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    • Recipies for 100’s! (from Anarchist Teapot Guide)
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See the Camps and Gatherings section.

For more catering advice and recipes see the recipes section.

See also Vegetarian Journal’s Guide To Food Ingredients

Recent additions:

A guide to Food-storage, including Fruit and Vegetable Storage Chart

Alice’s Spontaneous Recipes for Using Surplus food, incl. Spiced Roast Pumpkin and Coriander Flapjack

Updated Risk Assessment and Food Hygiene Guidelines

food pyramidRecipes from the archive: Savoury Nut Roast, Spaghetti Surprise, Vegan Shepherdess Pie, Fruit and Coconut Ice Cream. Written by Veggies founder, Clare, in 1985-ish.

Learn how to cook beans from scratch from

“Adzuki(or Aduki) Beans is perhaps my favorites bean of all. They are small, so they are easier to digest than some of the larger beans. And they do not have to soak before cooking. They have a strong flavor that is a delicious mix of sweet and nutty. They are rounded with a point on one end. Adukis tend to be less beany-tasting than most beans and digest rather easily. Adzukis have a bit of a meaty flavor and tend to go well with foods that traditionally taste good with meat such as potatoes.”