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Lush Launch for Glasto Vegan 2017

Lush UK (Nottingham)  invited us to do vegan campaign outreach with them as an opportunity to launch our Veggies Catering Campaign Food for a Future plans for #GlastoVegan. However Glastonbury preparations and other factors mean that this will now happen after our return!
food for a future

Lush are enthusiastic about Vegan Free Food Giveaway activities both in-store & on the streets, together with vegan information & recipes etc right alongside the till. Proceeds from #CharityPot sales & will go to support our campaigns, as they have done every since our Lush Plan for Glastonbury in 2010.

We have Nakd goodies to revisit the amazing 40 cake /1600 sample cake giveaway from Bristol Vegfest, in addition to sampling of Veggies burgers, pre-glasto, to test preferences between regular (aka ‘classic’) and new ethically improved Event Burgers (40%hemp 60%veggies mixes).

If you would like to support our campaign team please contact us.

If you miss us in Nottingham, find at Veggies at Glastonbury Festival and follow Food for a Future on Facebook.

We are interested in forming stronger links with the Vegan Society and a  new Campaigners Network that they are launching. It would be a dedicated sub-group – a focused group of vegan outreach campaigners, perhaps modeled on Food For a Future &/or Leicester Vegan Campaigns. This could achieve better organised link-ups with people like Lush, Sneinton Vegan Market, School Visits etc, than Veggies is able to do alongside the 70 events that Veggies already attempts to do.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping with Vegan Outreach activities in & around Nottingham.

Christmas at Veggies & Sumac

After an active period travelling all over to support everyone else’s vegan festivities, ending with the Worcester Vegan Fair, Veggie are looking forward to kicking back on Saturday 21st December.

Our friends at our Sumac Centre home base will be celebrating the longest night of the year with a festive bring-a-dish-mega-meal at the Sumac Centre!

The bar will be serving mulled wine and mince pies along with it’s usual fare, we’ll have fire in a barrel in the yard for you to warm your hands and there’ll be fairy lights, bunting and candles galore as we transform the centre into a festive wonderland.

The sumac cafe will provide enough roast potatoes and gravy to feed the masses but the rest is up to you!

So bring a vegan dish to share of your festive favourites, savoury or sweet, and join in the feast!

This isn’t a regular People’s Kitchen and there are limited spaces for the meal so if you’d like to be part of it, please buy your ticket in advance.

We have 50 tickets which we’ll be selling at the bar over the next two weeks or you can reserve your ticket by emailing There’s a suggested donation of £3 and all money raised will go towards the new Sumac boiler fund so feel free to give more if you can!

To ensure you get a slice of ALL the action, arrive on time at 7pm.

We’ll be decorating the centre, chopping, baking and generally merrymaking from 2pm so come get stuck in!

Christmas Day

There are also a few spaces at the Christmas Day get-together at Sumac Centre on Wednesday 25th December. Veggies’ Chrissy is heading up a vegan Christmas Feast, to contribute between £5 & £10, according to their means.

For more info or to express your interest contact us.


For more ideas and info to celebrate a Caring and Compassionate Christmas. visit our Vegan Christmas blog.

That’s all folks, for 2013, but we already have over a dozen events on Veggies 2014 events diary, including our own 30th Anniversary!

So, our thanks and best wishes go out to all our volunteers, friends and supporters. If you can’t make it to one of the end of year celebrations, we look forward to seeing you next year,

Veggies @ Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury 2013 was a big success for Veggies Catering Campaign, especially in terms of our vegan campaign outreach.

Veggies 2013 Glastonbury Gallery

On arrival we found that Veggies was sited at a key location at the entrance to the Green Futures Field, right off the Old Railway Track crossroads.

This was great to catch the people going up the track…

Glastonbury 2013

… and those coming back down:

Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury Panorama

Click here for Lakeside view

Info for Action

Info for actonA big part of our mission was to encourage support for the many events that we attend, including Peace News Summer Camp, the Animal Rights Gathering and Reclaim the Power (No Dash for Gas) Action Camp. Veggies Catering Campaign has a unique roll in uniting movements for positive social change, catering at actions, camps and gatherings.

Other campaigns that we support, such as the Radical Routes network and the Movement for Compassionate Living were featured on impromptu displays.

Our location enabled us to highlight other activities in the Green Futures Field, such as the Speakers Forum, which featured the Lush Charity Pot Slam, and the main Green Information Point further up the track:

Glastonbury 2013

A special mention too to Zia Solar Systems that helped with the power to keep the foods as chilled as the crew!

Pulp Friction Smoothies

Pulp Friction Smoothie BikeWe were delighted to have been loaned a Pulp Friction bike to add d-i-y smoothies to the low-tech, low energy activities at Veggies at Glastonbury.

Festival goers enjoyed fresh fruit smoothies and shakes with Koko Coconut Milk.

Pulp Friction logo

Pulp Friction Smoothie Bar Project, from Nottingham, provides volunteering opportunities for young adults, taking their smoothie bikes to different community events – schools, youth clubs, playschemes, community festivals etc.

Pulp Friction Bike

Goody Good Stuff sweets – too Goody Good to walk on by!

Goody Good Stuff sweets combine the highest quality blend of ingredients including natural fruit juices and extracts which create a beautifully clear consistency and a superior taste experience. The entire line is vegetarian, fat-free, meat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Halal and Kosher certified.

And yes…

We got to see some band…

Stones at GlastonburyStones at Glastonbury

… and slept for a week after!

To see how all this compares with our plans and expectations, see our glastonbury-badger-action-cafe posting from before the event.


badgerOur crew are reflecting on ways to make this huge campaign outreach mission work even better in future. If you have and thought, please contact us.

– “Well, first and foremost, I think we should totally be giving ourselves a big pat of the back. Couldn’t really ask much more from a team. :)”

– Campaign space worked better than it ever has.

– In spite of some fantastic contributions to the Veggies aesthetic, our frontage and customer lounge still looked like the practical marqueue of a not-for-profit, grass roots, campaigning organization, rather than a slick professional venue (IMHO).

– Campaigning: We need to have recurring activities to draw people in like the smoothy maker, taste testings and other good ideas. They need to be on all the time as well, we had a great campaign space and people came when they could interact in some way, but when there was nothing to interact with the space seemed pretty quiet apart from staff 😉 (its Glastonbury they’ll find other things to do). We need to properly brainstorm interactive things we can have inside the space and practice them before the event (maybe use at regular events as well) and have them running as long as the space is open and draw lots of people in and get them educated or at least give them a leaflet.

– One crew member in the multi-use space just didn’t really work in my opinion, you get pulled into a conversation about the badger cull, giving a milk taster round, prepping fruit for the pedal-smoothie, clearing up the space and sign-posting people to the trailer for their coffee. If you add to that trying to start a burger demo, re-organise the merchandise, checking the honesty pots, facepaint and clean up the relishes table, it makes it impossible for 1 person in a multi-use space to do any one of those things efficiently or effectively.

– People used the cafe space when trailer crew encouraged them to, same goes for campaign space. I think if trailer crew felt more joined up with the campaign space and had those quick conversations whilst burgers were waiting or coffee brewing, it would have got a masses more traffic. It’s the point of contact, if we miss that, we miss the person.

– Integrate not just the trailer into the campaign space but the crew and the whole approach – otherwise we really are just serving burgers to rich festival punters and raising funds for Veggies (which is valid but we can do more than just that):

– Trailer crew are resourced with whatever they need to make those conversations with customers possible

– The campaign period is shortened with 2 crew on it at all times or better seek funding or other support to be able to extend the campaigning for a full 12 hours each day.

– Much clearer continuity between the Veggies trailer and the ‘badger cafe’ – customers really didn’t get that it was the same space

– I also think we should have stayed open until 5am as between midnight and 4am everyone who normally camps out around the main stages is somewhere between Arcadia, Shangra La and the stone circle.

– An additional crew member might be be better used helping in kitchen rather than than trailer, so that more cake, bhajis, pizza, soups, meals etc could be made.

– Chrissy enjoyed cooking crew meals, and didn’t mind working through til 9pm most evenings. Surplus meals might be offered on an ad-hoc basis to customers, subject to availability.

– We absolutely should have had some frontage next to Groovy Movie. We were focussed so much on grabbing attention from the cross roads we were actually closing ourselves off from people coming back down from the stone circle, or in the Green Futures Field.

– We need to think about cake display – we should keep an eye out for a two or three tiered cake display with a cover. I also think we should have had cakes, pasties and cold drinks on a table in the marquee with an honestly pot for those who did come in asking.

– The Indian place down the track was already trading when we arrived so we must be open as early as possible. On the Tuesday evening we were the only people open and we were doing steady trade throughout.

– There were times before and after the main festival was running that crew were hungry and the conventional 3 meals a day hadn’t really been considered and planned in.

– I would have liked to have a daily meeting/briefing during which ideally all crew members get together to:
… communicate the ‘extra-tasks’ and priorities of the day, and designate people to action those so everybody knows what to do and how to help
… raise any relevant issues (concerns, worries, requests for help, big-ups…) in order to facilitate communication and relieve any tension amongst ourselves as well as celebrate our hard work 😎

– The festival officially finished on Sunday night. Some of the team arrived home late on Tuesday evening.

A major part of Veggies work involves supporting the public’s interest in all the new vegan products available. Whilst not able to do sampling we were able to encourage potential customers to taste test the foods on our menu, in particular cheeses and plant milks.

Vegusto with gusto at Glasto!

Vegusto taste test

Swiss vegan manufacturers, Vegusto have created a range of ‘cheeses’ based on coconut, rapeseed and sunflower oils, almonds, cashew nuts which really do taste like cheese! And what’s more, the cheeses are not only dairy free, but gluten free, soya free and egg free too.

Bute Island – just ‘bute’ for taste testing!

bute island bute island tasting

Glastonbury Badger Action Cafe

This year we are reshaping our ‘info for action’ activities by putting our popular and visual catering trailer right alongside the campaign space, such that the customers come inside the marquee to get their food and are offered shade from the sun, or respite from the rain, in a comfortable, carpeted action-cafe space, with tea and cake available directly from our kitchen in the marquee.

Not only will festival-goers attend as a result of being ushered in whilst buying their food from Veggies Catering Campaign, but by making the space fun, entertaining and interactive it will attract all kinds of festival-goers. This will be achieved by running discussion workshops, exhibitions, films, talks, cake baking skill-shares, and all kinds of vegan foods! All this will be supported by our team of experienced campaigners.

Lush Funding Vote

Ten groups been short-listed to pitch to receive £1000 funding from those wonderful people at Lush. Ten groups are presenting at 1.45 on Saturday at the Speakers Forum, just along from Veggies in the Green Futures Field.
But only 5 groups can win the dosh!

Stop The Cull campaign

The impending badger extermination is harrowingly cruel, farcically unscientific and frighteningly undemocratic. It must be fought on all fronts, but this cannot be done effectively without funding.

With the support of LUSH, activists would be able to travel to the cull zones to engage in legal, non-violent, direct action to protect the badgers. It would also enable street campaigners to keep the public fully informed of exactly what the government is unleashing in the countryside against totally unambiguous public opinion.

It is therefore a campaign that champions not only a harmless (and already endangered) species’ basic right to existence but also our own human right to be represented by our government, not dictated to by it. For the tens of thousands of badgers in the final countdown to a brutal massacre, it is now or never!

Activists will be engaging in legal, non-violent, direct action in the countryside where the killings are planned to take place.
Activists will be “working the streets” to keep the issue firmly in the public eye.

Please support the badgers by going along and casting your vote to Stop The Cull.

Veggies Catering Campaign

We are seeking support to maintain resources to provide campaign catering to a wide range of activist groups, from Peace News to Earth First, from direct action climate activists to animal rights campaigners. As well as supporting campaigns for positive social change this embeds within those movements the role that vegan outreach plays in tackling all the problems associated with the industralisation of the food industry, in particular for animal products.

In addition to those mentioned, this year resources will have been shared with the Stop the G8 mobilisation, an international anti-racist football tournament, the Stop the Badger Cull campaign, Calais Migrants Solidarity, Nottingham Green Festival, Radical Routes Network of radical co-operatives, and numerous vegan festivals.

We will be sending an action kitchen to the Calais Migrants Solidarity refugee camp and Reclaim the Power (in support of the No Dash For Gas climate actions). Our team of campaign volunteers run vegan free food give-aways, often on McDonalds doorstep, pitch up with free non-dairy milk tastings, for example at The Milk Race and do vegan outreach at over 70 events every year.

Please support all the groups that we support by going along and casting your vote for Veggies Catering Campaign

The other groups presenting there work are all equally amazing, and equally deserving of your support:

  • Migrant Solidarity
  • Sticky Exhibits
  • Stop New Nuclear Alliance
  • Green Gathering Speakers Forum
  • The Land Magazine
  • SEER – Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance
  • Feeding the 5000 – Gleaning Network UK project
  • UK Tar Sands Network

We’ll see you at 1.45 on Saturday at the Speakers Forum

Pulp Friction Smoothies

Pulp Friction logoPulp Friction Smoothie Bar Project, from Nottingham, provides volunteering opportunities for young adults, taking their smoothie bikes to different community events – schools, youth clubs, playschemes, community festivals etc.

We are delighted to have been loaned a Pulp Friction bike to add of d-i-y smoothie to the low-tech, low energy activities at Veggies at Glastonbury.

Enjoy raw fruit smoothies or shakes with Koko Coconut Milk, Granovita or Plamil Soya milk.

Find more info at Veggies at Glastonbury diary listing.

Veggies Info for Action

The problem:

Badger Cafe

170,000 people attend Glastonbury for headliners, left-field bands, workshops, talks, and stalls with many charities taking the opportunity of such a lot of people in one place to raise awareness about various worthy causes. But there’s a gap – that’s Animal Rights, and it’s a problem. Festivalgoers are in an openminded headspace, relaxed and receptive.


This project aims at giving Animal Rights a voice to the masses at Glastonbury through a variety of workshops in a dedicated space, benefiting from being annexed to, and sign-posted by, Veggies Catering (an old favourite at Glastonbury since 1987 & 3 times nominated for Glastonbury’s green caterer award). Not only will festivalgoers attend as a result of being ushered in whilst buying their food from Veggies Catering, but by making the space fun, entertaining and interactive it will attract all kinds of festivalgoers.

This will be achieved by running discussion workshops, films, talks, cookery demonstrations, and food sample giveaways.

Long-term, sustained change:

By highlighting this ever-present this educational component of Veggies Campaign Catering, it will entrench a change in thinking about vegan food, about our attitude to animals, and the consequences for the environment. This is the stuff that changes lives and an opportunity not to be missed. Whatever people learn here, they will pass on to friends and family, in casual conversations with co-workers and clients, and to strangers they get talking to over a meal. Enough of those people will repeat that information that awareness grows and grows slowly creating long-term change.

Find more info at Veggies at Glastonbury diary listing.

The Badger Action Cafe

The impending badger extermination is harrowingly cruel, farcically unscientific and frighteningly undemocratic. It must be fought on all fronts.

Veggies Catering Campaign is running the Badger Action Cafe at Glastonbury Green Futures Field, to raise awareness of this issue and to raise funds to enable activists to travel to the cull zones to engage in legal, non-violent, direct action to protect the badgers.

We aim to keep the public fully informed of exactly what the government is unleashing in the countryside against totally unambiguous public opinion.

This is a campaign that champions not only a harmless (and already endangered) species’ basic right to existence but also our own human right to be represented by our government, not dictated to by it.

For the tens of thousands of badgers in the final countdown to a brutal massacre, it is now or never!

Activists will be engaging in legal, non-violent, direct action in the countryside where the killings are planned to take place.

Others will be “working the streets” to keep the issue firmly in the public eye.

Click here for more info on our campaigns to Stop the Badger Cull.

Find more info at Veggies at Glastonbury diary listing.

Veggies Campaigns

Veggies Catering Campaign was set up in Autumn 1984 by four friends who were frustrated about the lack of vegetarian fast food available in Nottingham. Their intention was both to provide an ethical fast food stall in the city, and to take the veggie message to a wider audience by participating in demonstrations and gatherings. One of the first things the founders did was to take a giant veggieburger along to a Vegetarian Society protest outside the infamous Royal Smithfield show!

Veggies has grown and evolved a lot over the last [29] years, but the ethical message has remained the same. All food served has been vegan from the start, and as minimally packaged and locally-sourced as possible and practical. Veggies also compiles the national Animal Rights calendar and Contacts Directory, whilst helping run the Nottingham’s Sumac Resource Centre. Veggies has a tightly packed events diary with the co-op providing food in all sorts of situations, like carrying boxes of samosas and cakes on protest marches.

New volunteers are always welcome – why not join us in the Badger Action Cafe in the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival, or see the How To Help section of our website.

Find more info at Veggies at Glastonbury diary listing.

Sketch design

Here is the original proposal sketch by our amazing Alex of Rubes Designs

Badger art

Alex Rubes Designs

Stop the Badger Cull

Veggies attended the National March Against the Badger Cull on 1st June 2013.

See report below, with info, links & contacts for you to get involved to Stop The Cull

Only people power and direct action will stop the cull now. If you can, get to the cull zones. If you can’t, please support your local hunt sab group.

20,000 more fliers to distribute – [Contact us] for details

National March Against Badger Cull

Veggies at Badger MarchReport from The Merry Veggies Of Nottingham Tumblr Blog

So we at Veggies went down to London yesterday (June 1st) for the National Anti Badger Cull March.

After a long and complicated journey, via trains and tubes (we will no longer be doing full catering in London) carrying as much as we possibly could of pasties and samosas, we sold out within the first hour of getting there!

Speakers included the amazing Brian May of Queen and members of Hunt Saboteurs.

We walked the march to the end point where we then did street side catering with trays of cakes in our arms and on a small table.

Following the music and crowds we ended at the park where the atmosphere was amazing and there were some pretty awesome badger dancers and music!

Making racism a black & white issue

badger marchBeing as awesome as we are, we then decided to go across to Parliament where the BNP were holding a demo (all 30 odd of them) and joined the Anti-Fascists there.

As several news sites have covered it, ‘BNP get chased through London by a bunch of women dressed as badgers.’ Nice to see that we are all in it together, animal rights activists with anti-fash.

“Save the badgers – cull the BNP”.

Then the long and super-tiring journey back to Nottingham.

What an amazing Veggies day out!

Badger march

More pictures at The Merry Veggies Of Nottingham Tumblr Blog.

Thanks to Save A Scream for this image. Click to see lots more great pictures:

Badger Match

Shari Black Velvet at Save A Scream says:

“Compassionate folk made their destination London on June 1st to protest against the badger cull that UK’s government has despicably already given approval to in the South East of England. Brian May and Bill Oddie took part in the march with the former giving a speech before the march kicked off. He was joined by Kate of Animal Aid, Wasp of London Against The Cull and Born Free Foundation’s Virginia McKenna. Activists, young and old, dressed in black and white with face masks and paint to show their support for the badgers, who do not deserve to be killed. London Against The Cull are calling for badgers to be vaccinated rather than culled.” …more…

Funds Raised to Stop the Cull

By providing refreshments on the streets just for donations, over 200 Samosas for Social Change, over 100 pasties from Screaming Carrot vegan bakery and 100 drinks went in an hour. 250+ cakes soon followed. Thanks to generous support from ‘customers’ over £100 was raised to pass on to friends working to Stop the Cull in the field.

To stop as many badgers being slaughtered as possible during the culls, activists and hunt saboteurs are ready in the cull zones to take every legal effort to put themselves in the way of those engaged in killing badgers. You can support this work with a small (or large) donation, or support your local group.

Support action to stop the badger cull



Ditch Dairy to Stop the Cull

This text from the campaign website shows why the vegan message is central to the campaign against the cull:

Why we oppose the cull

“We think that the government and farmers are scapegoating badgers to avoid addressing the real cause of bTB: bad farming practices.

We feel the evidence suggests that intensive farming and the inhumane treatment of cows in the dairy industry is to blame for the spread of this terrible disease.

Cows farmed for the dairy industry live in squalid, over crowded conditions. They are also under tremendous stress and are overworked, meaning that they are very prone to the spread of diseases.

We would like to see the end of cruel farming practices and a more healthy respect for this country’s invaluable wildlife by the government and farming communities.”

Ditch Dairy

We need you to stop the cull

Only people power and direct action will stop the cull now.

If you can, get to the cull zones

If you can’t, please support your local hunt sab group

or contact

For lots more links & info see

See also:

Other listings on Veggies Website include:

Animal Rights Calendar – Campaigns for animal rights across the UK
including ongoing Action for the Badgers

Veggies Diary – Events, campaigns and outreach in Nottingham & elsewhere.


27th February 2013: National Badger Cull Protest at National Farmers Union Conference

26th May 2013: Campaign outreach against the cull at The Milk Race

1st June 2013: National March Against the Badger Cull

6th October 2013: National Badger Day

2012: 22nd October – Stop Tesco, the Badger Killers.

Also Campaign outreach against the cull at Elvaston Woodland Festival and Stop the Badger Killers Protest at the Tory Conference

2011: Anti Hunt/Badger Cull March at the Tory Conference

2008: Campaign and Demonstration against the Welsh Badger Cull,
including Viva!’s Welsh Day of Action for Badgers.

Support action to stop the badger cull

Dying for a pinta

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Lush Gift Draw – The Winners!


Lush Legends Gift BoxOur mates at Lush donated an amazing all-vegan Lush Legends Gift Box, worth £100, to invite support for Veggies Campaigns.

The draw took place on Monday 17th December and the winners were announced on Twitter and Facebook.

Those in attendance for the draw got so excited we nearly had a riot on our hands. But we now have the winners names and they are as follows.

  • 1st place Laura Gamble wins the giant Lush gift box.
  • 2nd place David/Avril Simms won a small Lush box.
  • 3rd place Marissa Johnston also won a small Lush box.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered and helped us raise lots of money 🙂 We will spend the money wisely, spreading the vegan message.

Thank you for supporting Veggies Campaigns

Whilst the raffle is done, if you wish you can still donate to support our campaigns. To find out more about how important your donations are to support Veggies Campaigns -Click-Here- or visit the Campaigns section of our website.

The Lush gift box is a magnificent selection from which you can draw something for any occasion.

See list of all 25 great items here.

Lust Bunty Gift Box

Stop Press – two extra gifts for runner up!

The Bunty gift box is full of some of Lush’s sweetest inventions. Bathtimes will never be the same again!

Give someone a taste of the sweet and fruity swirls of The Comforter bubble bar, the candy scented Creamy Candy, moisturising Butterball bath ballistic and Keep it Fluffy bath ballistics, and give them a little bit of luxury.

Exclusive gift – no longer available in stores.

Lush Support for Veggies Campaigns

Veggies OutreachLush have supported Veggies in supporting grassroots campaigns for humans, animals and the environment, by funding outreach at the Glastonbury Festival. With their help, Veggies Catering Campaign created an exhibition to provide insight into work of the included groups.

Read more at A Dip in the Directory

In addition to a display of posters and leaflets from 25 participating groups, visitors were introduced to the Veggies Directory, also funded by the Lush Charity Pot. This project aims to improve networking between individuals and a wide variety of movements supporting social change.

To find our about many more groups supported by Lush and Veggies, visit Veggies Directory (also funded by Lush Charity Pot).

To find out more about how important your donations are to support Veggies Campaigns -Click-Here- or visit the Campaigns section of our website.

Friend Animal Sanctuary Appeal

F.R.I.E.N.D Animal Sanctuary is a safe haven for predominantly farmed animals who will live out their lives in the beautiful Kent countryside.

Kerbear writes…

Sadly , has been taken seriously ill and hospitalised. However I would like to keep this appeal going for her so she doesn’t need to have any worries and can concentrate on getting well. Anyone who knows her knows what a wonderful woman she is, so please help me to help her.

Her original appeal is below as although we have received some of the more urgent items, we can never have enough of things like dog beds, animal feed etc so I have left those on there. I have also set up a standing order form to set up a monthly contribution (pdf opens in new tab).

Please keep this appeal going, we will have an open day in the summer so you will all be welcome to come and visit these gorgeous animals you are helping!

Contact: Kerry 0786 687 9851

As of the 17th March, Marion has left hospital and returned home. We are still not sure as to what exactly is wrong with her. Cards (and large cheques 🙂 can be sent to the usual address…Linton View, 89 Bush Rd, East Peckham, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 5LJ. Thanks.


F.R.I.E.N.D Animal Sanctuary is a safe haven for predominantly farmed animals who will live out their lives in the beautiful Kent countryside. These include a herd of cows, a flock of sheep, a goat and 30 pigs as well as geese and chickens. We are also home to 11 dogs, 6 domestic cats, a large feral colony, 3 ferrets, a deer and a blind hedgehog named Elliot!

Sadly, our resources are severely strained so we are asking, hat in hand, for animal lovers out there to help us to continue to give the animals in our care the blissful life they would never have had. Most of the farmed animals have been saved from the “meat” industry, all the dogs and cats are rescues and the wildlife are rehabilitated and released where possible.

The most common question I get asked by well meaning people is, “What can I do to help?”, and as there is always so much I don’t know where to start! So I have sat down and written a list of what we really need. Please view our list below and if you can respond in any way to this VERY SERIOUS appeal, know you truly are making a difference to the lives of these animals.

Please see our website for pics of some of our gorgeous animal kids:

Or watch the Flickr slideshow (opens in news window)



  • Any monetary donations are gratefully received, every penny helps!
  • Building materials:
    • Posts and Rails
    • Pallets
    • Screws
    • Sterling board
    • Timber, any size
    • Roof slates
    • Bricks
    • Concrete
    • Corrugated iron
    • Solar lights / panels
    • Use your imagination, if you think we could put it to good use, we probably can!

  • Unwanted / Broken jewellery
  • Warm winter clothing (second hand of course!) Including wellies and gloves of all sizes for volunteers.
  • Dog coats of all sizes
  • Leads and collars of all sizes
  • Water troughs
  • Cat litter
  • Coal
  • Single Mattresses
  • Paint: any old cans of paint collecting dust in your garage could be used here! We will happily take your old brushes and rollers off you too 🙂
  • Old bedding: in this cold weather, your old bedding will make an old dog very happy indeed!
  • Brick-a-brack: we plan to do as many boot fairs as possible this summer so would be happy to relieve you of unwanted possessions 🙂
  • Cleaning products – as you can imagine, especially in the muddy winter months, we have a lot of cleaning to do so we are asking for ethical cleaning products.
  • Animal feed:
    • Dog and cat food
    • Ferret food
    • Sheep nuts
    • Mixed corn – all the farmed animals love mixed corn and it is so good for them!


  • Handy people: We have been given a used shed, so if any handy people out there would like to donate a few hours of their time to help us put it together, we guarantee a delicious Vegan meal as thanks!
  • Motor Mechanics: We have two vehicles at the sanctuary and both are indispensable. Our tractor, an old Ford 3000, is essential in the winter to ensure the cows, sheep and pigs are regularly strawed out to keep warm and to transport the hay to the sheep and cows. Our Transit van is used daily to collect the pig feed and we would be lost without it. Mechanics are expensive so if any mechanics are out there who are willing to very occasionally volunteer their time, then please give us
    a call!
  • Fundraisers: We hold an annual fundraiser at the sanctuary but due to commitments at the sanctuary are not able to hold more than one a year. So please use some of your spare time to organise a fundraiser to raise awareness of F.R.I.E.N.D and much needed funds for the sanctuary.
  • Builders: As you will see in this appeal we have asked for posts and rails, this is to redo the fencing for the pigs and the sheep as it is falling down! If you are able to help with some physical labour then please get in touch.
  • Others: Whilst we don’t have jobs for other skills sets at this time, the future is very fluid so if you think you have skills we may need then PLEASE let us know so we can keep  your details on file for future. We do accept no for an answer if you are not able to help at the drop of a hat 🙂


  • To try and earn money for the sanctuary during these difficult times which have resulted in donations drying up, my husband is looking for work doing odd jobs in the neighbourhood, one of these being gardening. So if you have any gardening tools you would be happy to part with then please send them our way. If you are updating to a new lawnmower we would be happy to take your old one off your hands!
  • A steam cleaner would be a great help for heavy duty soiling in some of the buildings and a jet wash for cleaning animal pens would be invaluable and a huge time saver.
  • The house is very old and very drafty so if any of you are in the window replacement business, or if you have contacts in the industry, then please contact me.
  • If you have a working printer you no longer need, preferably one where the inks don’t cost the earth, we would like to start printing appeals for bedding, animal feed etc to put up in our local area.
  • Each year we hold a Festival Fundraiser and have to hire a marque, if you have one you are willing to loan to us for a few days in July that would be fantastic. Of course if you had one you wanted to get rid of that would be even better 🙂


  • Our vet bills are never ending and although the support we received after our last appeal has been so heartening, we have had to make use of our vet numerous times since then and that pesky bill is still there! If anyone would like to assist, our vet will accept contributions directly, his details are: Putlands Veterinary Surgery, T: 01892 835 456. Please specify that the money is towards the vet bills for Marion Eaton, the founder of F.R.I.E.N.D.
  • Speak to your local shop owners for permission to leave one of our collection tins near the till.
  • Download the standing order form to set up a monthly contribution (pdf opens in new tab).




T: 0786 687 9851

Friend Sanctuary

New Veggies Burger/Sosage Mixes

Veggies mix labelVeggies mix labelVeggies mix label

Announcing revised recipes for 2012

We are pleased to announce that our burger, sosage and hemp mixes now contain half the salt.

palm oil or orangutans And, unlike many other convenient vegan staples, they still contain no palm oil, a source of major concern for the environment, and for the people and other animals loosing their forest homes. Visit

In fact Veggies Mixes contain no added fats at all, nor sugar or artificial anything.

Our mixes are handmade in Nottingham, in our dedicated vegan kitchen, with organically grown ingredients, including wholewheat breadcrumb (with wheat “usually from the UK, sometimes from Finland or Sweden”), oats (supplied from Cheshire & sourced from UK or the EU) and soya (from France).

To find out why ours are probably the most ethical mixes available visit our Ethical Burgers & Sosages page.

Veggies mix label

Burger Mix

*96% organically grown

*wholewheat breadcrumbs 50%,
*soya mince 22%,
*oatflakes 20%,
yeast extract,
*malted barley flour,
locust bean & xanthan gum (stabilisers),
*black pepper,

That’s it!

A retail bag, net weight 350g, mixed with 500ml water makes 15 x 56g (2oz) burgers.

Sosage Mix Ingredients

*96% organically grown

*Wholewheat breadcrumbs 50%, *soya mince 23%, *oatflakes 20%, yeast extract, *onion, sea salt, locust bean & xanthan gum (stabilisers), *black pepper, *sage, *beetroot powder.

A retail bag, net weight 350g, mixed with 500ml water makes 15 x 56g (2oz) burgers.

Hemp Burger Mix Ingredients

*96% organically grown

*Wholewheat breadcrumbs 27%, *oatflakes 27%, *hemp flour 22%, *sunflower seeds 13%, *onion, yeast extract, *garlic, seasalt, *parsley, locust bean & xanthan gum (stabiliser), *black pepper

A retail bag, net weight 350g, mixed with 350ml water makes 12 x 56g (2oz) burgers.

Allergy advice

Allergy advice: our products contains gluten (though we hope to launch a gluten-free recipe soon. The Regular burger mix and sosage mix contain soya.

Made in a kitchen which never uses eggs, fish, dairy or any other animal products but which handles nuts, peanuts, mustard, celery & sesame seeds.

To purchase our mixes…

… visit our mail order page

or visit us at the Sumac Centre

or visit one of our retail outlets in Nottingham, Derby and Manchester.

or order wholesale from our sole distributor, Lembas, based in Sheffield and delivering throughout our region

or enjoy Veggies Burgers at one of our many Veggies Events.

The sales of our mixes supports Veggies campaigns, events & our information resources.

Thank you for supporting minimal packaging since 1984!


Advice picked up whilst catering at the Sneinton Healthy Living event lead to the following calculations:

At 1.1% salt in the dry mix, this equates to 0.44g /100g when reconstituted, which is still a little more that the 0.3g or less required to be defined at ‘low salt’ in the traffic light food labeling scheme.

This gives 0.25g or 0.49g salt in a 2oz or 4oz (56g/112g) Veggies Burger from the 6g daily recommended by health experts quoted by the British Heart Foundation, so we might be looking for ideas to reduce it further.

Whilst we think that Veggies Mixes are still great tasting, as well as being the most ethical and cost effective organic mixes available, feedback suggests that the reduced salt may result in the product tasting ‘spicier’ or ‘more peppery’. You may wish to add your own secret blend of additional flavours when making it up.

Feedback would of course be most welcome.

Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary Appeal

Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary urgently needs donations due to recent considerable vets bills. For example the treatment of a horse for several months has run into thousands of pounds and this has now put the Animal Sanctuary into serious financial difficulties.

Billy the GoatGreen Meadow Animal Sanctuary has been taking in sick and rescued animals since 1991 and is home to in excess of 100 sheep and various other animals such as goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, horses, rabbits, cats, etc.

The sanctuary is entirely reliant on volunteers and donations to look after all the rescued and sick animals in their care and now urgently needs your help.

All the animals will live out the rest of their natural lives here, as we operate a strict no-breed and no-kill policy.

Once the animals are here they can roam the 37 acres of land to their hearts content and desire and come in for shelter whenever they want to, into our purpose built accommodation.

We need to stress to people that the situation is now urgent and all animals face slaughter if land has to be sold off. Funds have run out, and with running costs of £2500 per month, things are looking grim if we can’t get money coming in.

Donate with PayPal or credit/debit cards via

Or post your donation to:

Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary
Quarry Farm
Great Moor
Near Wolverhampton

Tel: 01902 701743

See also Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary Spring Open Day (April)
and the Autumn Open Day (October) on Veggies’ Animal Rights Calendar.

Please help to support our work by sponsoring one of our 7 chosen animals via the website – Only £2 a month.

Support us through easy fundraising at

Join our Facebook group at

Follow us on Twitter at!/GMSanctuary

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