This a site plan shows various elements of a typical Veggies Catering pitch.

Remember though that Veggies is very flexible. We have 30 years of experience, setting up in all kinds of locations; indoors or outdoors; with full facilities provided or none.

Veggies Siteplan

This particular configuration fits in a 10m x 10m space, with possible additional parking required for the Ford Transit van (NG55WKR) for towing & stock storage. The van measures 6.5m x 2m x 2.7m high.

For some events we may also require camping space for the crew and possibly parking for a small transit minibus.

A larger pdf version is available here

We can set up in a Trailer (total frontage 5.7m x 3.3m depth, including 1m canopy):

Veggies Trailer

or the ‘Monkey Trailer’

Veggies small Catering Trailer

In a marquee:

Veggies Field Kitchen

In our 3m x 4.5m Gala Shade Pro-50 Gazebo

Gala Gazebo

In our Coleman Event Shelters
(3.65m x 3.65m or 4.5m x 4.5m)

Veggies Event Shelter


Veggies Indoors

West Midlands Vegan Festival

From the van:

Veggies Clowns

On the Streets:

Veggies on the streets

Veggies on the streets

On Foot:

Veggies on foot

Or as a cafe space in our 9m x 6m Food For A Future tent

Food For A Future Tent
(11m x 8m space including guy lines). Travels in Iveco Van T907 JJA

Stop press – the return of the original Veggies Catering Trailer from Clinton Street, Nottingham 1986 – 2002 and now at Sneinton Vegan Market & other local events.

Monkey Trailer

Known as the ‘Monkey Trailer’, it measures just 2.4m x 1.6m – ideal for tight spaces and can be towed by any driver with any vehicle.

Something Fishy Trailer

Another blast from the past, now returned from it’s residency in Manchester as ‘Something Fishy‘, this trailer measures 3.8m x 2m and is intended to be refitted to be loaned out to other fundraising & campaign groups.

Our best resource:

Veggies crew

Here’s how it can fit together

site plan

Glastonbury Festival Site plan

Our biggest set-up is at Glastonbury Festival

Here is a typical layout there:

site plan