Circus demo placards

Prepare your campaign

This kind of assumes you get enough notice…

  • CAPS looContact the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) – keep them informed of circus’ movements. They can send leaflets.

  • Look our for circus flyposting. Do not remove them before reading the advice included in the CAPS Guide to Organising a circus protest
  • Follow sources of info – eg check websites, ask supporters look for posters in local area. Start a month before they are expected.
  • Ask shops not to display posters or discount vouchers. Southend Animal Aid have produced a notice for shops to display stating policy not to display animal circus publicity.
  • Check the Animal Rights Calendar for projected circus tour dates. Feedback any further dates or details to
  • Make plans in meetings a couple of months before to do actions aimed at the venue to encourage possible cancellation.
  • Contact press: Local (as well as c/o CAPS) to have a media contact ‘on the ground’.
  • Order leaflets – preferably make sure some are in stock at the relevant time of year.
  • Check your leaflets – a few weeks before the time to make sure these are up to date.
  • Keep informed – tell fellow campaigners as soon as any news emerges.
  • Arrange a public screening of The Ugliest Show on Earth, by Animal Defenders, available on YouTube.
  • Organise outings (with appropriate press coverage – even if only ‘Letter to the Editor’) to NON-Animal Circuses (check the Animal Free Circus list from CAPS to avoid embarrassment!)


CAPS Circus flierOrder flyers from Captive Animals Protection Society (as shown).

Also try to produce some of your own, perhaps with info on your specific circus, with secure local contact details).


including some rigid ones (mounted on hardboard) for shield duty.

Click images to print or download A4 format PDF files, which you can enlarge to A2 or A3 on photocopier or at a high street printshop.

… include a placard stating RSPCA opposition to Animals in Circuses.

Other resources

    Circus tiger costume

  • Animal costume
  • Discount Vouchers for non-animal circus, if you are lucky enough to have one nearby at the same time (it happens!)
  • Hi-vis jackets (to encourage punters to stop to accept leaflets)
  • Camera, preferably video camera, but stills or mobile phone will do – (partly for visible security).
  • Loud hailer
  • Flasks of tea and coffee (to let circus staff see how sorted you are).

Further Reading

Animal Aid Circus Factsheet (pdf file)

Everything you need to know about the use of animals in circuses – Animal Defenders International (ADI)

Animals in Travelling Circuses: The Science on Suffering – pdf file from Animal Defenders International

Circuses and Performing Animals Welfare – Born Free Foundation

Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) Factsheets

PETA info for Primary kids and Secondary kids

Circus Animal Law & Campaigns – RSPCA

Tiger costume