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Zapatistas Journey for life

What is the ‘Journey for life’?

On 1st January 2021 Indigenous Mayan Zapatistas published a declaration for life announcing an ‘invasion’ of Europe, a mission of solidarity and rebellion to mark 500 years since colonisation. The objective of this “Journey for Life” is to have meetings, dialogues, exchanges of ideas, and experiences with all who are committed, from different perspectives and fronts, to dismantling capitalism, as well as patriarchy, racism, imperialism, colonialism, and other violent systems that destroy life.

The North and Midlands section of the tour will only be 4 days – 28th to 31st October, so the logistics of the visit has been v.complicated.

Stop Press: We will host a visit of a 7-person delegation at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre on Thursday 28th/Friday 29th. Some of this time may be spent elsewhere (to be confirmed) but we invite all interested groups and individuals to contact us to get involved to make the most of this unique once in a half millennium opportunity! We have space for people from around the region to relay their stories to the Zapatistas, but also to meet and network with each other. There is space to stop over before and/or after if that helps people traveling from outside of Nottingham.

You can read more about the ‘Journey for life’ at:

Follow updates about the visit to the ‘WISE’ Islands (Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England) from Zapatista Solidarity Network on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

There’s also a crowdfunder and an Etsy shop in solidarity with the Zapatista Journey for Life .

More background on the history & struggles of the Zapatista communities may be found at Veggies’ Zapatista Coffee page.

Please also support the fundraiser for the tour of Ireland.


Guardian 4 May 2021: zapatistas-set-sail-for-spain-on-mission-of-solidarity-and-rebellion

Guardian 17 Feb 2018: mexico-zapatistas-rebels-24-years-mountain-strongholds


Bradley Nook Refarm’d

Stop Press

Our first delivery of Refarm’d organic oat milk, produced less than 30 miles away at Bradley Nook Farm, will provisionally be on Thurs 8th Oct or Fri 9th Oct.

We are honored to work with Katja and Jay Wilde’s Bradley Nook Farm in Ashbourne, the UK’s first Refarm’d partner farm.

  • Support local & ethical production

  • Support the transition from livestock to plant based farming

  • Support zero waste, plastic-free returnable glass packaging

  • Support the life-long care of retired cows living at Bradley Nook Farm

You may already be familiar with the story of Jay and Katja’s journey out of animal farming from the documentary 73 Cows.

Jay was born into the family farm with an environmentally minded father who never engaged with intensive farming, artificial fertilizers and herbicides. Troubled by his feelings for the animals he cared for Jay chose to go vegetarian, but carrying on with the farm work was difficult.

Jay’s wife Katja helped with his idea to stop farming and produce renewable energy instead, investing in solar PV to make up in part for the climate damage caused by keeping livestock.

Through Veggies Catering Campaign Jay and Katja became aware of The Vegan Society’s Grow Green campaign aiming to support farmers transitioning from livestock farming to growing vegetables certified by the Vegan-Organic Network.

61 cows from Jay and Katja’s herd were accepted by Hillside Animal Sanctuary in 2017, while Jay and Katja kept 12 cows who, together with their 5 calves, continue to graze their fields, supporting important fauna and flora dependent on their organic manure.

Though Refarm’d, Jay and Katja will soon be producing handmade organic oat milk, producing food that has not caused harm to anybody, making more room for nature and supporting plans to become a sanctuary for the cows that still live with them.

Refarm’d oat drinks for collection from Veggies Catering Campaign via

search #milksofhumankindness on twitter


Veggies on Desert Island Vids

Today on Desert Island Vids, Eagle talks to Pat Veggies from the Sumac Centre and Veggies Campaign Catering!

Pat’s Desert Island Vids are:
Song 1 – The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Song 2 – Chumbawamba – Enough Is Enough (Kick It Over)

Song 3 – Seize the Day – I Swear

VegFestUK Awards

Veggies are always chuffed to be nominated for awards by VegfestUK.

Having won the Best Vegan Caterer award many times, here & elsewhere, we now happy to step back and congratulate another excellent vegan caterer, Mex It Up, on taking the limelight.

Of all the 300+ groups now mapped on our Directory of Vegan Caterers, Mex It Up are right up there at the top of the list for campaigning vegan caterers ‘For The Animals’. We are happy to work alongside them at many events, including Nottingham Green Festival and Sneinton Vegan Market.

Well done Mex It Up and all the other Vegan caterers feeding the hungry without exploiting animals.

All the nominations for Best Vegan Caterer:

Happy Maki
Damage Limitation
Pomodoro E Basilico
Mex It Up
Greek Vegan Deli
Lazy Boy Kitchen
Brownins Food
Rupert’s Street
Shambhu’s – Vegan Caterers
Veggies Catering Campaign

Find them all linked from our Facebook post.

Find 300+ other great vegan caterers on our Directory of Vegan Caterers

See also Veggies Awards Gallery

Glasto Vegan

We’ve launched @GlastoVegan on Twitter to connect the great #Vegan groups, foods, performers & followers at #Glastonbury Festival. If this includes you, tweet or contact us!

See also

Glastonbury 2015

Veggies has been at Glastonbury since (about) 1987!

Veggies Catering Campaign will cater at Glastonbury Festival from 9am Wednesday to 6pm Monday, in the Green Futures Field, at the opposite end of the site from the Pyramid Stage, towards the ‘Stone Circle’.

Every year we give over a share of our space, and some of our crew, to running an information/workshop space with displays and activities in support of active groups working for positive social change.

Our workshop space has to be paid from our trading fee (£4,632 in 2014), whilst providing crew to run the activities means we have to close for a few hours each day.

Our core times are likely to be 10am to 4am, with the interactive space running from 10am to 6pm.

For more campaign presentations check out the Speakers Forum.

As is the long standing tradition, no doubt we’ll gatecrash a few Seize The Day gigs for a campaign shout out!

Find us in the Green Futures Field

Glastonbury Green Futures Field

Veggies at Glastonbury

The Green Fields are at the opposite end of the site from the Pyramid Stage, towards the ‘Stone Circle’; cross the ‘Old Railway Track’ – Green Futures is on the right.

Those in the know, know that the field is packed full of venues, spaces and healthy food. There is Groovy Movie, The Mandala, Small World, Permaculture, Henry’s Beard, A pedal powered Laundrette, Rinky Dink, The Tin Village, Lunched Out Lizard, Speakers Forum, Astrologers amongst many.

“Not to mention the World’s finest Vegan Burgers from the Veggies Catering Campaign”.

Veggies has catered in the Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival since 1987.

  • In 1990 tickets cost £38, our trading fee was £600 & our burgers cost £1.00.
  • In 2014 tickets cost £210+fees & our trading fee was £4,632.
  • Sorry, Veggies burgers in 2015 will cost more than £1.00!

Veggies Glasto Gallery

Glastonbury 2013 gallery

See also our 2014 Glastonbury Festival Report

Veggies Glastonbury’15 Application

Glastonbury 2013 panorama

Please describe the food you wish to sell from your stall.

Veggies BurgerEthically sourced vegan foods, including our own hand made Veggies burgers, cakes baked on site from organic ingredients, pasties & samosas baked on site, organic &/or fair trade soft drinks, fair trade organic teas & coffee.

Do you cater for any specific dietary requirements
(i.e. Vegan/gluten-free/halal etc)?

As all Veggies food is vegan it is accessible to the most people in terms of dietary, cultural and religious requirements.

Gluten-free’ requests are usually satisfied following a discussion of the customers needs, ranging from ‘wheat-reducing’ to coeliac (for which we advise caution).

Have you traded at Glastonbury before?

Veggies at GlastoWe have traded at Glastonbury Green Futures since 1990, using our award winning vegan / organic / fair trade catering as a base for campaign outreach for the many groups with whom we work.

In 2013/4 we were at pitch Q1/32 [Green Futures Field at junction of Old Railway Track with pathway to the stone circle] which worked well for us, other than suffering from the river that runs through in the event of rain.

In the 90’s we used to trade 24hrs daily. In more recent years we have found that Green Futures is not as busy through the night so we’ve traded 10am – 4am. With sufficient crew we would like to try to go 24hours again.

Have you traded at any other festivals in the past 2 years?

Glastonbury 2013Glastonbury is the only ‘commercial’ festival at which we cater, other than Ashleyhay community festival and Nottingham’s No Tomorrow Festival.

We cater over 70 other events each year: green events (eg Nottingham Green Festival / various Green Gatherings), action camps (eg Peace News Camp / Cooperative gatherings), indoor fairs (eg Animal Aid Fair / London Radical Bookfair), local community events (eg stuff of Life) and on-the-streets campaign catering (eg People’s Climate March / Frack-Free rallies).

And loads more on Veggies Events Archive

Please tell us about anything special or unique your stall would bring to the Festival.

Many consider Veggies to be one of the most ethical caterers on the circuit, with policies developed from 30 years experience in organic / fair trade / pure vegetarian catering and guided by feedback from customers and supporter.

Veggies promotes the use of vegan, fair trade, locally sourced and organic products. Since 1984 we have never sold other than fair trade teas & coffees.

We use minimal packaging and reusable mugs. All the compostable packaging generated by Veggies would fit into one bin bag. In 2014 we recycled everything, including tricky things (eg plastic wrap, tetrapacs) which we take home with us is appropriate! Next time we aim to make this more visible.

We are three times winner of the Best Vegan Catering Award and 2014’s ‘Best Caterer Serving Vegan Food’ Award Winner. We received the Glastonbury Green Trader Award in 2011.

Vegies tentBut we are not just about catering. A gatherings such as Glastonbury we run ‘information for action’ campaign cafe spaces to share information to help customers make active choices for a more sustainable future.

Food for a fiver

The Festival is committed to providing affordable, quality food and would like to be able to offer Festival goers ‘Food for a fiver’ in the form of a meal from a number of stalls onsite. We would be happy to participate in this scheme, offering a Veggies Burger & hot drink; or Pasty, cake & any drink.

Green Traveller Scheme

Glastonbury encourages festival goers to travel to the Festival using public transport and as a reward asks that traders offer something in return. Veggies will be delighted to support this scheme.

Cleaner, greener and fairer

Read our Green Trader Awards submission

See also Green Glastonbury info.

Spread the Word : Retweet this page!

Veggies Van For Sale

After years of faithful service we are moving on & moving up to a newer vehicle, so our Iveco Daily is available for sale.

Iveco van

Iveco van

It would suit a campaigning group with need for a workhorse vehicle.

It has had substantial works done to come with a full MOT promising years of future service. As a working vehicle getting to some 70 events a year, including here at Glastonbury, it would benefit from a good scrub up & repaint, but we’ve not had a moment spare to do this.

This is what it could look like with cleaned up to the way we bought it!

Iveco van

Iveco van

Iveco van

Iveco van

Iveco Daily
T907 JJA (1999)
2788 CC

Speak to us at Glastonbury & lets make a deal. Or Contact Us.

5 Weeks, 5 Fields, 5 Gatherings

As ever Veggies Catering Campaign has a unique roll in uniting movements for positive social change, catering at actions, camps and gatherings

We will be doing full catering at the Peace News Camp and the Animal Rights Gathering, and providing one of three kitchens at the Reclaim the Power Camp, from the Sunday, straight from the British Ultra Fest.

For the fist time in over 20 years, Veggies is not attending the Earth First Summer Gathering, near Hastings, but the input of like-minded Veggies supporters will be most welcome…




BRITISH ULTRA FEST, Oxford, 11-17 Aug

RECLAIM THE POWER CAMP – West Burton, 17-20 Aug



Peace News Summer Camp 2013: Taking a Lead from the Global South,
25-29 July
Diss, Norfolk

Peace News Summer Camp is an annual five-day, family-friendly event that attempts to embody many of the characteristics of the future society towards which we’re working – inclusive, democratic, participatory, renewably-powered and environmentally sustainable. It’s an opportunity for a broad spectrum of people – activists, community organisers and other people working for and exploring radical social change – to come together and develop our intentions, priorities, knowledge, strategy, skills and networks in support of our different movements, be they anti-racist, environmental, global solidarity, anti-war, feminist, localisation, anti-cuts, counter-militarist, disability, LGBTQI, food sovereignty, radical health and other movements for transformation.

This year’s camp is organised by activists of colour/people with a global majority heritage. We invite you to join us and others from across the broad spectrum of the peace and radical social change movements for five days of workshops, participatory entertainment and network building!

UPDATE: Peace News Summer Camp is proud to be hosting Mohamed Moghazy, a grassroots Egyptian organiser of the 25 January Tahrir Square demonstration, and member of the Committees for the Defence of the Egyptian Revolution. Mohamed will be at the camp all five days.

For more information and bookings visit

Facebook event

Find this event on Veggies Diary



The 2013 UK Animal Rights Summer Gathering will take place from August 2nd-4th in Nottinghamshire

The Animal Rights Summer Gathering aims to reflect on our movement, inspire new ideas and spread information between the the various groups and individuals working to end animal exploitation.

The 2013 event will be held on the first weekend of August at a greenfield site near Derby/Nottingham, 5 mins from Junction 26 of the M1.

Join us for a weekend of workshops, discussions, bands, camping and other activities.

For the latest information go to

Practical Info

The Gathering will be £10 for the entire weekend. If you can’t afford it please come along anyway and pay what you can.

There will be delicious vegan food supplied by Veggies Catering Campaign. Costs for food will be £15 for the entire weekend. This includes breakfast plus two hot meals a day. It is important to get meal tickets on arrival so that Veggies knows how many to cater for. Individual meals tickets will also be available. Veggies will also be running a tuck shop (and vegan cake baking workshops) throughout the weekend.

If you would like to bring your dog to the Gathering please contact us in advance at:

Children are welcome at the Gathering so please feel free to bring them along. There will not be a designated “Kid’s Space” this year though we hope to provide some activities for children if there is enough of a demand.

Safer Spaces Policy
The Gathering will be operating a Safer Spaces Policy during the entire weekend. This means we will not accept any racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise oppressive or discriminatory behaviour from anyone attending the Gathering. We ask people to be mindful of the way they interact with each other.

What to Bring
Here are some suggestions for what to bring to the Gathering:

Sleeping Bag/Roll Matt
Money (there is no cash point on site)
Insect Repellent
Waterproof clothing in case it rains
Sun cream
12v car phone charger/USB phone charger

For the latest information go to

Find this event on Veggies Diary



Wed 7th – Sun 11th August
South East England (nearest station – Bexhill)

a place for people involved in radical green direct action to come together…. to talk….share skills….learn….listen….play….rant…. find out whats going on….scheme….live outdoors….hang out….laugh…. experience nonhierarchical, low impact, family friendly living.


an activist camp that spans 4 days and consists of a programme of workshops throughout each day facilitated by people like you and me who think they have a skill or a level of knowledge in a subject that is valuable to share with others to improve their activism. You can facilitate a workshop by using the contact form. All workshops are optional – go to what you want/think will help you develop.

The camp is run on the principle of consensus decision making

We are ALL crew and participants – the person writing this is a volunteer and pays to get in like you do – you will be expected to help run the camp, with jobs needing to be done announced in a camp-wide morning meeting. This will also make you feel like a core part of this camp…because you are and it literally couldn’t run without you!

Everyone is really friendly, you don’t need to come with friends – you’ll make them, and it’s a chance to link up with like-minded individuals for planning future actions – whatever they may be…

Is this camp for you? Whether you’re just starting out in the world of direct action or you’re an old (glued and paint-stained) hand at it, you’re welcome here. See our Safer Spaces policy or email us if you’ve got any doubts/concerns.

No direct actions are planned by the camp – this is about you getting the skills/knowledge you need to become more effective in whatever direct action you involve yourself in.

COST – we ask that everybody attending the gathering contributes £20 – 30 depending on income (more is welcome if you can afford it) This goes directly towards the costs incurred in putting on the Gathering, which is run entirely by volunteers, none of whom get in “for free”. If you genuinely cannot afford to pay this, talk to one of this year’s organisers, we don’t want to turn anyone away.

FOOD – food tickets will be available from the Gate tent at the cost of £6 per day. This will cover Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, plus tea and coffee through the day. All food is deliciously vegan, and organic / locally grown where possible. Please contact before the start of the Gathering us if you have any food allergies that the kitchen should know about, so that the kitchen crew can arrange the menu accordingly. You are welcome to cater for yourself if you prefer, but care should be taken with cooking equipment, and we ask that you do not use barbeques or open fires because of the fire risk. Children will be catered for separately at the Kids kitchen, where suitable nutritious lunches and dinners will be provided. The Kids food will cost £3 daily. Parents are asked to provide in-between snacks, but cold drinks will be available throughout the day.

SAFE SPACES – EARTH FIRST! Summer Gathering has a comprehensive safe spaces policy. This means that we do not tolerate any abusive behaviour based on gender, sexual orientation, race,


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Sunday 11th August 2013 to Saturday 17th August

Veggies are delighted to be catering for the British Ultra Fest – a 6 day track race with 48 hour and 24 hour options. There will be about 75 runners taking part in total plus officials and some runners crew.

We will provide good quality pure vegetarian (vegan) food as we feel this is a great opportunity to demonstrate that great performances take place in the athletic arena without any lives having to be sacrificed.

The event is being held at Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 2HR

Can you help?

Join the event, join us, spread the word or sending us useful information.

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RECLAIM THE POWER CAMP – West Burton, 17-20 Aug

Join No Dash for Gas for a 4 day camp and protest at West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire.

Big decisions are being made now about how we’re going to power the UK.

The government’s policy of increasing our reliance on gas is pushing millions into fuel poverty. This – coupled with ruthless cuts to essential services – leaves many with an impossible choice between heating and eating. And the same policy guarantees that we’ll miss even our modest carbon reduction targets. Both the financial and the climate crises are related to the pursuit of profit above all else, in the interests of the few and at the expense of the many.

We need a win. And one win we need is a secure future for generations to come, where profits don’t trump the public interest and where we have safe, clean energy to meet our needs.

Be part of creating something BIG this summer, get involved now and Reclaim The Power.

We can fight back, as the student, trade union, women’s, disabled rights and anti-cuts movements have shown us. There has never been a more critical time to take action. The solutions are there to be grasped.

21 people went up two chimneys but 64,000 came down

Last October, 21 environmental activists shut down EDF’s West Burton power station for a week in protest at the government’s Dash for Gas. West Burton is the first of up to 40 new gas fired power stations being planned. With your help, including a solidarity petition signed by 64,000 people – they fought off EDF’s attempt to sue them for £5 million.

This summer, inspired by their action, we are building a wide coalition of groups and individuals who will be coming together to Reclaim the Power.

We’ll plan together. We’ll put forward solutions. We’ll cross the border from anger to action. It was people power that stopped new coal and stalled plans for a third runway at Heathrow, that made bankers’ greed and tax avoidance toxic and that is now fighting austerity attacks on workers, women, pensioners and the disabled. Together, we will stop the dash for gas.

Want to be part of creating Reclaim The Power?

Wondering where we’ll be, how you can get there or what you need to bring?

More info to come soon, keep up to date at:

Facebook event

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Everything you need to know for catering at actions, camps and gatherings

For loads more events see Veggies Summer Tour Diary

Join our crew? Sign Up Here: Sign Up Now!

GM Oil in Nottingham Restaurants

GM – Just Say No!

GM OilFOOD that has been genetically modified could be on sale in as many as one-in-four pubs, restaurants and takeaways in our region.

Trading standards officers in York found around a quarter of caterers using cooking oils sourced from a genetically modified (GM) food without telling their customers. The same GM oil is on sale, including wholesale to caterers, in Nottingham. Bookers and other catering suppliers have been selling oil identified as GM by very small print on the cans.

The law requires that consumers should be made aware – before purchasing – that the food they are eating is either sourced from genetically modified food or contains genetically modified food, but many caterers may be ignorant of the law, or not carrying out proper checks of their ingredients. They are required to reveal it on the menu or on a prominent notice. It is illegal for them to conceal this information, and they must not wait for customers to ask for it. Failure to comply is a criminal offense. The maximum penalty on conviction in a magistrates’ court is a fine of £20,000.

Any consumers who are at all concerned regarding the inclusion of GM food should specifically ask the caterers when ordering their food whether it is GM, or sourced from a GM origin. The law requires the owner to provide an honest answer.

To spread the work download, print and distribute our handy gm-oil-in-nottingham cards

Linkback to this page:


G.M? Just say no

Support Bumblebee Conservation

Picture from May 2013 Demo Against Monsanto

KTC Oil is distributed by:

KTC (Edibles) Ltd,
J S House, Moorcroft Drive, Moorcroft Park, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 7DE
Ph: 0121 505 9200

On their website at the product is described as “A clear liquid oil suitable for culinary purposes”, with no immediately visible reference to its GM source amongst the many product pictures and listings.

March’08: 20 drums KTC oil now flashed as ‘non-GM’, but 20ltr boxes still labelled as made from GM soya.

June’09: 20 drums KTC oil, again labelled as made from GM soya, seen on wholesale supply at the Glastonbury Festival, as reported on our Concerned about Genetically Mutated Food? page.

Nov’11: Product page for ‘Pure Vegetable Cooking Oil’ now lists ‘Ingredients:Vegetable Oil (produced from genetically modified soya), Anti-foaming agent E900.’

Also: ‘Olive Pomace Oil Blended’. Ingredients: Olive Pomace Oil (51%), Vegetable Oil (produced from genetically modified soya) (49%), Anti-foaming agent (E900).

Nov’12: 4ltr tins of ‘Vegetable Oil’ found to be ‘produced from genetically modified soya’.

May’13: Ingredients information no longer shown on Product page for ‘Pure Vegetable Cooking Oil’.

See details of survey in York, “Trading Standards uncover GM food law breaches” at and bring this to the attention of your local Trading Standards.

Consumers wanting information on GM food should visit the Food Standards Agency website or see for breaking news.

This should also concern those using ‘straight vegetable oil’ as an alternative to diesel fuel. This is also an issue in relation to food security as the price of a basic food commodity such as vegetable oil will inevitably increase when used as a motor fuel.
This may be discussed on the forum.

Dorset eateries warned over GM oil

Dorset Echo, 21st July 2010

DINERS in Dorset have unwittingly been eating genetically modified (GM) food, according to the county’s Trading Standards service.

A survey of 48 restaurants throughout the county found 13 of them were breaking the law by using cooking oils containing GM substances without telling their customers.

Of the 13 catering businesses Trading Standards officers found breaking the rules, two are in Weymouth, one is in Dorchester and one is in Portland.

Of the remaining nine, two are in Sturminster Newton, three are in Wimborne, one is in Ferndown, one is in Christchurch and one is in Blandford.

Dorset Trading Standards chief Ivan Hancock says he cannot name the eateries found falling foul of the GM laws because of national Freedom of Information legislation and because he does not want to run a ‘naming and shaming’ campaign.

The owner of the Weymouth restaurants found to have breached the rules – Sinan Keskin, of Café Express in King Street and Cafelicious in St Thomas Street – agreed to be identified in the Dorset Echo.

Mr Keskin, 28, said he had not been made aware of the need to tell his customers about the GM ingredients his premises used before the Trading Standards investigation and had now changed the products he uses to comply with the law.

He said: “It was quite a surprise to me to find out about this law.

“Nobody had told us about it and I didn’t know before that I had to tell my customers.

“I’ve now changed the oil I use to a GM-free variety, which costs an extra £2 per container.”

Mr Keskin, who has been running Cafelicious for six years and Café Express for two, added: “There is a need to comply with the law and if this is what Trading Standards want, it’s what I will do.

“I’m not going to argue with that but it seems like it could cover a wider area.

“For example, if a customer comes in saying they want Halal food or
vegetarian food, do I need to tell them that the plate it’s served on may have had bacon on it?

“Or, would I need to tell them that their plate has been washed in the same sink or machine as plates that have had meat on them?
“If I’m going to be 100 per cent above board do my customers have to be told about these things?”

Mr Keskin said he now spends around an extra £16 per week on GM-free cooking oils at his businesses to comply with the GM food laws.

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