The Sumac Centre

Veggies Crew Application

Hello from all of us here at Veggies HQ in Nottingham..

We have now settled in to our permanent home at Nottingham's Sumac Centre and are looking forward to many more years of vegan catering, campaigning and fund-raising. The past year has been the busiest yet, with plenty still to be done to complete the community and campaign resources at the Centre, for which we need to raise lotsa funds. We'd like to reconnect with people interested in coming to events with us and confirm where we can contact them.

Please take a look at the diary of our future events. The events which we will definitely be catering at are marked food by Veggies. The others are for your information and general support. Please note that this diary is updated regularly, and that more events will be added over the coming months.

If you live near the Sumac Centre in Nottingham, you might like to be involved with running other projects based there, including the social club/bar, the Sumac Cafe, the gardening project or the many other activities. See the special page about volunteering at the Sumac Centre.

We are particularly eager to recruit volunteers to help with these coming events:

Saturday 21st October - . - Anarchist Bookfair

Sunday 3rd December - . - Animal Aid's Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre

Saturday 9th December - . - East Midlands Vegan Festival

Advantages of joining Veggies Crew:

If you are interested in helping us at these events, or any of the others shown on the diary, please fill out this form:

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Telephone Number(s)
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Events of interest
Comments; experience; (none needed) availability; travel-ability; etc.