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Veggies Scoffer – 26 years on the catering front line

Veggies Scoffer

April 2011: This new title from Scoffer Publications is now available!

Veggies Scoffer includes:

Anecdotes from 26th years catering at the frontline

Perhaps you were at J18 or M40 RTS street parties, the G8 in Stirling, Glastonbury or on Hatfield Peat Moor? You may even have stood with us in the snow at Molesworth US Airforce Base in the winter of ’85!

What was your favourite Veggies Event?

Recipies from Veggies events.

Have you been fed by Veggies at camps or gatherings, festivals or fairs, weddings or birthdays, or any other events?

Veggies Scoffer includes recipes from…

  • Climate Camps
  • Peace News Camp
  • AR Gatherings
  • Radical Routes Gatherings
  • Veggieskool Catering
  • Peoples Kitchen

Be your own Veggies
– How to set up a Veggies group
– Trailers / street stalls / indoor fairs / event catering
– Cooking with Veggies Mixes

Guest recipies from other campaign caterers, including Anarchist Teapot, Green Garden Cafe, Something Fishy, Fairfoods, Vegan Campaigns, Shambu’s, Screaming Carrot

Veggies Tour Dates – featuring events on our annual itinerary

Veggies Scoffer is now available from our Scoffer Publications section.

Feed the Hungry – Without Exploiting Animals

According to the radio and TV news today (1 June 2011) Oxfam has warned that the cost of basic foods such as maize will double in 20 years. Barbara Stocking, Oxfam’s Chief Executive, says that “We are sleepwalking ourselves into ecological disaster.”

The following comment is by HIPPO (Help International Plant Protein Organisation), a British vegetarian charity supporting poor communities throughout Africa.

Hippo Charity“The only thing we disagree with is her time-scale. We know that in Kenya the price of maize has increased by more than 50% since we left at the end of March – two months, never mind two decades. At that time we were paying 2200 Kenyan shillings (about £17) per 90-kilo bag. Now it is 3500 shillings (about £27) and increasing. Beans cost twice as much. Admittedly some of the present increases are due to speculation on the food market but will they come down again? And they come on the top of what had already been a 50% increase in the previous year. Four years ago we could buy maize for less than 1000/- a bag. Imagine how this affects the poor, who already have to spend all the money they have on food. Now they simply haven’t got the money to be able to eat. The rising cost also makes it increasingly difficult for charities like HIPPO to continue to help them.

“Oxfam cites a number of reasons for the impending disaster. The one that they consistently fail to address is the most serious one of all, which is simply that more and more meat is being eaten in the world by more and more people and farm livestock consume about 10 times more food than they produce.

In fact farm animals should not be considered as food-producers at all since they are overwhelmingly net food consumers.

“The world’s people are eating more animal-based foods every year whilst the world’s population is growing rapidly. Meanwhile the remaining wild areas of the world are rapidly being destroyed to feed farm animals, e.g. the vast clearance of the Amazon rainforest to grow soya for feeding to the cattle, pigs and poultry of Europe, leading to changes in the world climate, especially in the patterns of rainfall. Trees are the ‘pumps’ that recycle water back into the atmosphere.

“HIPPO has been saying this since its foundation in 1999 and some others have been saying it for even longer. But even taken all together we are but a David to the Goliath of the worldwide meat and dairy industry. That is why we are sending you this email, asking you to take its message to heart and to pass it on, please.

“The world as a whole needs to consume less meat. As individuals our best contribution is to eat none at all. We can use the money we save to help the poor!”


Veggies adds:

Since 1984 Veggies has been pleased to support the work of Vegfam in ‘feeding the the hungry without exploiting animals’.

The fragile environment cannot support two populations – humans and their food animals. Vegfam raises funds to eliminate hunger, thirst, malnutrition, and starvation, helping people in over 40 countries, by financing sustainable, self-supporting plant food projects, fruit and nut tree planting, irrigation and water wells.

We have sponsored and distributed Vegfam fliers and raised funds through a premium on the sales of bottled water and donations from our ‘samosas for social change‘ project.

You can help us to help Vegfam by using the Everyclick search facility, to raise funds for Vegfam whilst surfing the web.

Meanwhile, for more information on the work of HIPPO (in comparison to that of Oxfam) see our article Don’t Send A Cow – Plant a Tree!

Hippo Charity

Save Our Farm!

Growing With Grace

Well, not actually ours, but Growing with Grace is looking for investment to save their stock-free organic farm!

Growing With GraceFormer Sumac volunteer, Eleanor Fairbrother has recently become a grower at Growing With Grace, an organic farm in the Yorkshire Dales.

The farm is an amazing place, with 2 acres of glass houses. It supplies organic vegetables to local people via its shop, box scheme, and wholesale to other retail outlets. It is committed to its stock free status, with all its fertility coming from an onsite composting scheme of the local green waste.

Growing With Grace is also committed to environmental stewardship, using biodiesel made on site in its tractors and delivery vehicles, and promoting biodiversity in the greenhouses with permaculture techniques, including a spectacular forest garden under glass (with peaches, figs, and nectarines!). It is also committed to co-operation and non-hierarchy, having been a workers co-op since its inception, and now being a community co-op.

The farm has been in financial trouble for 2 years, after a failed take over by a larger social enterprise, but it now has a bunch of new directors who have changed it from a workers co-op to a community co-op, reorganised the business plan, and are now doing a share issue to raise funds to save the farm.

Growing with Grace needs around £60,000 to make it financially viable and has until the end of July to get it!

They are asking individuals / groups to buy a £100 share in the farm (or more if you want!). You will then be part owner of the farm, and able to vote at AGMs etc. The farm will be able to get back on its feet, and will be able to get back to full production and profitability. Copies of the share issue prospectus, and an application form are available in PDF form on our website.

It is essentially an ethical donation, but technically you could withdraw your money in a couple of years, and you can also expect to get a small dividend on your money from around the same time. Until they have raised enough money that they know they are financially viable, your money will be kept in a holding account, and if they don’t raise enough money to save the farm, we will return it.

Veggies adds…

As a ‘stock-free’ farm no animal products such as blood, bonemeal or slurry from factory farmed animals are used. More information on truely animal friendly farming can be obtained from the Vegan Organic Network.

Urgent Appeal – our laptop is dying

Can you help us continue our essential networking work?


After years of use and abuse maintaining our ‘vast and extensive’ internet networking, our laptop has finally reached the end of the road.

The loss of a series of keypad keys was managable, but now the hinges have collapsed, the battery only lasts 3 minutes and the memory, like mine, is fading away.

Can you help with a donation toward an essential replacement?

A suitable Samsung Netbook costs £230, but a recent Ethical Consumer report gives Samsung the second lowest ethical rating (after Toshiba), whilst a relatively highly ethical ASUS model would cost £340. Four donations of £25 would help us make the better ethical choice.

‘New’ Netbook up and running

Thanks to the response to this appeal we have found an appropriate Advent netbook to downsize and replace the previous Dell laptop.

As ever we did our best to be guided by the research of the Ethical Consumer Research Association (EC). By lucky chance their current Ethical Consumer Magazine had a major report on computers. It suggested various brands, such as ASUS with an ‘ethical score’ of 9.5.

This being a score of 9.5 out of 20 indicates that there are no truely ethical brands, so EC also recommend 2nd hand as the ‘best buy’. We were therefore well pleased to find an Advent netbook which was not only 2nd hand, but matched the 9.5 ethical rating. Further to that it was found by a vegan campaigner who does a bit of ebay trading purely as a means to keep the bailiffs from the door, whilst supporting all kinds of local community-based campaigns, including running our diy Community Print Resource, and Veggies Volunteering!

And it only cost £140 rather than £300 so, with the donations received so far, we only need to raise another £95 to pay for it!

The netbook was configured less than hour before catching a megabus train to London for a 3-day networking mission that took in visits to:

  • GreensCool, who are assisting us with our campaigns networking exhibition
  • Kingston Environment Centre, a campaign resource centre with similar aims to our Sumac Centre
  • Kingston Green Radio, an internet streamed green radio station in Kingston
  • Green Futures Festivals, who co-ordinate the area at which we run our campaign catering at Glastonbury
  • 56a Infoshop, a radical resource for local people, campaign groups and projects in South London, hosting an exhibition for…
  • Calais Migrant Solidarity, giving practical support for migrant communities, one of the many groups in our Networking Directory
  • Ratstar, a squatted resource centre and hub for many campaign initiatives
  • PixelPunch, the vegan web designer (and Veggies Volunteer) that redesigned our website and built our new Networking Directory

Oh yes, and whilst this was happening I did a 20 minute live interview with Talk Radio Europe from Spain, for Animal Aid’s Vegetarian Month The research in preparation for this was gathered at This would not have been possible without the ‘new’ netbook.

So thank you for your support, helping us make great things happen!

For over 25 years Veggies has taken a wide range of campaign messages to over 100 events each year, but we can only do it with your support – Find more fundraising ideas at

Please donate to support our campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment.

Food Not Bombs is Appealing

food not bombsFood Not Bombs is an all-volunteer global movement that shares free vegan meals as a way of supporting local communities and promoting social change.

We have been pleased to have hosted to visits to Nottingham by Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs, in the 1990’s and again in January 2010 during the Peace News Gathering. Both visits have boosed our enthusiasm and commitment for “feeding the hungry without exploiting animals” (the byline of Vegfam).

Nottingham Food Not Bombs occasonally share a free meal in Nottingham .

Food Not Bombs in 2011

1/11/11 – Keith Writes:

I headed down to southern Arizona to finish writing a new book about Food Not Bombs. The below zero temperatures in Taos made it too painful to live in my van. My eye lids were freezing to my eyes when I woke so I headed south to warmer weather. Instead of frozen eye lids I woke to news that Representative Gabrielle Gifford and 17 others had been shot just a couple of miles from where I had spent my first evening in Tucson.

Food Not Bombs has been promoting a message of peace and nonviolence since 1980. Our message is more important then ever and I hope you will consider supporting the work of Food Not Bombs in any way you desire.

Thank you everyone for all that you have already done. Many of you donated money and time last year. Your help is needed more then ever in 2011. Nearly a billion are going hungry, tens of thousands become homeless and with food costs increasing we are seeing a new wave food riots.

The most important thing you can do is join or help start a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community. Also Orlando Food Not Bombs is heading to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia the week of February 14th and one way you can help is to organize a vegan meal outside your local federal building or U.S. Embassy. A number of Food Not Bombs groups have been threatened with arrest if they continue to express the view that America would be more secure if it diverted tax dollars from military spending towards healthcare, education and other domestic needs so that our people don’t find themselves homeless and hungry.

Another way to support Food Not Bombs is by bringing “The Change We Knead Now- Bake Goods Not Bank Bailout Tour” and solar baking demonstration to your community. If you are a college student or teacher consider hosting the presentation at your school. We can also speak at cafes, book stores and other venues.

The tour is a great way to inspire your community to participate. The presentation is also a good way to encourage participation in Food Not Bombs. I just returned from working with Food Not Bombs in Africa and have much more to share about their progress.

Love and Peace
Keith McHenry
co-founder of the Food Not Bombs movement

The Change We Knead Now- Bake Goods Not Bank Bailout Tour and solar baking demonstration

Perhaps you can help with the following appeal?

Dear Food Not Bombs supporters,

I was driving to help cook and share food at the large rally in Washington DC when my engine exploded as I was driving past Oklahoma City. I also live in this van and have it packed with cooking equipment, solar oven, rice, beans, banners, folding table and literature for the Food Not Bombs tour. Getting my home back on the road is very important. My first lecture in at American University on October 6th in Washington D.C.

Calls and emails seeking support an interest in Food Not Bombs are at an all time high. A homeless mother of three just called for help in starting a local Homes Not Jails squat. We also had emails this week about new groups starting in Hilversum, the Netherlands, Saint Petersburg, Florida and Ruston, Louisiana . A volunteer was arrested in early September in Minsk Belarus framed in the fire bombing of the Russian Embassy. Floods, droughts and speculation are driving up the cost of food and forcing millions into hunger. We are also facing the new “Food Safety and Modernization Act” written by the good people at Monsanto which will cause another increase in the cost of organic food. Before the van’s engine exploded I was speaking and tabling at the Raw Spirit Festival. It was fantastic and we had lots of encouragement. Interest in the work of Food Not Bombs is growing.

We raise most of or funds by speaking at colleges. It has been difficult booking presentations at colleges and acquiring honorariums this fall. I just spoke with another student that said they were having a hard time raising even the minimum $500 for the resentation at their college when last year they provided several thousand to their speakers.

We have a number of very cool projects we are requiring funding including the printing of a short run of our new book “Cooking For Peace – Feeding the hungry and building a sustainable future with Food Not Bombs,” a World Food Not Bombs Gathering in Mexico, the completion of a documentary on Food Not Bombs and responding to the huge increase in requests for support for bulk dry goods.

We generally do not ask for financial support but the death of my engine and the inability of colleges to provide the usual honorariums has put us in an economic bind. We know most people have very little money these days but if you are able to contribute more then the usual dollar we suggest please help.

Thanks so much.

Keith McHenry

Veggies and Food Not Bombs

FNB Book coverThe Food Not Bombs Handbook is available from Veggies Bookstall.

Veggies Networking DirectoryContact Food Not Bombs and their Local Contacts in your area, via Veggies Networking Directory.

See also:

Retreat Animal Rescue Appeal

Dear Friends of The Retreat,

First of all, thank you all so very much for all your continued support, kind words and donations at this difficult time.

As you may or may not already know back in August this year we posted a comment on our Facebook page about a distressing development in the relations we have with one of our neighbours at The Retreat. Here it is again:


The RetreatDue to a neighbourly dispute, The Retreat is unfortunately having to leave its long-standing home in Crockenhill and relocate with all its resident animals and their accommodation. We are desperately looking for new land and the funding/support to help us move there. This has all come as quite a shock to us. Your help would be sincerely appreciated. Please contact us if you can help. THANKS AGAIN. (posted on Facebook 20th August, 2010)

The above dispute is still ongoing, despite continued attempts by The Retreat to cooperate with both the local council and the neighbours involved, to come to a peaceful agreement and put an end to the pointless conflict.

What we believe began as personal hostile behaviour towards the owners and volunteers of The Retreat, has now clearly escalated to a whole new level, and become a clear disregard for animal life.

12 animals killed in fireworks display aimed at The Retreat on 5th November, 2010.

The neighbours in question, who have lived next to the animal rescue centre for many years, threatened to and then intentionally held a fireworks display aimed directly at The Retreat property, its straw-filled accommodations, and all its animal residents. They even invited around 25 “guests” to watch this act of animal cruelty.

This disgusting display of animal hatred went on for 45 minutes, with over 70 rockets and fireworks landing in and around the animals. While The Retreat had to cancel all rescue work to call on all its volunteers to calm and protect the highly distressed and terrified animals, laughter and cheers could be heard from the other side of the fence!

12 adorable animals died on that night as a direct result: Our poor little Milly, a lovely Shih Tzu, who had become a very dear friend to all at The Retreat, died of a stress-induced heart attack; terrified Lydia, a semi-feral cat, died trying to escape the onslaught of rockets and noise; Thomas, a beautifully majestic cockerel who had been recovering in our hospital wing from a minor injury, died of shock along with 3 other cockerels; 5 of our pigeons, unable to find shelter from the chaos and perished; fireworks also went straight through the wings of a bat, were caught in the tail of a pony, stuck in the wire of the aviary, even landing in a hay barn. The damage and suffering does not stop there, however, as we are still having to deal with the distressing after-effects on a number of our animals with more nervous dispositions, such as Dana, a gorgeous pig, who we sadly lost last week. She had never been the same since the night of the attack!

Luckily, the police were called by our other neighbours, but the damage had already been done. Despite acknowledging the antagonistic nature of the event, no charges have been pressed or further action taken.

For the sake and safety of the animals, we have to surrender to this animal hatred and move.

The above event and the possibility of having to endure future acts such as this, e.g. New Years Eve, has left us all here at The Retreat heartbroken. A clear lack of objective support from both the council and local authorities leaves us with no other choice but to leave our long-standing home.
Now more than ever we need your support!

Thank you

The Retreat

See The Retreat on Veggies Directory

Veggies Scoffer

Vegan Recipes from over 25 years on the catering front line

Veggies ScofferAnecdotes from 26th years catering at the frontline

Perhaps you were at J18 or M40 RTS street parties, the G8 in Stirling, Glastonbury or on Hatfield Peat Moor? You may even have stood with us in the snow at Molesworth US Airforce Base in the winter of ’85!

What was your favourite Veggies Event?
Send us your recollections.

Recipies from Veggies events, including gatherings, festivals and fairs
– Have you been fed by Veggies at camps or gatherings, festivals or fairs, weddings or birthdays, or any other events?
– Let us know which is your favourite Veggies Food, and why?

  • Climate Camps
  • Peace News Camp
  • AR Gatherings
  • Radical Routes Gatherings
  • Veggieskool Catering
  • Peoples Kitchen


Be your own Veggies
– How to set up a Veggies group
– Trailers / street stalls / indoor fairs / event catering
– Cooking with Veggies Mixes

Guest recipies from other campaign caterers, including Anarchist Teapot (yes), Green Garden Cafe, Something Fishy, Fair Foods, Vegan Campaigns, Shambu’s, Screaming Carrot

Veggies Tour Dates – featuring events on our annual itinerary

Were You There?

Please send anecdotes, endorsements, pictures and recipe ideas.

Stop Press

Veggies Scoffer is now available from our Scoffer Publications section.


Just Do It

In 1987 Veggies fought off libel action by McDonalds, who then went after the McLibel Two. The ensuing 313 day epic trial and ultimate total victory in the European Court of Human Rights was documented in the film ‘McLibel’, directed by Franny Armstrong.

Franny went on to direct the Climate Change blockbuster ‘Age of Stupid’, which Veggies was pleased to support as part of the Nottingham Not Stupid team that brought the film to Nottingham.

In producing ‘McLibel’, Franny’s Spanner Films invented a new concept of ‘Crowd Funding’, whereby hundreds of ordinary people made an affordable investment in the film.

Now the Crowd Funding concept is (hopefully) bringing a new kick-ass activist film to the screens:

It’s called Just Do It and it’s going to be a feature film about climate change activists, it’s going to be funny and inspiring. Who knows you might even spot Veggies at the now infamous G20 demonstrations in London or at the Great Climate Swoop at Nottm’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station.

They’re making it totally independently (ie no big backers) and planning to give it to us for free. But money doesn’t grow on trees, so they need our help.

The producers, all climate activists themselves, are seeking crowd funding and Lush are doubling donations. Having benefited from Lush support ourselves we have sent a small donation from the Samosas for Social Change fund, but others are encouraged to go over to their website, check it out, and make a donation.

If you want to see why Lush are matching your generosity, watch of Veggies supporter, Andrew Butler, Campaigns Manager at Lush, speaking at the launch of the fund.

Find more campaigns and charities on our Lush Charity Pot exhibition a-lush-plan-for-glasters and on Veggies Networking Directory.

Veggies Climate Change Campaigns

Go Vegan logo

The Return of the Cake Scoffer

Ronny’s new Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking book has arrived!

Cake Scoffer coverTen years on from Ronny’s original Cake Scoffer, this new title has another 25 amazing and yummy recipes in the same inimitable style.

The original has been the mainstay of many people’s kitchen bookshelf and this new one promises to be just as popular.

You can order one or one hundred copies direct from Veggies, (who have funded the publication of the book)!

Send £1.50 per copy + postage:

1 or 2 copies: £1.50 each + 36p;

3-5 copies: £1.50 each + 92p;

7-9 copies: £1.50 each + £1.23

(Postage as at April 2011)

Availabe in bulk for group fundraising

  • 10 – 49 copies = 90p each (60% of cover price).
  • 50 or more = 75p (50% cover price) + delivery.
  • Contact us to check availability and delivery cost.

We will be at the Rally for Farmed Animal in London on Saturday 2nd October and can supply bulk orders free of delivery cost, with advance notice.

Or arrange collection at one of our many other events – see the diary of Veggies Events

Breakfast Scoffer, and more…

Also available, (sorry no bulk discount):

  • Breakfast ScofferThe Breakfast Scoffer – £1.50

    Breakfast need never again be dull for vegans. There’s everything in here from Banana Maple Pancakes and Scrambled Tofu, to smoothies, and Chocolate Fudge Cake (for breakfast?). Just try it!

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    50+copies & comments:
  • The Cake Scoffer – £1.25

    One of Britain’s most experienced vegan caterers and cake engineers. If you enjoy eating vegan cakes, but are never quite sure how to make them, you’ll love this 20 page laminated and illustrated booklet packed with exciting egg and dairy free cake, dessert and sweet recipes. Includes ultimate cheesecake, three types of chocolate cake, lemon explosion cake, DIY sweets, two types of gingerbread, microwave sponge pudding and more.

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    Group bulk enquiries:
  • salad scofferThe Salad Scoffer: Picnic And Party Food Recipes – £1.25

    Ronny explains how to prepare awesome mouth-watering kitchen creations, such as: Nottage Cheese, Geek Salad, Eggless Mushroom & Aubergine Quiche, Guacamole, Carrot & Celeriac Salad, Pasta Salad, Mock Duck Salad, and much more. The essential antidote to packaged foods for vegans, trainee vegans, relatives of vegans, kitchen scientists, students, frustrated bingers and snack addicts, people with allergies, and curious cooks wanting to know how vegans “do it” without eggs and cow extracts. If you don’t fit into one of the above categories, then just buy this book anyway for the novelty value and cute pictures.

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    Group bulk enquiries:
  • Special offer: All 4 titles £6.00 inc p&p!

To order:

Send cheque to ‘Veggies’, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX

Or order with Paypal or plastic at this /books-and-publications/ page.

Scoffer animals

Visit Scoffer Towers
– Home to the Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking series of books

Here’s a sample recipe from the Scoffer Kitchen:

French Apple Pie

  • 1 part margarine (I use Vitalite)
  • 2 parts flour (I use white flour, but half and half white and brown would work.
  • 1.5 cups flour (approx 12 floz)
  • 0.75 cups marg (approx 6 floz)
  • 6 small-medium apples
  • Soft brown demerera sugar
  • cinnamon
  • salt


  • Slice the apples as thinly (discarding cores) as you reasonably can with a knife (don’t bother peeling or showing off with a razor blade or owt) and place in a colander, layer by layer.
  • As you put each layer of apples in, sprinkle the sugar over until it coats the rings of apples evenly. Leave to sit while you make the pastry.
  • Rub the fat into the flour and a pinch of salt with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs. You’ll know you’re rubbing rightly if your palms remain clean (all those incidents with a plastic ruler on the back of my knees in Domestic Science lessons taught me summat).
  • Add cold water, little by little, to the mix and clump together with your hands or with a spoon until you have a ball o’dough. Don’t over-mix.
  • Either roll out or flatten with your palms onto a greased baking tray. Then arrange the apple slices on top about two layers thick. Press down against the dough firmly as you lay them.
  • Dredge the top with cinnamon, sprinkle with a little more sugar if you have a sweet tooth and then bake in a medium cool (gas mark 4-5 / 180C) oven for 30 mins.
  • Allow to cool before eating or it’ll take the roof of yer mouth off. Best served the following day.

Scoffer Publications are also available from:

Find these and more ‘Print and Publication’ contacts on Veggies Directory.

Greek Crumpets

East Midlands Vegan Festival stalled

Sadly we have hit a hitch with the potential 7th East Midlands Vegan Festival (EMVF).

East Midlands Vegan FestivalDue to its success in bringing in some 2000 people each year, the Council will no longer allow the use of the Council House, due to the ‘wear and tear’ that the event is causing to the building.

We have been searching for other options, but are stuggling to find another venue immediately where the public pass by. We have always targetted the EMVF at the non-vegan general public by holding the event right where they are, rather than at a less prominent venue that would likely attract only those already committed to dietary change.

It may be possible to take it out onto Nottingham’s central Old Market Square (in front of the Council House), but this would take the budget over £2000 rather than the previously affordable £1000 – the event is self-funded, with the support of the Vegan Society and many small independent vegan traders, and organised by volunteers from Nottingham’s vegan community.

Taking the event outside would also necessitate a move from its prime pre-christmas Saturday date, and none of our shortlisted dates have found favour with the Council.

Other options include taking the event on the road, for example to Derby, Leicester or Lincoln, or taking it out of the city centre, for example to the Arboretum, the successful venue for Nottingham’s Green Festival.

So it is unlikely that there will be an EMVF in 2010.

However, never to be deterred, campaigning continues with the vegan outreach offered by the EMVF being replaced by monthly Vegan Free Food Give-Aways at various city centre locations, including on the doorstep of the Council House! Each of these events gives the opportunity to engage directly with a hundred members of the public, reaching a thousand during the year.

The EMVF team also hosted the world’s first Vegan Beer Festival at the Sumac Centre, Nottingham’s vegan social centre.

Call on the City of Nottingham to support a weekly VeggieDay (Meat Free Monday):

Follow Veggies Catering Campaign News at

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