Veggies maintains a number of ‘Party Tent’ Marquees for use at Veggies events, other events at which we cater and available for loan to other groups. We are not a tent hire company, so this info is based on our d-i-y ethos.

Suggested hire costs are based on the replacement and maintenance costs, but not delivery or erection. They are quick an simple to erect, so (other than the 12m tent) usually they are collected, (they fit an estate car), with d-i-y instructions to put them up.

3m tent3m x 3m Garden Marquee

9 sq.m (approx 10′ x 10′).
Suitable for 12 people standing or 8 seated around a table.

Following previous usage this now has just the roof and 1 end wall.
Replacement side walls available.

Hire £30; Replacement £115
Not currently in service


6m tent6m x 4m Heavy Duty Marquee

24 sq.m (approx 20′ x 13′).
Suitable for 30+ people standing or 20 seated around a table.

This is the most used of the tents, so is showing definite signs of wear!

Hire £60 £40; Replacement £375


8m x 4m Commercial party tent marquee
32 sq.m (approx 26′ x 13′).

We have not yet worked out full details for this new addition to our range, but are working on a hire charge of £80.


10m tent10m x 4m Commercial party tent marquee

40 sq.m (approx 32′ x 13′).
Suitable for 60 people standing or 40 seated around a table.

Hire £100; Replacement £980


12m marquee12m x 6m 12m x 6m Heavy Duty Marquee

72 sq.m (approx 40′ x 20′).
Suitable for 120+ people standing or 80 seated at tables.

As this a larger and more complex structure we prefer to deliver this to the site and assist with erecting it. The cost of transport & crew would need to be discussed on top of the basis hire cost.

Hire £150 £120; Replacement £1,100

The hire cost was £150 when it was brand new for the 2012 season.
Having been through the Somerset storms of the Stop the Badger Cull campaign, the cost is now reduced.

12m x 6m – Full description


Tie-down kits – £35.80

BS certification for the fire retardant roof and walls.
Gala Tent Flammability Test Report.

Additional fire retardant treatments from . [Data Sheet]
Event ShelterColeman Event Shelter

3.65m x 3.65m with groundsheet and walls.

Suitable for 6 people seated together with 2 tables (eg as info stand) or perhaps 10-12 people on cushions on carpet for relaxing space.

Also 4.5m x 4.5m Coleman Event Shelter

See video description at YouTube.

Hire £40; Replacement £200, inc walls & groundsheet

To discuss hire of Veggies Tents, contact us

We’re delighted to have inherited Weirdigans Café marquee, an asset for our many campaign events. This measures 9m x 6m (including guy lines), but is only available as a Veggies Cafe or Food for a Future Workshop Space.

Veggies Weirdigans Tent

veggies exhibition

Veggies 10m Tent, Lush Charity Pot outreach at Glastonbury

Peace News Camp Kitchen

Veggies 10m Tent at Peace News Summer Camps

Tent in Trafalgar Square

Veggies 6m Tent at Climate Camp, Trafalgar Square December 2009
Veggies at Glastonbury

Veggies 12m Tent as Badger Action Cafe at Glastonbury 2013

12m x 6m Heavy Duty Marquee

12m marquee
12m x 6m (approx 40ft x 20ft)
Overall Floor Space: 72 sq mtrs

Accommodates approximately 120 people standing – based on 6.5 sq ft per person
Accommodates approximately 80 people sitting down – based on 10 sq ft per person


Excellent for large garden parties, weddings, special events etc.
Ends, sides are included, but can be left off if necessary.
Sides include clear plastic heavy duty window panels.
Also includes end panels with tent style roll up doors and zip closing.
PVC rain skirt all round.

Rigid steel frame constructed from 38mm/42mm powder coated steel tubing.
42mm steel joints – all bolted.
Steel roof support beams for extra strength.
Roof constructed from tough, 380gsm PVC (as used on articulated lorries!).
Side walls 380gsm PVC.
UV ripstop PVC material.
Completely washable.

Full Ground Bar set included for extra stability.
Complete with removable widow panels and roll-up doors for all round access options.

marquee fittings marquee fittings
marquee fittings marquee fittings

marquee fittings

Tarps – 40kg
Tarps – 30kg – 64x51x16cm
Joints – 37kg – 68x60x29cm
‘A’ Poles – 27kg – 195x25x11cm
‘B’ Poles – 21kg – 195x20x11cm
‘C’ Poles – 22kg – 195x21x12cm
‘D’ Poles – 22kg – 195x21x12cm
‘E’ Poles – 19kg – 149x23x14cm
‘F’ Poles – 20kg – 145x26x13cm

Detailed description, 12 page instructions &

Video at

* 500d Polyester PVC commercial quality covers
* British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
* Heavy duty eyelets
* Industrial zip fastening on all side panels
* Strong upto 44mm tubular steel frame and 44mm corner joints.
* Tube wall thickness upto 1.2mm
* Powder coated framework
* Georgian style window panels
* Locating/retaining screw at each joint for stability and strength
* Heavy-duty Velcro and bungee cord straps
* Full instructions and care manual
* Window blank covers included for privacy
* 3 different size door entries on end panel, for multi use

Height Dimensions:
Eve Height: 205cm
Centre Apex Height: 370cm
Height to A Frame: 282cm

Door Dimensions:
Width 4m x Height 2m

People Capacity:
Standing Auditorium Style: 120
Seated With Table: 60

Packing Information
1 x Carton 200x32x14cm – WT 46.7kg
5 x Carton 200×24.5x14cm – WT 34.9kg
1 x Carton 59x49x42cm – WT 38.6kg
1 x Carton 59x49x38cm – WT 31.95kg
1 x Carton 59x47x31cm – WT 14.3kg
6 x Carton 58x46x8cm – WT 4.05kg

Structure Size:
6m x 12m (aprox: 20ft x 40ft)


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Read the Instructions for assembly of ‘party tent’ marquees here.

If our tents are not suitable or not available you could try Tent For Rent from Sheffield or Lincoln.

Alternative structures

Other marquees are available, for example from Andy Festival Eye and/or the AT Collective. If anyone is able to contact us with contact details and guideline prices we would be pleased to add the information here.

• Activist Tat – dark marquee (hard to move/erect) – £150
– army marquee in poor condition – £150
– ATAT small marquee – 20′ x 20′ – £150
– White RR marquee – 30′ x 30′ from ATAT – £150

However consider the additional transport costs. Whilst Veggies regularly carry three of our tents in a van that is already making the journey, canvas marquees, with the heavier poles required to take the weight of the canvas, often require the hire of a 3.5 tonne Luton van for about £80/day plus additional fuel (perhaps £50 per 100 miles each way).

Alternative suppliers: Sheffield
How To Erect a Gala Tent Marquee