Veggies Food is HereThank you for visiting Veggies Diary. This is a quick list of events with Food By Veggies. Many more events and full details are shown on our networking diary . More Veggies news and events may be found on Veggies Catering Facebook Page.

During the covid-19 era, many of our events are cancelled, with a critical effect on our campaigning, vegan outreach and funding. You can help to sustain us, and create the Veggies experience at home, buy buying Veggies Burger Mixes available from many good shops and online stores.

We need to raise £300 each week to keep campaigning! For over 30 years Veggies has supported hundreds of campaigns at thousands of events, but we can only do it with your support. Please click here to donate.

Veggies 2020 Tour Dates

Veggies Events

For more events visit our Networking Diary.

Also here’s a map of some of our events (work in progress)


We also have an archive of events from 1985 – 2004 & beyond.