Read these guidelines before filling out the submission form.

Stop Press: we are no longer able to add events directly from Facebook, but imply send the Facebook event link via our website contact form and we will import all the details from there.

If you have successfully submitted an event before click here, otherwise read on…

We have only just opened up our calendars for user submission so your feedback would be most useful. To let us know that you have submitted an event (as the system does not yet give us clear notification) please contact us.

Be as detailed and accurate as possible and check carefully before submitting.
If your entry requires too much editing it is possible it won’t be published.

  • Event Title: Obvious, really!
  • Event Description: What it says. Include any relevant links, eg to campaign websites.
  • Event Categories: Tick any that really apply. Do not just tick them all!
  • Event Image: Include one if possible – it really helps the event stand out.
  • Event Time and Date: Must be correct – check time & date; and check again!
    If you do not wish to show an end time, set it the same as the start.
    Sorry that it is not possible to show no time – consider marking it ‘all-day’ and explain more in the text.
  • Venue Details: A postcode is necessary for maps to work. The website should link to the venue’s own website, if it has one. If not, does it have a Facebook page?
  • Organiser Details: At least a Group Name & website is useful. If the organiser can be contacted via their website do not include phone number & email address here. All info in this section is publicly visible.
  • Event Website: Preferably the organiser’s actual event page URL, (otherwise a Facebook event link).
  • Twitter: Copy in the full URL for the event or organiser’s Twitter feed (not just the twitter name).
  • Facebook: Copy in the full URL for the Facebook Event (if additional to the Event Website) or the organiser’s Facebook Group.

This [add your event] link will open in a new tab, so that you can refer back to these guidelines.

Let us know that you have submitted an event – please contact us.