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Vegan Housing Co-op Seeks Members

Vegan Housing Co-operative looking for new members

Rose Howey Housing Co-operative

Rose Howey Housing Co-operative is a large house on the edge of a beautiful park near the centre of Liverpool. Its tenants are living together to foster a supportive home which encourages communal living and supports its members to engage with radical social change and ecologically minded living. All communal spaces are vegan and currently with the six adults there are seven children living in the house, including some who are home educated. The vision of the house also includes providing spaces for local community projects (such as The Free University of Liverpool and Migrant Artist Mutual Aid) and for larger national networks.

Single and multi-room units are available for people to join us as tenants or spaces are available for workshops either on a monthly or hourly rate.

Bedrooms from £55 per week.

Workshop spaces (e.g. art studios / office space) from £40 per week or by hourly rate.

As far as possible, new members will be active in creating the vision of Rose Howey, both practically with the necessary restoration and decoration of the house and in creative terms by adding to the energy of the project. However shorter term use of rooms will also be considered.

If you are interested in joining and want to come meet us to see what we’re about or have any questions about our project, get in touch Stacey on, 07858 148538

Vist the Rose Howey Housing Co-operative website.

You can also Contact us via website or by email.

West Midlands Vegan Festival

West midlands vegan festival banner

This event, this biggest of it’s kind north of London, is back, this Saturday 27th October.

The West Midlands Vegan Festival will offer all you need for healthy, cruelty-free, eco-friendly living. You don’t have to be vegan to attend, everyone is welcome! Come and see why people are increasingly adopting a vegan lifestyle.

The 2011 festival was bursting at the seams, with over 1,700 visitors! As a result of the event’s increasing popularity, the 2012 festival will spread into a second large hall, providing space for over 100 stalls, everything from clothing, footwear and cosmetics to books, campaign organisations and lots of food … and many other attractions! The listing of stallholders provides one of the most comprehensive directories of vegan-friendly businesses.

We are pleased to support the event as a main caterer and by part funding the program for the day with the advert shown below.

We are also providing facilities for the cookery demonstrations in the Wulfrun Hall (alongside our Wulfrun Bar location):

  • 12 noon – 12.50pm – Vegan Vitality. With Liz Hughes of Our Lizzy Cooking.

  • 1.10pm – 2pm – Quick-Fix Vegan! With Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator at Viva!

  • 2.20pm – 2.50pm – How to Make a Yummy Vegan Chocolate Mousse that’s Practically Good for You! With Dr Birgit Kehrer of ChangeKitchen CIC

  • 3.10pm – 3.40pm – Shine on Raw. With Rebecca Kane of Shine on Raw

  • 4pm – 4.50pm – Autumn Feast. With Liz Hughes of Our Lizzy Cooking

  • 5.10pm – 6pm – Cakin’ It – Vegan Baking the Easy Way. With Jane Easton of Viva!

If you are at the event, be sure to look for us, and the other vegan campaign caterers, in the Wulfrun Bar downstairs.

It it great that many of the UK’s best vegan (and vegan friendly) caterers are at the event: Aunty Jee’s, Beet the System, ChangeKitchen, Fairfoods, Green Garden Cafe, Shambhu’s, , Veged Out and Veggies Catering Campaign.

For many of our 28 years of campaign catering Veggies was the only game in town. We hope that our pioneering work has provided some of the inspiration for so many more vegan caterers, and for the many other vegan festivals and fairs shown on our Vegan Outreach Diary.

This is our advert in the Event program.
Click it to print and display a full size (8Mb) pdf version.

veggies advert

West Midlands Vegan Festival After Party flier

Nottingham Indymedia

Nottm Indymedia Logo

Nottingham Indymedia, a news site for the East Midlands that anyone can post on.

We hope that you will find our site a useful place to find out about what’s going on in the region and to publish your own news.

What is Nottingham Indymedia?

Nottingham Indymedia is a widely read hub for community and activist news from across the East Midlands. We aim to “give a voice to individuals and communities throughout the region who are marginalised and have no say in the mainstream media.”

The site is open for anyone to publish their news and promote events simply by clicking the Publish button in the top right hand corner of the site.

All posts also go out to our 2,000 followers on Twitter

How can I use it?

* You can publish news stories

* You can promote your events on our calendar

* You can publish a link to an existing article on your own website

* You can propose and help to write feature articles by joining our mailing list

* Your site’s news feed can be included in the @NottsAltNews feed on

The more people who post, the better the website becomes and the more
people will read your news.

If you want more information, please reply to this email, check out our help pages or come to our next monthly meeting on Mon 15th Oct, 7.30pm at the Sumac Centre, Gladstone Street, Nottingham.

We look forward to reading your news!

Veggies Summer Barbecue

Veggie Summer Barbecue
Adapted from the Vegetarian Society Networking Newsletter (mainly by adding the ‘s’ to Veggies!)

This article recently featured in the Young Veggie pages of The Vegetarian.
We thought it was worth reprinting in time for summer in Youth Matters, too.

Lots of parties and get-togethers during the summer months centre around the garden and the barbecue. Even though barbecues are traditionally associated with cooking meat, vegetarians can enjoy a good barbecue as much as anyone else. Give these two menus a try for super-tasty summer barbecues.

Simple summer barbecue:

Veggies burgers, or make your own with Veggies Burger Mixes
Bread rolls
Simple salad garnish (sliced tomatoes, greens such as lettuce or spinach, grated carrot, sliced onions)
Condiments (tomato sauce, salad cream, brown sauce, mayonnaise, chilli sauce)
Corn chips with salsa
Hummus with raw vegetables (peppers, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, celery)
Fresh summer fruit (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)

Deluxe Veggies barbecue:

For the grill-
Marinated firm tofu skewers with Mediterranean vegetables
Peppers stuffed with tomato and vegan feta cheese
Spiced sweet potato slices
Veggies burgers, or make your own with Veggies Burger Mixes

On the side-
Hummus with vegetables
Lemony bean salad
Potato salad with chopped mint and lemon
Platter of sundried tomatoes, olives, vegan cheeses and savoury biscuits
Breads (pitta, rolls, etc)
Toasted vegan marshmallows (from Veggies) and s’mores

Tip: Make sure that any food items that usually need refrigeration, like Plamil mayonnaise or hummus, are kept cool by either being served on a bowl of ice or kept indoors.

Vegan Free Food Give-Away

Vegan Free Food Give-AwayVeggies Catering Campaign and Nottingham Animal Rights hold regular free vegan food give-aways in Nottingham City Centre. See reports on Indymedia.

The next one will be held in May during National Vegetarian Week on a day to be confirmed.

Read more about Vegan Free Food Give-Aways at

If you are able to prepare some vegan cakes or savoury food at the Sumac Social Centre, or join on the day – please get in touch via

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