The Vegan Outreach Diary lists the increasing number of vegan events in the UK, from local social/campaign events to major Vegan Festivals. There is also a filtered diary just listing Vegan Festivals & Fairs.

Vegan Outreach Diary button Click logo for quick link to full Vegan Outreach Diary (including local meetings & events). You can also filter the listing to find events in a 25 or 50 mile radius, to find the optimum date to avoid clashes for your event.

You can submit your event directly to the Vegan Outreach Diary, or simply share you event with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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You should also submit your event to Vegfest UK Vegan Events Calendar.

The following groups also compile event listings:

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Vegan Events

Including local meetings & events – click here for just Vegan Festivals & Fairs

For more events visit the full Vegan Outreach Diary

See also news from Vegan Festival organisers on Twitter and Vegan Campaigning Contacts on the Networking Directory.

Want to organise a Vegan Festival?

The UK Vegan Festival circuit is very mutually supportive.

If you are interested in hosting an event in your town or city, contact organisers of events elsewhere to see whether they have plans for your area. If not ask whether they can offer advice or support for your proposal. Multiple-event organisers include VegFestUK, Vegan Events UK / Viva! and Farplace Animal Rescue.

For advice on running street stalls promoting veganism, free vegan food fairs and even starting a vegan cafe see the Vegan Campaigning Tactics booklet from London Vegan Campaigns new window icon (475k pdf – opens in new window).

Read the Students Against Animal Cruelty guide: How to organise a food fair or cruelty-free festival.

Britain’s first annual ‘National Vegan Festival‘ debuted in 1998, with over 1,000 attendees.  200 events are expected in 2018, some featuring up to 250 stalls in multiple venues, over several days, reaching 10,000 or more people.

Vegan Free Food Giveaways

Vegan Free Food Giveaway StallVegFund empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting outreach activities that inspire people to choose a vegan lifestyle. Since its inception in 2009 VegFund sponsored over 1,700 vegan outreach projects in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, UK, Australia, India, Africa, and South America. Check out their food sampling advice and video.

More Vegan Campaigning with Veggies Catering Campaign.

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We encourage event organisers to include a link from their websites to support and promote similar events beyond their own area.

Please add a link on your website, along the lines of:

“Find vegan events all over the UK on the Vegan Outreach Diary