Side orders, sauces, breads, spreads, vegetables.

Dips & sandwich spreads

All gluten free (unless stated otherwise)

Bread / Pastry


Sandwiches or filled Rolls

Work in progress

  • Red lentil & mushroom pate with coleslaw & toasted or sprouted seeds
  • Cheetin’ ham, chicken, turkey
  • Cheezley (selection of varieties)
  • Smoked tofu with crispy lettuce & dairy-free mayonnaise
  • Cream cheese with red peppers, garlic and celery
  • Organic peanut butter, dairy-free coleslaw and bean-sprouts
  • Hummus, red onion and salad
  • Cheddar Cheezly, pickle, radishes and crispy lettuce
  • Hemp burger with cheezley & chutney
  • Alfalfa sprouts and hummus
  • Falafel with beet hummus, salsa & shredded cabbage
  • Cucumber, vegan yoghurt & watercress

  • Lentil & Carrot Pate sandwiches with salsa & lettuce
  • Broccamole & green salad sandwiches
  • Mexican wrap with adzuki beans, guacamole & corriander
  • Aubergine & sesame baba ganoush with fresh parsley in pitta bread
  • Humous with roasted vegetables on baguettes
  • Savory tofu, mushroom pate & fresh salad baps
  • Hemp burger bap with peppers and homemade mango chutney