veggies Ltd) on October 18th 1984

Thanks to all that came to Party at Sumac on Satuday 18th October 2014.

30th Anniversarycake

30th Anniversary Crew

See more Pics and all the news that’ fit to print on our Party Diary Listing!

70 Event Target Achieved!

By the date of our 30th Anniversary in 2014 Veggies catered 70 events to mark 70 years of the Vegan Society!

Vegan Society – established 1944

The Vegan Society was founded in November 1944 and we’ve made tremendous of progress since.

When Veggies first hit the streets of Nottingham in 1984, vegetarian were still seen as cranks and vegans were from another planet! Partly due to our work, and that of the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies, vegetarian food is mainstream and Vegan widely understood. Indeed it is reported that there are more google searches for “Vegan” than vegetarian, and more books published with Vegan in the title!

Veggies continues to support this major social change by taking accessible and popular catering to some 70 events each year – from campaign rallies to community festivals, from family celebrations to green gatherings. We offer tasty, wholesome snacks, as well as information exploring the links between diet, animal suffering and the environment.

Read about the history of veganism – far more than just 70 years – at the new Vegan Society website.

Back to the Top

In this our 30th Anniversary Year, we remember other memorable dates that preceded us, and those that followed


The power behind Nottingham Cyclists

Pedals logo

Pedals cakePedals was founded in 1979 to encourage more people to use bikes and to campaign for safer and more attractive conditions for cyclists in the Nottingham area.

Pedals has helped to get Nottingham one of the country’s largest network of urban cycle routes, making it possible for Veggies to cater smaller local campaign events by bike & trailer.

What better way to celebrate 35 year on the streets, than with Veggies Cake!

For more information on Pedals achievements since 1979 visit the History of Pedals pages.

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Ethical Wares

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Manchester Vegans
A decade of monthly meetups!

Manchester Vegans

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Ethical Consumer 25th Anniversary

Ever since 1984 Veggies has aimed to be the most ethical company that we could be. This aim suddenly became a real possibility when the Ethical Consumer Research Association was launched 25 years ago.

Least Ethical / most ethcalVeggies strives to be an ethical, wholefood supplier and stock only vegan food, with a preference for fair trade and/or organic where appropriate. Many of our customers share our concern to help animals, people and the planet.

We therefore have rigorous guidelines to help us avoid paying for goods and services which are known to cause harm, suffering and destruction.

This has been guided by Ethical Consumer since the publication of issue #1 of the magazine in March 1989.

Read more about this journey & see examples of our purchasing decisions.

See also 25 years of championing consumer ethics, Co-operative News 10 October 2014

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Viva! 20th Anniversary

Viva 20th AnniversaryWhen Juliet Gellately founded Viva! back in 1994, she promised that they would campaign non-stop to save animals’ lives, in whatever way was most effective, to the very best of their ability. We have shared that work and with your support, Viva! (and Veggies) have helped many people go vegetarian and vegan, thus saving thousands upon thousands of animals’ lives.

To mark their 20th Anniversary Viva! are holding an Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, 20 September 2014

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15 years of the FAIRTRADE Mark

15 years ago the first products bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark hit the shelves. In 1994 Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate, Cafédirect medium roast coffee and three varieties of Clipper tea (all stocked by Veggies) were the first goods sold in the UK to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Fairtrade logoBy that time Veggies Catering Campaign had already spent 15 years using nothing but Fair Trade teas & coffees, ever since day one, sourcing (and distributing) it from pre-existing projects such as Tradecraft.

Thanks to its supporters, the Fairtrade movement has gone from strength to strength and today shoppers can choose from more than 4,500 Fairtrade certified products including cotton clothing, bananas, wines, ice-cream and cosmetics.

Follow the 15th Anniversary news on the Fairtrade Foundation website.

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Hunt Sabs – 50 Years (and a bit more)

Hunt sabs from across the South celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) (on Saturday 18 January 2014) by converging on the South Devon Foxhounds at Dartmoor.

The hunt saboteurs can claim to be the longest running direct action organisation in the UK and have given many an activist their first taste of direct intervention.

The South Devon was the very first hunt the HSA disrupted, all the way back in 1963, using horn calls, sprays and even discarded meat to distract the hounds!

Read all about it at SchNEWS and on the HSA website.

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Live Exports

On April 20th 2014: It is nineteen years since live animal exports resumed from Dover, with the exporters using their own ships after the ferry companies had banned them in 1994.

They had been running out of Shoreham since the end of 1994, but that was unsustainable as the geography of the place made it that there had to be 1,000 police officers every day to get the transporters to the port.

The Kent Against All Live Exports (KAALE) website has a report and several photos from those days. Kaale says: “We can win totally as long as we never forget just how it was and vow never to let it get back to those days.”

Since those heady days when Veggies were regulars at Shoreham, Dover and Coventry Airport, we continue to support the campaign, listing the regular First Saturday Monthly protests on our Animal Rights Calendar, as well as the KAALE vigils, which are held whenever there is a sailing of live animals from Dover.

Donations may be sent to support the work of KAALE via either of these pages.

Jill's Day

We also remember that January 15th 2014 should have been the 50th birthday of Jill Phipps whose life was so tragically taken whilst campaigning to protect veal calves heading for continental Europe via Coventry Airport.

Tuesday 1st 2005 was the 10th anniversary of the tragic death of the dedicated animal rights activist, Jill Phipps. As most people will be aware Jill campaigned tirelessly for animals in Coventry (her home town) and across the country. It was was whilst protesting against live exports at Coventry Airport that she died under the wheels of an export lorry.

Jill is remembered in several posting on Veggies Website

Plamil – 50 Years (well almost!)

In fact Arthur Ling formed Plamil to market The Milk of Human Kindness in 1965!

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VegSoc – 167 Years!

Is this where it all began?

Vegetarian Society Established 1847

VegSoc LogoThe founders of Veggies hatched their plans at meetings of Nottingham’s Vegetarian Society and Nottingham Animal Rights Group in 1984.

Between then and now Nottingham Vegetarian & Vegan Society merged with Veggies, becoming the centre of Vegetarian & Vegan activities in Nottingham. Veggies is now the formal Local Group of the Vegetarian Society of the UK as well as an accredited member of the ‘VegSoc Approved’ Food & Drink Guild.

We particularly remember David Lane, a stalwart support from the start, who we sadly lost this year.

More History of the Vegetarian Society

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70 Events in the 70th Vegan Year

Watch as we aim to clock up 70 Vegan Outreach Events in this our
30th Anniversary Year and the 70th Anniversary of the Vegan Society.

2014 Tour Dates

15/01’14 : Community Circle

11/02’14 : Community Circle
14/02’14 : Students for Cooperation
22/02’14 : Badger March Birmingham
26/02’14 : NFU Badger Demo

01/03’14 : State of Education
01/03’14 : Earth First Moot
19/03’14 : Community Circle
22/03’14 : Greenlight Festival
28/03’14 : MSD: Free the Laboratory Animals

05/04’14 : Awaken Inn
12/04’14 : LABL Liverpool Vegan Festival
13/04’14 : Lace Market Theatre
16/04’14 : Community Circle
17/04’14 : British Juggling Convention
19/04’14 : Melting Pot Cultural Food Fest
19/04’14 : Nottingham Hunt Sabs Jumble Sale
26/04’14 : World Day Rally, Nottingham

03/05’14 : Ashleyhay Festival
03/05’14 : Breaking the Frames Gathering
10/05’14 : London Radical Bookfair
10/05’14 : Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2014
11/05’14 : Veggies/Vegan Outreach Social
17/05’14 : Manchester Vegan Fair
18/05’14 : Nottingham Green Picnic
21/05’14 : Community Circle
24/05’14 : March Against Monsanto
25/05’14 : Ditch Diary Milk Race demo
31/05’14 : Belper Goes Green

07/06’14 : No Tomorrow Festival
14/06’14 : Picnic in the Park
15/06’14 : Spirit and Wellbeing Show
15/06’14 : Vegan Outreach Social / McLibel Screening
17/16’14 : Community Circle
25/06’14 : Glastonbury Festival

05/07’14 : Seeds for Change / Frack Free Notts
05/07’14 : Tour de Broxtowe
06/07’14 : Sumac Craft Fair
10/07’14 : Public Sector Strike Rally
12/07’14 : Bakewell Green Festival
13/07’14 : Bark in the Park
17/07’14 : Co-operatives East Midlands AGM
18/07’14 : Peace in the Park
18/07’14 : Goddess Camp
22/07’14 : Community Circle
24/07’14 : Northern Green Gathering
26/07’14 : Goddess Camp #2
31/7’14: Green Gathering
31/7’14: Peace News Camp

7/8’14: Animal Rights Gathering
8/8’14: Cycle Mania
10/8’14: Brinsley Animal Rescue
Reclaim the Power Sorry, we couldn’t make it.
17/8’14: London Vegan Festival
19/8’14 : Community Circle
21/8’14: Shambala
28/8’14: Earth First Summer Gathering

3/9’14: Anarchist Studies Network
6/9’14: Grown Your Own
7/9’14: Wirksworth Festival
17/9’14 : Community Circle
21/9’14: Cromford Road Festival
21/9’14: People’s Climate March, Nottingham
27/9’14: Keki Sidhwa’s 88th Birthday
27/9’14: Nottingham Peace Fair

4/10’14: Alternative Eid Al-Adha
4/10’14: Feeding the 5000
18/10’14: Anarchist Bookfair
18/10’14: Emma & Remi’s Wedding
18/10’14: Veggies 30th Anniversary
25/10’14: West Midlands Vegan Festival
30/10’14 : Community Circle
31/10’14: Students for Cooperation Gathering

8/11’14: Social Centres Gathering
21/11’14: Bread & Roses Weekend
26/11’14 : Community Circle
30/11’14: Brinsley Animal Rescue Open Day

6/12’14: Compassionate Derby
7/12’14: Animal Aid Christmas Fair
10/12’14 : Community Circle
13/12’14 : OpSafe Winter
14/12’14 : Sumac Crafts Fair
25/12’14 : Veggies/Sumac Christmas Dinner

70 Event Target Achieved – 82 events catered in 2014!

Debbie Vincent

Debbie Vincent was released on licence on 13th April 2017 and, although restricted in her movements to Reading, is now able to receive visits from friends in more pleasant suroundings:

Date: April 30th 2017

I visited Debbie, recently ‘released’ on licence in Reading.

She is as strong and compassionate as ever, more concerned for the welfare of others at the Approved Premises where she is hostelled and the large number of homeless people in and around Reading.

She is maintaining her innocence of the politically motivated charges against her so is wading through endless legal presentations and appeals.

Despite having to sign in 4 times a day she is walking the Kennet & Avon canal, visiting bluebell woods and (having mended 2 bikes at the hostel) cycling along the nearby River Thames. She hopes to get involved with some nature-related voluntary work and soon to relocate back to her home base of Bristol – at the other end of the Kennet & Avon Canal.


Date: 1st May 2017

For more background on Debbie’s case see this ten year on retrospective from Red, Green & Black.


Date: 1 December 2016

Report on a friend’s visit to Debbie:

Today we went to visit animal liberation political prisoner Debbie Vincent. She has been in gaol for almost three years and is approaching the end of her custodial sentence which will arrive in April. As ever, it was a good visit and there was lots to talk about. She is still busying herself with work in the prison gardens and finds a lot of comfort and meaning being surrounded with this limited example of nature. On top of that she is attending an art class one morning a week, working with different mediums and it is lovely to see Debbie find a new outlet for her creativity.

She said that this year has gone fast for her. She is still struggling as usual against the prison bureaucracy and ideology that wishes to define her in fallacious and slanderous ways, but refuses to be broken. She has refused to attend ‘offender behaviour’ sessions as she believes they are not sincerely interested in exploring the reasons for her imprisonment, only wanting her to accept ‘guilt’ for being an animal liberationist. In fact, she said some of the staff are getting fed up with the intensity of her complaints and she told us about how on some of her paperwork there is even mention of when she complained about the prison breaking environmental regulatory laws!

Of course it is hard for her to maintain her principles in such an environmental, but it is evident she takes great strength from this. We talked somewhat about the general conditions in prison and she has noted a massive rise in prisoners arriving with mental health concerns, explaining that there is just not the appropriate services to help such people these days, so it is becoming more common that such people are merely resigned to prison. We talked briefly about rap music and then sometime later I asked her if she wanted anything from the small cafeteria – with a clever smile on her face she replied ‘a glass of water, world peace and early release!’

With it quickly approaching the time of year that traditionally has been about coming together with our loved ones and thinking about others I would urge people to drop Debbie a letter or card in the post. I know she sincerely appreciates the effort and tries to answer such communication. I can attest from personal experience how lovely it is to receive her letters in the posts.

Date: 1 September 2016:

We went to visit animal liberation political prisoner Debbie Vincent today. The visit was a lot of fun as she was on great form and there was lots of joking and laughing along side the serious talk. She is still working in the prison gardens, a job she has done for about eighteen months now, and the five or so hours a day spent outside this summer has really done wonders for her complexion. She has nearly finished her animal care course, goes to the gym five times a week, and has a backlog of books to read and letters to respond to. She told us that it takes around 3 weeks to reply to her mail.

Despite being rather relaxed with her daily regime, Debbie still suffers problems due to the explicitly political way she is treated by the wider institutions of the so-called Criminal Justice System. To give one recent example, Debbie recently asked for some suitable-for-vegans calcium supplements, and had a letter of support from the Vegan society. The CJS responded to this by claiming she was trying to intimidate the prison with threatening letters! For anyone who has dealt with agencies such as The Probation Trust before, would know that this sort of Kafkaesque approach is part and parcel of their workings, and a way they can ignore the legitimate demands of a prisoner whilst simultaneously acting punitively against them. But despite suffering from such unjust behavior, Debbie remains determine and strong, and continues to stand by her morals and beliefs. Instead of getting angry or falling into helplessness, she tries to use the system against itself. She told us: “I am always making complaints. I put in a complaint a week. Sometimes, I make complaints about complaints about complaints.”

Debbie has little more than six months left to serve in gaol. However, after that she will be released ‘on license.’ In some ways this will be harder for her than prison as she will no doubt have to reside in a hostel in a alien part of the country, be stopped from socialising with any of her friends, and be unable to involve herself in any activist or volunteer work. Along side this she will be under the constant threat of re-imprisonment merely on the suspicions of the probation service.

If you haven’t written to Debbie in the past, I would encourage you to do so now. This extra effort in prisoner solidarity towards the end of her imprisonment would be a good way of building her strength and confidence in the run up of her release. Her strength and principles really have been an inspiration to us through the last few years, and we look forward to the day we can welcome her back to the glorious struggle for animal liberation.

October 8th, 2015:

Today friends had a visit with Debbie. She is now half way through her prison sentence and at a gaol with relatively high standards. She is still working in the morning and afternoons in the gardens, and has been deemed suitable to become a ‘listener.’ Listeners are trained to assist other inmates who might be experiencing personal difficulties. Unfortunately she will not be able to start this until the new year.

In her spare time, Debbie has just started a correspondence course in animal care. This means that she has less time to answer letters and sends her apologies in this regard. She said she has a backlog of ‘about thirty’ letters to reply to so if you are expecting one she will get around to it in time. But she really does appreciate receiving letters, cards and other totems of support so please continue writing. She is also receiving letters held from her by the over officious screws at the last nick she was in.

All in all it was a good visit, and Debbie seemed really relaxed and positive. She even requested a book by a Black Panther as she liked the women’s attitude! Debbie is also continuing to challenge the prison and criminal justice system’s handling of the case and treatment of herself. I feel really proud to
know Debbie as a person, as over the last few years she has suffered some truly difficult times and hardships and has faced them with dignity and courage, becoming a principled and exemplary political prisoner.


We have long known that (parts of) the media can not be trusted to give fair and balanced reporting. It is clear that (some aspects of) the legal system sing to the tune of governments that are themselves working more for corporate interests than for the electorate.

This could not be more clear than in the case of Debbie Vincent.

17th April 2014: In a travesty of ‘justice’ Debbie was today sentenced to 6 years with a further 5 years Asbo, severely restricting her right and ability to campaign in any way for the concerns that she has supported for so many years. But she is resilient and her spirit of true justice will not be crushed.

Debbie & RockiesWe have known Debbie Vincent for over 20 years. She is a consistently kind and peaceful individual, with a commitment to making the world a better place for all, regardless of their species. She has dedicated a large part of her life to volunteering her time, knowledge and friendship to many grassroots projects all over the UK.

Her support for the work of Veggies, in particular in setting up networks for mutual support between those working for humans, other animals and the environment, was fundamental in establishing our role in the vegan outreach movement.

Her practical work, far beyond that expected of any volunteer, helped in the evolution of the Rainbow Centre into The Sumac Centre, which is now a base for a wide range of community projects in Nottingham and beyond. Debbie Vincent is a unique and special person and deserves all the support than can be offered to her.


Debbie received a six year custodial sentence plus a five year ASBO which will limit her rights to demonstrate to commence upon her release from prison.

Before handing down the sentence Judge Cutler said: “I come to a conclusion you are a lady of very good character. Indeed, if it wasn’t for your complete obsession with your cause and an inability to accept its limits within law, there was so much good you have been able to do for other people you have met in your life and for all the animal welfare work you have done.”



‘If you don’t fight, you’ve already lost’: Animal rights activist facing six years in jail remains defiant.

Support Debbie Demo in WinchesterThis Corporate Watch article, published April 17, 2014 continues…

The sentence should serve as a wake up call to anti-capitalists of the need to offer solidarity to those who have been singled out for repression because of their involvement in effective resistance to corporate power.

Corporate Watch spoke to Debbie prior to the sentencing. She said: “What is scary in this world is oppression and injustice, when people hurt people, animals and nature. What is beautiful in this world is resistance, when people say ‘enough is enough’ and act. Oppression and injustice are everywhere, but so is resistance. Because some people know that if you fight you might lose, but if you don’t fight, you’ve already lost.”

Debbie regards the use of undercover officers against her as a “sting operation”. She said she believed that Adams was “clearly part of National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit”, formerly the National Domestic Extremism Unit, “who are just a re-branding of the Special Demonstration Squad and National Public Order Intelligence Unit” and that “there is now a 25 year history of unaccountable practice by a secretive and unaccountable police unit”.

Specialised political police units aim to criminalise and imprison activists and neutralise political movements that pose a challenge to corporate power or other aspects of the current system.

When [Corporate Watch] asked Debbie if she would need any particular support from people if she got a custodial sentence, she replied: “Practically, I’m not sure what my needs will be in prison, it will depend to a degree to where I go. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to cope, but being isolated from nature and friends will be the worst part. I will try to make the best of the bad situation, it’s all a bit daunting and new. The whole charge and court case are still amazingly surreal.”

“Keep on campaigning against all oppression and capitalist domination. Don’t be afraid to speak out and never apologise for trying to make a difference.” – Debbie Vincent

Read the entire Corporate Watch article


Debbie was quoted by Bite Back magazine:

Prior to sentencing, Debbie said: “What is scary in this world is oppression and injustice, when people hurt people, animals and nature. What is beautiful in this world is resistance, when people say ‘enough is enough’ and act. Oppression and injustice are everywhere, but so is resistance. Because some people know that if you fight you might lose, but if you don’t fight, you’ve already lost.”

“If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.”Buddha

debbie solidarityIn her final email to friends and colleagues before sentencing, Debbie wrote:

“Thanks for all the solidarity and support. Keep on fighting to make this crazy world a better place for all. Love and liberation – Debbie xx”

Her email footer includes these quotes:

“You measure democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists.” – Abbie Hoffman

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell”


There are many more endorsements of her valuable work in the animal rescue community and in support of animal rights, at the Blackmail3 support website.

Support All The Defendants

Sven & NatashaWe also remember that others in the same case, Natasha and Sven in Amsterdam, need your support.

So far their extradition to the UK has been suspended pending their Dutch appeal. Whilst the arrests, raid and case has not been easy, Sven says “I will keep my head up, stay positive and look after my loved ones.”



In an article based on an interview with Debbie, The Guardian reports:

Animal rights campaigner convicted of HLS conspiracy

Debbie Vincent says she has been made a scapegoat and criticises the Metropolitan police’s use of an undercover officer.

An animal rights campaigner convicted of taking part in a conspiracy to blackmail the research company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) told the Guardian she is a “scapegoat” targeted because detectives cannot catch the “real culprits” who have terrorised the company and its suppliers.

Debbie Vincent, who faces up to 14 years in prison when she is sentenced next month, insisted she is a lawful and peaceful campaigner who had been found guilty of “nebulous” charges that are increasingly being used to clamp down on legitimate protest against vivisection.

In her only interview since her conviction, Vincent also criticised the way the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism command, SO15, planted an undercover police officer in meetings she had with healthcare company Novartis over its relationship with Cambridgeshire-based HLS.

Vincent freely admits she carried out work for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), which has long fought to close down the HLS animal testing laboratories. But she maintains she had never taken part in acts of terror. She said: “I have been persecuted by the police. I am a public, lawful campaigner. I am being scapegoated because the police have not been able to catch or identify many of the real culprits.”

During her trial at Winchester crown court the prosecution gave a string of examples of crimes carried out against HLS suppliers and customers on continental Europe, ranging from sending incendiary devices to falsely accusing staff of being paedophiles and even digging up the urn of the mother of a senior executive at Novartis. It claimed one of Shac’s main tactics was to publish the names of possible targets, laying them open to illegal acts of intimidation and violence by extremists.

The prosecution accepted that Vincent, 52, had not herself committed direct action offences, but the jury clearly believed she was part of a wider conspiracy that enabled crimes to take place. Vincent denied the suggestion that she was a leader of Shac, arguing her work there was just part of her campaigning. For years she has travelled around the UK taking part in demonstrations and helping out at animal rescue shelters and other charities. Vincent said: “I do strongly believe that all I did was be involved in lawful campaigning against HLS.”

She said the use of conspiracy laws was having a “chilling effect” on campaigning. It meant, she claimed, that legitimate protesters could be convicted just because they had links to those who carried out attacks.

She said: “A conspiracy is nebulous and hard to grasp. The issues go further than me and could affect countless campaigners and protesters across the UK.”

Vincent, who is based in Bristol, is angry at what she sees as a smear campaign by rightwing media, who she believes used her sexuality against her.

But the depictions of Vincent in the court and in the media do not tally with the woman who emerges in dozens of letters from people who have provided references to her legal team. Farmers, vets, bosses of animal shelters and leaders of community projects spoke of a gentle, peaceful woman who was kind to both animals and humans. One read: “I have never known her act without honest or integrity and believe her motive for all she does are in the interest of justice and the greater good.”

…Vincent told the Guardian: “In some ways I’m really not surprised I was found guilty as I don’t believe anyone can get justice when faced with a political conspiracy charge and the huge resources of the state and multinationals against me. I will always have hope and will continue to try to make the world a better place to all.”

Steven Morris . The Guardian . Friday 28 March 2014

Somewhere up in Doggy Heaven, Rocky Dogs are watching over you…


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