Work in progress

On your first use of the kitchen seek guidance on:

Fire Shutter, Fire alarms, Fire extinguisher/blanket
First Aid – First Aid Kits / First Aid Volunteers

Basic Food Hygiene; hair / hands / apron / clean surfaces
… more …

Aprons, tea towels, laundry
Supply & safe use of hot water
Use & safe storage of knives
Gas safety
– to light main oven, dial temperature, hold valve release, press spark, hold 5 secs. Ignore whistle.

Food supplies:
– Vegan / Local / Fairly traded / Organic
– Use of kitchen stock
– Much basic stock is available from Veggies stores.
… Write a list of what you use for Pat to maintain stock control
… pay for goods from meal donations.
– Spice bank
– Fridge
– Teas & coffee freely available from Veggies stores on ‘annual contract’

Washing up:
– day-to-day washing up
– air dry
– clear drainer
– washing up from big meals
– efficient storage of pots & pans
– safe stacking of plates

Main boiler in basement
Extra boiler for lots of hot water for rice, pasta etc

Cleaning kitchen: cooker / surfaces / washing up / drainer / bins, waste & compost / floor

See also How to Do People’s Kitchen