The Animal Rights Coalition is an informal network which exists to promote cooperation and to spread information between the various groups and individuals working throughout the UK to stop animal abuse.

New Website – Work in Progress

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Animal Rights Gatherings

Animal Rights Activist Weekend

The Animal Rights Activist Weekend (Spring Gathering) will be held on 1st-3rd March 2013 in Liverpool

Summer Gathering 2013

To be announced.
(The 2012 Animal Rights Summer Gathering was 10th-12th August, near Shrewsbury.

The website for the gatherings will be the same as previous years and will be updated with new info:

If you’re interested in helping to plan and organise the Spring and Summer Gatherings we have regular planning meetings. If you can’t make the meeting, but have some ideas or contributions to make to the gatherings, please let us know before the meeting. ARC planning meeting.

Any enquiries, email

See also information on grass roots campaigning at