Tent instructions

tent instructions

Download the instructions sheet from sunnflair.com or as a google doc from tinyurl.com/tentinfo. Instructions (and tents) are also available Gala Tents

The tents are based on 3 or 5 sections, building a 6m or 10m tent (by 4m wide).

This is what you do:

First time used use different colour electrical tape to identify different sets – wrap tape marking close to joint when set up so on future occasions, when joints are bent and battered, you’ll know how far poles should go into the joints.

– Sort poles into 3 types – hopefully still bundled from last time
… the longer poles are roof diagonals
… horizontal roof frame and legs are same (2m) length
… the legs have 5 small holes at the bottom
… (if used) base unit poles; smaller diameter on 10m tent

– Lay out all the poles and junctions
… 3 horizontal lines for roof – 3 or 5 each side and 3 or 5 for centre ridge
… lay diagonals between sides and centre ridge at each junction
… place joints at each junction, 3-way joints at ends of structure & 4-way joints elsewhere
… – note that the straight leg of joint always lies horizontally, with curves jointing legs to roof (see diagram)

– starting building the roof frame from one end, not from random places!

– note that the straight part of junctions always lies horizontal

– knock joints together with rubber mallet to ensure tight fit

Do not stick ‘gaffer’ tape or packaging tape onto the fabric or poles. Masking tape is generaly ok, but preferably not in direct sunshire for more than a day. Remove all tape & stickers before packing tent down.

Taking down:

Keep poles in their 3 or 4 types as they come down: longer diagonals, roof horizontals, legs, base poles(if used)
Bundle each set using the tie-down ratchet straps.

Note any missing or broken parts
eg. Small marquee needs 1 leg + 2 corner bases

Knock joins together with rubber mallet. If each pole is a few mm out of joint, collectively the frame could be several cm too long for the canvas.

Bungy end walls BEFORE second set of legs, else you will not be able to reach high enough to do so. Toggle at least those in the top part, those down the legs can be done later. Remeber to attach any banners and the tie down straps at this stage too.