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Compassionate Derby a great success!

Compassionate Derby, a showcase of healthy, environmentally friendly and cruelty free food and lifestyle products, was held in the Darwin Suite of the Assembly Rooms, right in the heart of the Derby, on Saturday 5th November 2011.

Co-organiser DavidO writes…

A huge well done to all those involved in Compassionate Derby A.K.A. the East Midlands Vegan Festival.

We ended up with over 30 stalls, engaging speakers (that included MP’s, Buddhist teachers and highly regarded vegan cooks) and most important of all, around 700 curious members of the public wandering through – only a tiny fraction of whom were vegan.

There has been a great deal of positive feedback from stallholders and public alike, and a veritable chorus of “Please that we do it all again next year and in a BIGGER VENUE!”

The highlight for me was when a young teenager who having been persuaded to have a look around (by a giant rabbit with sparklers) came back along the same busy high street where she had been leafleted and called out “that vegan food is GORGEOUS!” to her mates (and everyone else within a wide radius).

A massive thank you to everyone who donated their valuable time to achieve such a success and in particular to the half dozen or so committed Derby Animal Rights activists who somehow brought a big idea to life in six weeks flat..

Event website

Nik adds…

I just wanted to say a huge WELL DONE to Dave O and the band of merry men (& women) who pulled it off perfectly!

I think they day went amazingly. I know a few stall holders were wishing it would be a bit busier, but for a first time I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how many people came through the doors.

Also, I’ve not been to many ‘vegan fayres’, but the ones I’ve been to have been so busy you’re restricted to your stall and don’t get to see anything else. It was nice to be able to walk around and actually see stalls rather than be looking over peoples shoulders for a quick glimpse. I even spoke to stall holders and learned a lot!

It went brilliantly and I’m glad I got to witness it.

Can’t wait for next years!

“Find details of similar events all over the UK on the Vegan Outreach Diary, compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign.”

Green Traders Awards winners

From Glastonbury Festival News 26 July 2011

The 2011 Green Traders Awards winners are…

“This year was the sixth year of the Festival’s Green Traders Awards, given by Glastonbury, Greenpeace, The Soil Association, The Fairtrade Foundation and Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) to the traders who did the most to help make the Festival greener, fairer and more sustainable.

“Once again this year a team of Greenpeace volunteers trekked across the festival site interviewing traders, quizzing them about everything from: how they arrived on site, what their stall was made of; how much of their stock was Fairtrade, organic or recycled, and any other ethical criteria they proactively used to reduce their impact on the environment.

Veggies Green Award Winners… And the final award was given to Veggies Catering Co who received the Greenpeace Award. “For many years we’ve been trying to encourage all Glastonbury traders to be as green as we aim to be.”

Read full story, with details of other Award Winners (and well done to them all) at Glastonbury Festival News. Special congratulations to “the winner of this year’s Gold Award for food … last year’s runner-up No Bones Jones, who do vegetarian and vegan food”.

Veggies has been shortlisted in the Green Trading Standards scheme at previous Glastonbury Festivals and are 3-times winners of the ‘Best Vegan Caterer’ Awards.

Whilst we are delighted to have been recognised with this award, our mission is to reflect searching questions back to the festival itself, including…

Q. What are you selling that is Fairtrade?

A. Coffee, decaff coffee, hot chocolate, tea, redbush, herbal teas. For over 25 years we have never stocked other than fair trade teas and coffees, which are also organic where available.

… nor have we ever sold Cocoa Cola products, despite their being the nominated soft drink supplier to Glastonbury Festival.

Q. What other criteria do you look for when sourcing ethical goods?

A. We ensure that all goods are vegan. We follow the product advice of the Ethical Consumer Research Association.

Many consider Veggies Catering Campaign to be one of the most ethical on the circuit. Our policies are not a flash in the pan, they have been the cornerstone of our operation for over 25 years, drawn from our close involvement is supporting many campaigns for humans, animals and the environment.

Q. “Do you have any other suggestions for improving the sustainability of (Glastonbury) festival as a whole?”

A. Include concerns over the environmental impact of livestock products in all aspects of ethical and environmental planning and monitoring. Livestock products have been held responsible for significant amount of methane & carbon emissions. Whilst there may be debate over the detail, farmed animals compete inefficiently for food/feed, water and land resources, in a way which cannot be sustained if the global population were to adopt western patterns of consumption.

The rest of our submission to Glastonbury Festival Green Trader Awards in 2010 can be seen at our Ethical Policies page.

Read about all our other awards on our award-winning-caterer page

Veggies Scoffer – 26 years on the catering front line

Veggies Scoffer

April 2011: This new title from Scoffer Publications is now available!

Veggies Scoffer includes:

Anecdotes from 26th years catering at the frontline

Perhaps you were at J18 or M40 RTS street parties, the G8 in Stirling, Glastonbury or on Hatfield Peat Moor? You may even have stood with us in the snow at Molesworth US Airforce Base in the winter of ’85!

What was your favourite Veggies Event?

Recipies from Veggies events.

Have you been fed by Veggies at camps or gatherings, festivals or fairs, weddings or birthdays, or any other events?

Veggies Scoffer includes recipes from…

  • Climate Camps
  • Peace News Camp
  • AR Gatherings
  • Radical Routes Gatherings
  • Veggieskool Catering
  • Peoples Kitchen

Be your own Veggies
– How to set up a Veggies group
– Trailers / street stalls / indoor fairs / event catering
– Cooking with Veggies Mixes

Guest recipies from other campaign caterers, including Anarchist Teapot, Green Garden Cafe, Something Fishy, Fairfoods, Vegan Campaigns, Shambu’s, Screaming Carrot

Veggies Tour Dates – featuring events on our annual itinerary

Veggies Scoffer is now available from our Scoffer Publications section.

Veggies Summer Barbecue

Veggie Summer Barbecue
Adapted from the Vegetarian Society Networking Newsletter (mainly by adding the ‘s’ to Veggies!)

This article recently featured in the Young Veggie pages of The Vegetarian.
We thought it was worth reprinting in time for summer in Youth Matters, too.

Lots of parties and get-togethers during the summer months centre around the garden and the barbecue. Even though barbecues are traditionally associated with cooking meat, vegetarians can enjoy a good barbecue as much as anyone else. Give these two menus a try for super-tasty summer barbecues.

Simple summer barbecue:

Veggies burgers, or make your own with Veggies Burger Mixes
Bread rolls
Simple salad garnish (sliced tomatoes, greens such as lettuce or spinach, grated carrot, sliced onions)
Condiments (tomato sauce, salad cream, brown sauce, mayonnaise, chilli sauce)
Corn chips with salsa
Hummus with raw vegetables (peppers, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, celery)
Fresh summer fruit (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)

Deluxe Veggies barbecue:

For the grill-
Marinated firm tofu skewers with Mediterranean vegetables
Peppers stuffed with tomato and vegan feta cheese
Spiced sweet potato slices
Veggies burgers, or make your own with Veggies Burger Mixes

On the side-
Hummus with vegetables
Lemony bean salad
Potato salad with chopped mint and lemon
Platter of sundried tomatoes, olives, vegan cheeses and savoury biscuits
Breads (pitta, rolls, etc)
Toasted vegan marshmallows (from Veggies) and s’mores

Tip: Make sure that any food items that usually need refrigeration, like Plamil mayonnaise or hummus, are kept cool by either being served on a bowl of ice or kept indoors.

Join Veggies & Sieze the Day at Peace News Summer Camp

Join Veggies and Seize the Day at


28 July – 1 August 2011
near Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Peace News Camp

More info:


Twitter: pnsummercamp


or call 0207 278 3344


Strands include:

Cuts and Community Organising: Building Stronger Communities of Resistance

People Power & Solidarity: Learning from Movements in the Middle East and Beyond

Building Skills, Sharing Skills: Including nonviolence direct action training

Sessions include:

– Lessons from the Animal Rights Movement

– The London Coalition Against Poverty and Dave Morris
(McLibel) on community organising

Tim Street (UK Uncut) and Stop Kettling Our Kids
( on anti-cuts activism

– A screening of Michael Channan‘s documentary film about the anti-cuts movement “Chronicle of Protest” (

Nonviolent Direct Action Trainingfor anti-cuts / anti-arms trade etc… activists

Ewa Jasiewicz (Free Gaza, organiser for Unite) on organising with migrant and non-migrant workers

Activist Security ( on dealing with movement infiltration

Andrew Muncie (International Solidarity Movement) on “Nonviolence in Palestine”

Guy Smallman ( on Afghanistan

– Author and activist Greg Muttitt ( on oil and politics in occupied Iraq

– Red Pepper’s Alex Nunns (co-editor of new book “Tweets from Tahrir”) on the Egyptian uprising

Susan Clarkson (Oxford Catholic Worker) on “Harry Potter and Resistance”

Milan Rai on “Chomsky’s Politics” and “Abolishing War”

Penny Stone on “Singing for Social Change”

John Stewart (Airport Watch / HACAN) on “How the Campaign to Stop the Third Runway at Heathrow was Won”

visionOntv on how to be a citizen TV reporter

Patrick Nicholson (Bicycology) on “Cars, Carbon and Capitalism”

– Artist Emily Johns ( on “Conscious Oil” and “Drawing Paradise on the Axis of Evil”

PLUS: People Power: The Game of Civil Resistance (

Smash EDO (

Seeds for Change (

Rhizome (

Jubilee Debt Campaign (

Campaign Against Arms Trade (

Lessons from the Animal Rights Movement; Derek Wall

(The Rise of the Green Left); Hicham Yezza (;

and the UK Youth Climate Coalition (

PLUS:  masculinity and militarism; nuclear weapons; abolishing war;
DSEi 2011: resisting Britain’s biggest arms fair;
participatory entertainment; food from the wonderful Veggies

of Nottingham (;

Howard Zinn’s “Emma: A Play in Two Acts about Emma Goldman,
American Anarchist”
; music from SEIZE THE DAY (, TRACEY


and much more!

Join people from across the broad spectrum of the British peace
movement and radical activism for five days of exploration,
celebration and empowerment.


Bring your contribution to a hothouse of creativity, a small
self-governed society run by democratic camp meetings, a viable
example of the kind of world we are trying to bring about. The
Peace News Summer Camp helps build a radical movement for the
future by building a living community today.

We are camping in a family-friendly and renewably-powered way
from 28 July to 1 August in the beautiful grounds of Crabapple
Community, near Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

Activities include: workshops and discussions, practical skills
sessions, delicious vegan food cooked by Veggies of Nottingham,
music, film, fun and participatory entertainment, a bar,
campfires, and activities and facilities for kids and families.

NB Dogs (except guide dogs) are not allowed on site – sorry.


The camp costs £15 – £65 depending upon income. Payment can be
made by cheque, online or by phone:
for on-line purchases
– 0207 278 3344 for purchases by phone
– Send cheques (payable to “Peace News” to Peace News, 5
Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DY), explaining how many tickets you’re
purchasing and which rates

Food (3 meals a day and drinks) will cost £6 – £11 a day for
adults, depending on income, and should be ordered before the camp
starts. Individuals meals will be available to buy at the camp.

For more info, including details of location, see


“Wonderful workshops and a wide range of people with which to
exchange ideas”

“Safe, friendly, interesting, happy, useful, accepting, great for
networking, well thought out and set up. Thank you for organising
and creating a lovely village”

“It was a great holiday for me and I loved meeting new people. To
become aware of the work that people are doing all over the country”

Vegetarian Website Award Winners!

We are delighted to have received the following message:

Subject: Vegetarian Website Award – Congrats!
From: “Vegetarian Awards”
Date: Wed, June 8, 2011 4:23 pm

Dear Veggies,

Vegetarian_Website_AwardWe at are pleased to present you with the Vegetarian Website Award for excellence in vegetarian information!

We understand the value of free, accessible information regarding vegetarian and veganism: great recipes, insightful articles, and tips to make people’s diets that much healthier.

Veggies helps further the vegetarian cause, and we think you should be honored as such.

Thank you for everything Veggies does to increase food awareness – your service is highly valued.

Thanks again for all you do!

Best Regards,

Senior Editor

We are pleased to add the Vegetarian Website Award to our bulging trophy cabinet, which includes:

Vegan Award Certificate

  • Best Vegan Caterer – 3-time Winner – Vegan Society Awards

  • Best Vegan Catering Service – UK Vegan Awards 2010

  • Mahaveer Award (2010)
    Mahaveer Millennium Pledge Award (31st December 1999)

  • Eco Veggie Award Winners

    Best Place To Eat in the 2010 Eco Veggie Awards!
    … and …
    Best Vegan Campaigners in 2008 Vegan Environmental Award
    … and …
    Veggies Burgers : Runner-up in 2007 Vegan Environmental Award

We truly are pleased to be the Award Winning Caterer!

Vegan Society Awards 2011

As we write nominations are invited for The Vegan Society Awards 2011.

Vegan Society TrademarkAs Three Times Winner of the Best Vegan Caterer award we have declined nomination that category – after 27 years we are delighted that there are now many more vegan caterers deserving credit.

However there is a category for Best Vegan Society Trademarked food product … and Veggies famous Veggies Burgers do carry the Vegan Society Trademark …!

The Vegan Society Awards will be made for World Vegan Day, Tuesday 1 November 2011 and all the categories can be found on the Nominations form.

It’s Veggie Month!

veggie month

If you really care about animals, the best way you can help is to stop eating them!

Each year in the UK alone approximately 1,000 million animals are farmed and killed for food – and that figure doesn’t include fish.

The average meat-eater consumes around 11,000 animals in their lifetime (including fish and shellfish). Think of all the lives YOU will save simply by turning vegetarian or vegan!

As well as being more humane, an animal-free diet is healthy, environmentally friendly and a better way to use the world’s precious resources.

There are many reasons to go veggie including animal welfare, health, environmental protection and cost. If you are concerned about one or more of these issues, why not take the opportunity to try some more meat-free meals during March or take the veggie challenge?

Visit the Veggie Month Website for

All this and more at

See also Animal Aid press release Should we be eating dogs in Britain?

Vegan Outreach Diary

A selection of events taking place during Veggie Month may be found on Veggies Vegan Outreach Diary.

Veggies Directory

veggies directory logoMany Animal Aid groups and veggie campaigners all across the UK may be contacted via Veggies Directory.

Veggies interview on Talk Radio Europe

The Hannah Murray Show is Talk Radio Europe’s daily magazine show that goes out live between 2 and 5pm CET (1pm GMT).

Listen on demand or download mp3 at Talk Radio Europe. Interview begins 39mins 40secs in.

Is milk good for you? Read how former cattle rancher Howard Lyman crisscrosses the country praising a meatless diet …here…

Much more info about the benefits of a veggie diet for animals, health and the environment may be found from Animal Aid’s Veggie & Vegan webpages.

veggies directory logo Contact Animal Aid via Veggies Directory

and the Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society.

Veggie Christmas on Radio Nottingham

Holly (how appropriate is that!) is discussing Veggie options for Christmas live on the Richard Spur Show today, Thursday 9th December, 2010 on Radio Nottingham.

Vegan ReindeerListen live at between 2pm & 4pm on thursday (probably closer to 2pm)

Call in with your comments on 0115 934 3434

or ‘listen again’ to the program for 09/12/2010 for 7-days at

Go Vegan for Christmas

With the Vegan Society’s top tips for a cruelty-free Christmas, it really is the season to be jolly!

And they have loads of recipe ideas too.

Vegetarian Christmas: mushroom wellington

This is a fantastic vegetarian main course & it goes excellently with the rest of the traditional dinner. It does take a while to make, & the recipe makes 2 enormous wellingtons, but I make it beforehand, freeze it, then just take it out of the freezer on Christmas eve. Then you only need to put it in the oven on Christmas Day!

Mushroom Wellington
Makes 2

This dish is time-consuming, but you can prepare it up to the baking stage and freeze it weeks in advance. Before serving, remove the wellington from the freezer and, after thawing, glaze the pastry with beaten egg and put it in a hot oven to bake for 45 minutes at 220C/425F/gas mark 7 until puffed and golden.

600g puff pastry
50ml sunflower oil
675g chopped onions
450g whole chestnut mushrooms
2 tbsp fresh tarragon
4 garlic cloves, crushed
4 tbsp soya sauce or tamari, or replace one with marsala or sherry
320g broken cashew pieces
320g ground almonds
175g fine freshly made breadcrumbs, white or wholemeal
Sunflower oil for glazing
salt and pepper to taste

Roll out the pastry into two rectangles, 23×30.5cm each, cover and place in the fridge. To make the filling, heat the oil in a large pan and fry the onion with half the crushed garlic for at least 20 minutes or until it turns a deep golden colour. This is crucial, as pale onions will give an insipid mix. Remove onions from the pan and set aside, then add the mushrooms to the same pan with the rest of the garlic and half the tarragon and cook on a fairly high heat. Halfway through cooking, add the soya sauce or tamari and the alcohol, if you are using it. Continue until the mushrooms are cooked through; there should be no white centre left when you cut one open. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside, reserving all the mushroom liquor (the intensely flavoured liquid given out by the mushrooms). In a food processor or blender, blend the cashews with the reserved mushroom liquor to a fine, smooth purée, adding a little water or even more of whichever alcohol you are using, until you have a smooth, sweet paste or pate.

See the recipe at iVillage

As a Christmas Starter try this Vegetarian/Vegan Mushroom & Chestnut Pate

Animal Aid at Christmas

Spare the turkey this year and give yourself a real gourmet treat!

Veggie recipes are great for Christmas, birthdays, Sunday lunch or just a special treat.

For more ideas for a cruelty-free Christmas see Animal Aid’s Christmas Recipes and download their FREE Compassionate Christmas guide.

Viva! Veggie Christmas

Viva! Christmas

Viva!’s Veggie Christmas Pages 2010

Vegetarian Society Christmas

Vegetarain Christmas DinnerMore ‘Meat free Christmas recipes with a twist’, can be found at the Vegetarian Society and Cordon Vert Cookery School’s 2010 Christmas recipe collection.

Vegan Family Christmas or Yule

The Vegan Family loves Christmas time or Yule – lights, colour, celebration, sharing, eating and drinking special things with friends and family. See their recipe and gift ideas at

Want more?

Vegan Free FoosGiveAway

The East Midlands Vegan Festival takes to the streets on Saturday 11th December

One Day – One City – Ten Vegan Free Food Give-Aways!

Shop Vegan logo

Please, can you donate to support our work

  • Catering for many campaign events purely by donation.
  • Free Vegan Food Giveaways
  • Support for Sumac, Nottingham’s campaign resource centre
  • “Vast and extensive” internet capacity!
  • Practical support for campaigns for positive social change

You can support our work with a donation by credit card or paypal here:

One Day – One City – Ten Vegan Free Food Give-Aways!

From 2005 – 2009 the East Midlands’ Vegan Festival welcomed 2000 or more members of the public to the Council House on Nottingham’s Old Market Square on the 2nd Saturday in December.

However the Council House have refused to host further EMVFs so, to maintain public engagement on the urgency of dietary change for the health of people, other animals and the environment worldwide, Nottingham’s vegan campaigners held 9 Vegan Free Food Give-Away and campaign stalls on December 11th, each aiming to reach some 200 members of the public.

Food GiveAwayThe success of the day depended on the support of autonomous self-contained teams of volunteers, each with 3 people including one adult confident to explain the ‘political campaign’ status of their stall to anyone official that might ask.

On the Friday cakes, pizza and other food samples were prepared at the Sumac Centre, and each stall kit was sorted out with tables, literature and utensils.

Vegan mini-festWe then gathered at Sumac from 10am on Saturday to tour around the City, dropping off each stall in turn and collecting each one back as and when time, crew or supplies run out. Base camp was at the Old Angel, Stoney Street off Hockley, opposite the end of Broad (Broadway) Street, with a sampling stall nearby.

The People’s Kitchen meal afterwards at Sumac from 6.30pm was run as a fundraiser for Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue with a disco/party afterwards..

Please contact nottsfreefood[at] if you are interested in supporting future giveaways, providing some food samples, or helping out in any other way. Or call 07870 861837.

Read the full East Midlands Vegan Festival posting for more info and the announcement at Nottm Indymedia.

Full report and pictures at

A Rememberance for Ben

We are very sad to pass on the news to anyone who didn’t know, that Ben Sharkey from Nottingham was killed last week in a cycle accident in France.

He was a very big presence in Nottingham and his loss has hit people here very hard

Ben’s body was being cremated on Thursday 18th in Dunkerque in France.

However, for us, the actual celebration will be on Saturday at the Sumac Centre, starting at 1pm with a Quaker-style Circle of Friends, followed by a huge Ben-style party all night!

Download the Video Slideshow (18Mb – loads pics – may take a short time to load!)

See more on the diary listing for the Celebration of Ben’s life.

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