Gas Safety Certificate

Certificate for Veggies Trailer


Certificate for ‘Monkey Trailer’

Certification for Veggies field kitchen boiler, oven & burner



David Bewin (07952 921913) does our gas safety certification.

David works independently out of the premises of Bingham Catering Trailers.

As well as doing the certification he can make good any fixtures and fittings that might be required. The certificate itself cost just £75, but this was a reduced cost as he also did remedial work and therefore didn’t have to check the fittings he himself had installed.

A catering trailer could either be taken to him at Bingham Catering Trailers, [map] or he can come out to you – he travels all over the uk in the event of a crisis.

The certificate specifies the equipment in place at the time of inspection, which is valid for a year. Any afterthoughts or added equipment would not be covered without an additional inspection.

The chandlers at Beeston Marina carry an extensive range of gas fittings and Eddie (c/o 0115 922 3168) does on site gas certification.

See also this advice on running catering trailers.

… and the detailed information sheet from the Health and Safety Executive: ‘Gas safety in catering and hospitality’