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Subject to campaign & catering commitments, we hope to maintain an archive of past events that we have been involved with, including independent reports, campaign links and pictures (where available). Apologies in advance if we do not have sufficient time to make it the best looking site you’ll see; we are determined not to get lost in cyber-space – our main role is out on the streets. You may be able to help by joining our crew, sending reports, or getting involved at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre where we are based.

Calling all Veggies Volunteers
If you have been involved with Veggies at at time since 1984, (and who hasn’t?), your help is needed. We have only just started building this archive, which will grow into a historic diary of the frontline struggle for social change in the UK. Please send your recollections of past events, or reports of ongoing activities that you might clip from emails or other websites. Email us at; or write to Veggies at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX. Photos would be particularly welcomed, which we will scan onto the site, and immediately return. If anyone has a digital camera, why not become our ‘staff photographer’ at any of the forthcoming events shown on the diary.

Veggies co-ordinate the national Animal Rights Calendar, with details of campaign events throughout the UK. We provide catering to activists at many demos & pickets. We also attend many other events to promote vegan diet and to raise campaign funds.

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1985 … 1985 … 1985!

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Diary of Adrian Molesworth

Way back in 1985, one of Veggies earliest adventures was in support of the campaign to keep U.S. nuclear cruise missiles out of USAF Molesworth. Relive the campaign in 2000.

1992 … 1992 … 1992

Boots Action Nottingham

National Demonstration against Boots the Vivisectors.
At midday on Saturday 7th November 1992, 1000 Animal Rights campaigners converged on Nottingham City Centre to protest against the animal experiments carried out by the City’s largest employer – The Boots Company PLC. This protest came 10 years after an earlier demonstration had been held in their home town – following the 1982 rescue of 13 beagles from their Thurgarton research / breeding facilities.

1996 … 1996 … 1996

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Saturday 1st June : Uncaged Rally

14th July : M41 Reclaim the Streets. After a cat-and-mouse game with the police, 6,000 protestors take over part of the elevated motorway. Many sound-systems play. Hidden underneath dancers walking on stilts and wearing huge, wire-supported dresses, environmental activists drill holes in the tarmac and plant trees. Wikipedia.

1997 … 1997 … 1997

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Saturday 7th June : Uncaged Rally

1998 … 1998 … 1998

[ most recent dates ] [ top ]

Saturday 4th April : Campaign Against the Arms Trade Demo, London.

Saturday 25th April : Cambridge RST / World Day Rally

7th-8th May : Zapatista Challenge.

Saturday 16th May : Global Street Party – Birmingham
Veggies travelled to Birmingham to take part in this day of protest against the G8 Summit. The most powerful leaders of the world heard we were coming and ran away to a meeting place in the countryside.

[Read All About It Here]
Sunday 22nd May : Forest of Dean Dog Walk.

Sunday 31st May : Sheffield Greenpeace Fair.

Saturday 6th June : Uncaged Rally with Andrew, Evie, Pat, Rob; Tony, David Lane.

Sunday 7th June : VegFest with Andrew, Evie, Mivanwy, Pat, Ronny, Steve; David & Nancy, Francis.

Saturday 8th August : Animals Betrayed Coalition : March in London to draw attention to New Labour’s broken promises on animal rights, from Kennington Park, (Oval), followed by benefit gig.

Saturday 5th September : Animal Rights Protest – Loughborough

Saturday 5th December : Amnesty / Oxfam Fundraiser

1999 … 1999 … 1999

Full details of the 1999 tour to be added – anyone wanna job?

June : Saturday 12th : The Big Green Do 99

Friday 18 June : Carnival Against Capitalism (J18).
A global day of action to coincide with the 25th G8 summit in Cologne, Germany. In London protesters met at Liverpool Street train station, where Food Not Bombs and Veggies gave out free food and a samba band played. Carnival masks were distributed in four different colours and five processions set off in different directions towards the financial district.

July : Saturday 18th : Stop The Crop – Wattlington GM Foods protest

September : Saturday 18th : Reclaim The Street returns to Nottingham

Friday December 31st : Veggies Millenium Tour
* Millenium Vegetarian Pledge, organised by the Young Indian Vegetarians, in Hyde Park.
* vigils outside Glaxo Laboratory, near Stevenage and …
* overnight at Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire.

Full details of the 1999 tour to be added – anyone wanna job?
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2000 … 2000 … 2000

This is the edited listing of events in 2000.
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Sunday 16th : Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs demo.

18th – 19th : Smash Genetix Trial … more …

Sunday 30th : Jill Phipps Anniversary Vigil. Demo against live exports, Yorkshire. … more …


Saturday 5th : Demo at Focus Do It All, at Perry Rd, Nottingham, by Nottingham Animal Rights & Rainbow/Veggies crew in support of Animal Aid campaign against pet sales by this DIY chain. Featured on Central TV News.

Saturday 12th : Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. National Demo in Cambridge.
Quote: “A wonderful sight in Cambridge on Saturday – in the middle of all the mayhem – the Veggies’ Food sign! well done!”
[Justice & Freedom for Animals]

Saturday 12th : Clarion Choir – Evening Cabaret at Sherwood Bus Depot.

Tuesday 22nd : Support the Nestle 16 at Halifax Magistrates Court … more …

Saturday 26th : Close Down Harlan Hell . National demo against vivisection. Loughborough.

Sunday 27th : Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs – (breeders for vivisection). Newchurch Village

Tuesday 29th : Notts Green Network Annual Meeting.

March 2000

All month – . – Animal Aid Veggie Month

Shamrock Farm To Close! … more …

Sat 4th : Menwith Hill (US Spy base) : CND Demo

Saturday 4th : Friendly picket of Tarmac truck drivers in support of the campaign to protect Nottingham’s Bestwood Park.

Sunday 5th : Bantam & Kingman Anti-viviection Demo, nr Hull.

Saturday 18th : Africa Jam at Nottm University, with Evi, Stuart, John & Becky. Fundraising for to Oxfam’s “Cut The Conflict” campaign.

Monday 20th : Covance Laboratories, Harrogate.

Tuesday 21st : One World Day at Nottingham University. Nottm Veg&Vegan Soc, Rainbow Centre, Veggies etc.

Saturday 25th : Benefit for Oxfam Mozambique appeal with Clarion Choir at Sherwood Bus Depot.

Sunday 26th : Bantam & Kingman Anti-viviection Demo, nr Hull.

April 2000

Saturday 1st : Harlan UK. National demo against vivisection. Leicestershire.

Sunday 2nd : Vegan Children’s Celebration Party. Stanford Hall, Loughboro.

Saturday 8th : Beagle Day. Parkers Piece, Cambridge – Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

Sunday 8th : Protest to Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs.

Friday 14th : Food Initiatives Group . Launch of network of groups concerned with sustainable, local, organic food production, health & environment initiatives in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

Saturday 15th : National Anti-Vivisection Society World Day for Lab Animals march. Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, London.

Saturday 22nd : Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty : World Day for Lab Animals Demo at (& inside) the research centre gates. [report]

<b Monday 24th : World Day for Laboratory Animals : Picket of Covance Laboratories, Harrogate.</b

Tueday 25th : Seattle:N30. Video show & exclusive on-the-spot feedback.

Sat 29th : World Day for Lab Animals demo to Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs. Burton on Trent & after at Guinea Pig Farm.

Saturday 29th : May Day cabaret with Clarion Choir, Lord Biro & much more at Sherwood Bus Depot. Fundraising for Jubilee 2000 Debt relief fund.

Sunday 30th : ‘A30’ : Protest against the Terrorism Bill

May 2000

Monday 1st : Nottingham May Day 2000 / Nottingham Carnival Against Capitalism
March from forest at Noon, to Rally in Market Square.

Monday 1st : ‘M1’ Protest Against Capitalism. London.
> Free Burger Give-away at McDonalds on the Strand
> Guerilla Gardening with RTS . Parliament Square … more …

Thursday 4th : Campaign Against the Arms Trade . Picket at Heckler & Kock Arms Factory, Queens Drive, Nottm. 6.30am and 3.30pm.
ALSO – : – Trip to British Aerospace AGM in London – : – Full details.

Saturday 6th : Bantin And Kingman . National March & Rally against vivisection at Cenotaph opposite Railway station in Hull

Friday 12th : Fundraising Gig at Sherwood Bus Depot, with DJ Earthpipe / Sweet Potato Sound System; Boot Hill Toe Tappers; and Sam & James (from Diddly Squatters) … more …

Sat 13th : Harlan Demo, in Loughboro, against animal breeding for vivisection.

Sun 14th : Fur Trade Week of Action. Demo at Onneley Fur Farm, Staffordshire.

Sat 21st : Lucia Karpesea-Jones’ “Naming Day”

Saturday 27th : Demo at 11am at St Peters Gate, Nottm against Council restrictions on free speech / campaign / leafletting / fundraising street stalls.

27th & 28th : the more than musik festival. Two days of music & info for action at Queens Walk Community Centre. Fundraising benefit for Nottingham Rape Crisis and The Rainbow Centre.

Mon 29th : Kingston Green Fair. 11am – 9pm. Veggies Food.

June 2000

Sat 10th : “Taking Control” Gathering, Birmingham – Radical Routes and others.
We appologise to all those left disappointed by the lack of Veggies Food due to theft/damage of Veggies Minibus and breakdown of replacement vehicle.

Sat 10th : Big Green Do. Networking for green groups, info for action and skills sharing at Wollaton Hall, Nottingham.

Sat 10th : Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs
Noon at services on M1:J26/25 southbound, or M42/A5 (Junction10).

Thursday 15th : Sweet Potato / Love Grocer gig, featuring Zion Train Brass section, with DJ Earthpipe, at The Maze, 270 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham.

Saturday 17th : Critical Mass Bike Ride. Market Square, Nottingham.

Saturday 17th : Huntingdon Campaign. National Demo at Wooley Road, Alconbury

Mon 19th : McLibel : Anniversary of 1997 High Court Victory.

23rd – 25th : Glastonbury Festival . Veggies Food – 24hrs daily in the Green Futures Fields from Wednesday to Monday!

July 2000

1st-2nd : Winchester Hat Fair, Hampshire. Free Festival of Street Theatre. Saturday Evening ‘Street Continental’ party and Sunday ‘Picnic in the Park’.

Saturday 8th : Fylingdales – National / Yorkshire CND Demo

Saturday 8th : Insurrection 2000: Organisation and Disorganisation – Nottingham

Saturday 15th : Sneinton Festival . 1000 years of Sneinton People.

Saturday 15th : Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs demo.

Sat/Sun 22nd/23rd : Goddess Camp, Nottingham. Women’s Environment Network & others.

Sunday 23rd : Freshfield Animal Rescue Open Day . Ince-Blundell, nr Liverpool.

26th – 30th : Big Green Millenium Gathering, on the Wiltshire Downs

28th – Aug 2nd : War Resisters International conference . 4 days in Oxfordshire.

Sat 29th : Huntingdon Campaign. National Demo at the labs.

August 2000

Sat 5th : National Demo against Live Exports in Cheltenham.
Followed by demo at Gilders. Also demo in Hull against Bantin and Kingman – breeders for vivisection.

Thurs 10th – Tues 15th : Northern Green Gathering

Saturday 19th : Cambridge in August : Day of action for social justice … more …

September 2000

Saturday 2nd : Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs

Sunday 3rd : Nottingham Green Festival

8th – 10th : Energy 2000 . Western Park, Leicester.
Veggies food and Rainbow Free Info Exchange, together with Nottingham EcoWorks solar tea-trailer.

Saturday 9th : Harlan Campaign. National March in Leicester.
“Just a quick thankyou – I’m one of the 10 arrested at Loughborough on Saturday. We really appreciated the food you sent in for us – it was brilliant of you – thanks from everybody.”
email received 11 Sep 2000

Sunday 17th : Vegan Food and Drink Festival, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London.

26th – 28th : Prague 2000 – Mobilisation Against Economic Globalisation

October 2000

Saturday 7th : National pheasant shooting day of action against John Lewis’s shooting days out.

Friday 13th : Oh No! More Roads day of action in London – a show of strength to stop the latest road building madness.

Saturday 14th : 19th Annual Anarchist Book Fayre

Mon 16th : McDonalds Campaign . Worldwide day of action . Everywhere.

Wed 18th : Veggies 16th Anniversary.
Oops, no party this time … but thanks to everyone for buying us a new activist centre as a birthday present!!

Tuesday 31st : pre-World Vegan Day party
Halloween at the Maze – Benefit Night for the New Rainbow Social and Activist Centre, with Dub Seeker Alliances, Skint Like Jesus and Chunk (on Da Decks)


Saturday 4th : Huntingdon Demo at the Labs. feedback reports

Tuesday 7th : Congratulations to Moira and Karl on the birth of baby Moira!

Saturday 11th – Permaculture Event . Chase Community Centre
Slides and Info on sustainable linging all around the world, and all around the UK.

Sunday 12th – Bantin and Kingman Campaign – National Demo

Monday 20th – Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs Campaign
Picket of Nottingham-based accountants of the notorious vivisection breeders.

Sunday 26th – Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs at Darley Oaks farm, Newchurch.

Wednesday 29th – Benefit Gig for New Rainbow Centre.
Blues Basement plus Tightrope at the Horse and Groom, Radford Road.

December 2000

Fri 1st/Sat 2nd December – One World Christmas Fair . Congregational Centre, Nottingham

Fri 1st + Sat 2nd : Focus Do-All
Animal Aid Day of Action against DIY chain re sale of animals on theme of ‘Don’t Buy Animals for Christmas’.

Saturday 2nd : Clarion Choir Benefit Gig
For Refugees and Asylum seekers, at Sherwood Bus Depot community centre.

Saturday 2nd : Benefit Punk Night.
At the Old General, Radford Road. With External Menace, Pastime, Egg Raid, Cotton Weary, DJ Little Dub. Record and t-shirt stall, raffle and more…

Click here for … more … detailed reports, links and contact info for events in 2000.

2001 … 2001 … 2001

This is the edited listing of events in 2001.
Click here for … more … detailed reports, links and contact info.


Saturday 27th + Sunday 28th – – Sherwood Depot Launch
Weekend of activitist to launch The Place, the Sherwood Depot Activity Centre at 2a Melrose Place, Sherwood. Arts, Environment, music, guest artists.


Sunday 4th – Jill Phipps Memorial Vigil
Noon in the Main street of Fridaythorpe, on the A166 York to Bridlington Road.

Sunday 11th – Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty . National Demonstration.

Sunday 25th – Save the Newchuch Guinea Pigs
National demo at breeders for vivisection at Darley Oaks, Newchurch, Burton-on-Trent


Saturday 3rd – Direct Action against NF March
All day at Nottingham Prison, Sherwood, Nottingham – Direct Action against the Fascist march.

Tuesday 20th – GATT Demo Nottingham
Forty plus people today demonstrated outside the local DTI office in Nottingham against Gatt (General Agreement on Trade in Services).

At around 11.30 am today, forty plus people from People and Planet, World Development Movement and local anti-capitalists, protested outside the Nottingham offices of the DTI, against the proposed new trade agreement GATT. There was a tug of war between fat cats and government on one side and poor people, teachers, hospital workers on the other. The lobby was entered and some protesters were granted a meeting with the local government representatives. GATT will mean that water, healthcare, education and energy production worldwide will end up under the control of big buisiness, which will mean if you can’t afford it then you can’t get it.

Report by Karl from
For more onfo on GATT check out and
Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th – Green Party National Conference . Chesterfield.

Saturday 24th March – The FINAL DAY at Mansfield Road, the activist centre of Nottingham since 1985.

Saturday 24th – Nottingham CND Fundraiser
‘The Place’, Melrose Street, Sherwood.

Saturday 31st – Rally Against Vivisection
Nottingham Rally, moved at last minute to Leicester and Loughborough – sorry ’bout that.

Saturday 31st – Sixty’s Soul and Motown Disco
Fundraiser for the New Rainbow Centre at ‘The Place’, the Sherwood Depot Activity Centre. Thanks to DJ Merrick.

APRIL 2001

Saturday 14th – Harlan Demo against breeders for vivisection.

Saturday 21st – Huntingdon Life Sciences : World Day for Animals in Laboratories : Demo report
Saturday 21st – Anti-Fascist Action
The national front planned to have a march in Leicester. People in Leicester planned to stop them …

Sunday 22nd – Justice for Mark Barnsley.
National Noise Demo in support of framed anarchist prisoner Mark Barnsley, with noisy things, drums, whistles, cooking pots, foghorns banners, flags, and all your mates. See website

Saturday 28th – Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs : Demo report from Derby City Centre.

28th – 29th – Radical Routes Gathering.
Rainbow Centre hope to join this network of co-op groups promoting alternative ways of working & living.


MAY 2001

Tuesday 1st – Mayday
Click here to hear some groovy sounds from Rhythms of Resistance
(You will need a player to listen to this MPEG – your computer will probably have one pre-installed – if not then download a free one here)Saturday 5th – May Day Carnival 2001
March and Rally to celebrate community resistance and workers solidarity.
Assemble Forest 11am – March 12 noon. Party in the Square 1pm onwards with stalls, banners, sound systems, friends, fun and food by Veggies.Saturday 5th – May Day Benefit / Social at The Place, Sherwood Depot Activity CentreSaturday 19th – Party In The Park
Charnwood Arts event in LoughboroughMonday 28th – Maidstone Green Fair . Mote Park, MaidstoneClick here for further details and map.

JUNE 2001

Saturday 2nd – Vegetarian Food FestivalPart of Animal Aid’s South West Festival of Vegetarianism at St Georges Hall, Market Street, Exeter, with “delicious (and cheap!) food from the famed Veggies of Nottingham”Thurs 7th – “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”Free picnic in Manchester as part of the antidote to Election Day.”A series of actions on election day aim to show the world we want which they can’t provide, on the one day where there is no government. We want to fill this twillight zone with political theatre (a state funeral), a noise demo and autonomous actions throughout the day. It’s aimed as an antidote to MayDay and to centralism: long live the North! Loads of different groups have come together and it’s looking really good. The plan is to find innovative ways to avoid large scale confrontations, hence the focus on creativity, theatre and the need for FOOD as proof of our positive tasty alternatives.”Saturday 9th – Harlan Campaign Demo.Saturday 9th + Sunday 10th – Festival 2001
Headstone Manor Ground, Pinner View, North Harrow, Middlesex. Food by Veggies.Sunday 10th – Pope / Punx Picnic in Nottingham with food by Rainbow’s Cafe CollectiveTuesday 19th – McLibel: Anniversary of 1997 High Court Victory!
Local campaigning . Leaflets from Adopt-A-Store Network, c/o Veggies on 0845 458 9595Thurs 21st – Sorry we couldn’t make it to cater at Stonehenge, due to the iminent completion of purchase of our new premises.Saturday 23rd – Covance Campaign in Harrogate.Thanks to Merrick and Alan & Cathy for helping with Veggies food, whilst we were also busy at the Hultingdon evet.Saturday 23rd – Huntingdon Campaign National March & RallyParkers Piece, Cambridge at Noon. Bands, speakers, stalls including VIVA!, PETA, Animal Aid, Newchurch, Veggies Food. SHAC:0845 458 0630Demo report from Cambridge City Centre . Video report from www.animalrightsonline.orgTuesday 26th – Party against Peat CuttingHatfield Moor nr DoncasterSATURDAY 30th JUNE . Moving~ON Completion of the purchase of New Premises, a permanent base for all those concerned for people, animals and the environment!Moving-On Benefit Party – thanks to dj-Merrick. Launch of Benefit cd. available from website or via Julian Cope . £5 direct; £6 online; £8 max

Click here for … more … detailed reports, links and contact info for events in 2001.

2002 … 2002 … 2002

[ Top ]This is the edited listing of events in 2002.
Click here for … more … detailed reports, links and contact info.


Saturday 12th – . – Save The Newchurch Guinea PigsNational Demo. Noon at Lichfield Town Centre and after at the farm.Sunday 13th – . – Animal Rights Coalition MeetingHeld at Veggies’ Sumac Centre, for all campaigning groups and individuals. Notes from the meetingSat/Sunday 26th/27th – – Earth First! Winter MootWeekend gathering at MERCi Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative, for campaigning groups and individuals. Catering by Anarchist TeaPot (& Veggies Cake!).


Saturday 2nd – . – Jill Phipps Memorial Rally at Darly Oaks farm, Newchurch.

150 people turned up at Darley Oaks Farm at noon on Saturday. From the outset the atmosphere was electric and the draconian section 14 cordon was immediately ignored and covered in posters! Nobody was prepared to take any more from the police and people were all over the A515 and the blood-stained driveway. The noise was also unprecedented; sirens and drums, screaming and shouting pounding out all day. There were impassioned speeches from campaigners describing the vile conditions in the sheds, the sorry and corrupt state of the pharmaceutical industry and the urgent need to get this hell hole closed before more animals die.

Full demo report.Saturday 9th – . – Live Exports – Never AgainMarch from Hyde Park to Compassion in World Farming rally at Trafalgar Square

Thanks to the thousands of people who supported our March and Rally against the live export trade on Saturday, 9th February. The March, led by Joanna Lumley and Gwyn Prosser MP, made a real impact as we followed a lively samba band from Hyde Park (Marble Arch) to Trafalgar Square.

Supporters came from all over the country – Devon, Wales, Cambridge, Birmingham, Coventry – even Scotland. At Trafalgar Square, rousing speeches were given by Joyce D’Silva, Peter Stevenson and Richard Hardy from CIWF (Richard’s from our Irish branch) and also from Gwyn Prosser MP, Tracy Sortwell, representing the Womens’ Institute, Peter Kindersley, the well-known organic farmer and Joanna Lumley, who made a passionate plea for us not to be afraid of expressing our feelings for the animals, who have feelings too. After the Rally, the speakers all signed a letter which was handed in to Mr Blair at Downing Street calling on the Government to abandon the live export trade. A huge thank you to everyone who supported the March and Rally and made it such a brilliant event Report from 9th – . – Red Roses CabaretFeaturing: Clarion Choir, Whoosh, Mark Strawbidge, The Ragged Ramblers and other local performers at The Place, Sherwood Depot Activity Centre. Food from Veggies, raising funds for Oxfam Afghanistan AppealFriday 15th – . – Animal Charity Benefit NightIn memory of Jill Phipps and hunt sab Mike Hill. With Foundnation, Pirana and Twisted at ‘Platform 5’, Coventry. Food from Veggies, raising funds for Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuaries.Saturday 16th – . – Stop Huntingdon Animal CrueltyRally and demonstration in Huntingdon and at the gates of HLS. Full report here

Saturday 16th – . – Movement for Compassionate LivingMembers meeting at MERCi Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative.Saturday 23rd – . – End factory farming – before it ends usRally and march against factory farming in Stratford-upon-Avon, and after Bickmarsh Hall pig farm, near Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire [map].Tony Wardle addresses Stratford rally Stratford rally Bickmarsh HallFor details of Viva’s campaign against factory farming, including shocking pictures from Rynehill Pig Farm, see


All month – . – Veggie Month CampaigningSunday 3rd – Childline Fundraiser . Catering by VeggiesSaturday 9th – . – Last Chance Rally to oppose Genetic Engineering, at Stratford Upon Avon Town Hall.Around 200 people attended the national rally in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire opposing the growing of Genetically Modified crops, with information stalls and displays; Speakers including Dr. John Latham (genetic scientist), Becky Price (GeneWatch), Helena Paul (Econexus), Local Food Roadshow slide show and talk. Veggies provided organic and wholefood catering. Speakers addressed the rally prior to it visiting a GM farm-scale trial near the village of Long Marston.Full demo report.Wednesday 20th – – Veggie Pledge Month – Feed-A-Friend EveningVegetarian Tasting; Free Recipies ideas; Cookery Videos; Books and Magazines; Help and advice from friendly veggies and exhibitors at V1 Vegetarian Fast Foods, Hounds Gate, Nottingham.MARCH : Monday 25th – Thurday 28th – Protest against Peat CuttingEaster blockade 2002! 4 days of direct action at the Scotts Peat works, Hatfield Moor, near Doncaster. Base Camp LocationThorne and Hatfield Moors are the largest remaining lowland peat habitats in England. But this is not enough to stop them being ravaged by US multinational Scotts, extracting millions of tons of peat to sell to garden centres and farmers around the country. We want to stop the destruction. Resistance in the area has been increasing throughout 2001, but we’re not going to stop until we’ve saved the moor.More details at Peat Alert or phone 0778 778 2259 or c/o 0845 458 9595 (Nottingham)Saturday 30th – Bestwood Tree-planting . BBQ by VeggiesSunday 31st – Animal Rights Coalition Meeting at Veggies’ Sumac Centre, for all campaigning groups and individuals – Missed it??? Next meeting – May 26th.

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2003 … 2003 … 2003

[ Top ]This is the edited listing of events in 2003.
Click here for … more … detailed reports, links and contact info.


Friday 17th – Sunday 19th : Genetix Campaign Gathering at MERCiDiY Catering by Northern Catering Collective co-ordinated by Veggies.


Saturday 1st : Rememberance of Jill Phipps – Dover RallyFood and Travel from Nottingham with Veggies.Friday 7th – Sunday 9th : Earth First! Winter Moot 2003The annual networking gathering to discuss UK-based ecological direct action; strategy, tactics, campaigns and actions, held in Nottingham. DiY Catering by Northern Catering Collective to co-ordinated by Veggies and the Sumac Cafe.Saturday 15th : Don’t Attack Iraq! National March against WarCoaches from Nottingham for a march to Hyde Park for a rally. Food from Veggies on 20 of the Nottingham Coaches!Sun 16th : Where Do We Go From HereSpecial Animal Rights Coalition meeting to discuss the future of animal rights campaigning in the UK. Held at Veggies’ Sumac Centre with Food by Veggies.


Saturday 8th March : Nottingham Marches Against WarDespite the wet & windy weather Veggies turn out for probably the biggest protest seen in Nottingham since the days of the Miners Strike.Saturday 15th : Chetwynd Barracks – March and PicketChetwynd Barracks, at Chilwell, near Nottingham, is the national mobilisation centre where the TA and reservistsare being trained, equipped and receiving medical treatment and innoculations prior to being sent to the Gulf. It has already been the focus of several local actions, and this rally in Beeston Square followed by a march to the Barracks for a picket, with Food By Veggies!

Fridy 21st : Sumac Centre Social Club – Opening Night!Saturday 22nd : Foil The BasePeaceful, Creative Direct Action Against Menwith Hill, the largest US spybase in the world; operating as US sovereign terrortory (sic) and playing a crucial role in the war on Iraq and a key element in the expansion of the ‘Star Wars’ project. Food by Veggies.


Saturday 5th : Independent Judicial Inquiry Into VivisectionRally of the grass-roots with scientific anti-vivisection speakers at BBC TV Studios, Wood Lane, London and later at J.I. Campaign Anti-Vivisection Media Conference at Conway Hall, with food be Veggies

Saturday 5th : Sumac Centre Social Club – The Big Opening!The Sumac Bar is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 6.30pm – 11pm and Sundays 12noon – 5pm. The bar is for members only, but membership is easy and guests are very welcome. Have you got YOUR membership yet. For details call us on 0845 458 9595.
Saturday 19th : National SHAC Demo for Animals in LaboratoriesAfterwards Heather said: “It was a big turnout and we were pleased with it. There were a lot of new people and a lot of youngsters who give us hope for the future. This annual demonstration is important because it gathers everyone together against HLS and recruits new people for our cause” . Food by Veggies plus soup and hot meals from Vee, ‘North West Veggies’.Friday 25th – Sunday 27th : Radical Routes Gathering

Quarterly gathering of the network of co-operative groups promoting alternative ways of working & living. Hosted in Nottingham by the Sumac Centre and Neds Housing Co-op, with food co-ordinated by Veggies Catering Campaign and the Sumac Cafe.


Thursday 1st : Nottingham Friends of the Iraqi People

Nottingham launch with speakers including Jo Wilding, Voices in the Wilderness, giving an eyewitness account of the war; May Al-Daftari, Medical Aid for Iraqi Children and others representing Medecins Sans Frontieres, Christian Aid, CAFOD, and other relief agencies. Food by Veggies.

Sunday 11th : Reverend Billy’s Sunday Service

The possibly insane but indisputably sublime Reverend Billy brought his war on consumerism from New York city to Nottingham. Mixing art with activism, and activism with entertainment the Reverend performed one of his comic ‘services’ at Broadway, appropriately enough, since the building was originally a chapel.

During the service, Reverend Billy conferred ‘sainthood’ in the Church of No Shopping on Veggies’ Co-operative. Read all about Rev Billy at the Nottm Chapel of Stop Shopping

Saturday 17th : Kathleen Jannaway Memorial Meeting

See Veggies / Sumac tribute message and Kathleen Jannaway 1915-2003: A Life Well Lived by Harry Mather & Malcolm Horne, Vegan Views Spring 2003

Saturday 17th : JI Campaign Welcomes Dr. Andre Menache

Public meeting with Dr.Andre Menache, Vice President of Pro-Anima (France), contributing to a positive strategy against all animal experimentation. Catering by Veggies.

Sunday 25th : Redbridge Green Fair

The Redbridge Green Fair is a free event, with 8000 people and food by Veggies at Melbourne Field, Valentines Park, near Ilford, North London.

Monday 26th : Kingston Green Fair

This near-annual bank holiday event at Canbury Gardens, Kingston includes about 100 stalls of environmental interest, with music, workshops, dance and food by Veggies.

Thursday 29th : Justice for Mark Barnsley

A talk by Mark Barnsley at the Sumac Centre:
“I have spent over 8 years behind bars, all of it in high or maximum security prisons, having had my life destroyed, and being punished further still for protesting my innocence. All this because I was not prepared to allow myself to be killed by a bunch of middle-class louts.”
Find out more about the case at


Saturday 7th : War and Peace Teach In

This is a Teach-In, at Newton Building, Nottingham Tent University, looked at the causes and consequences of the war against Iraq and the subsequent occupation, and asked where we go from here. Food was provided by Veggies.

Saturday 14th : Vegetarian Festival

Awards, speakers, stalls and music at the Bharatiya Bhavan Indian Centre, Mill Rd, Cambridge, with food by Veggies. Organised by Young Indian Vegetarians

Saturday 21st : Sheffield Peace Gathering

Devonshire Green, Sheffield. Music, Stalls and Food by Veggies.

Wed 25th – Sun 29th : Glastonbury Festival

Veggies Food – 24hours daily in Green Futures Field.


Friday 4th : The Gatecrasher’s Ball at Menwith Hill

On Friday 4 July, as millions of Americans celebrated ‘Independence Day’, thousands of citizens across the UK held their own parties at US military bases as part of ‘Independence from America Day‘.
One of the main events was the ‘Gatecrashers Ball’ held at the US’s Menwith Hill Spy Base, near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, and hosted by the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB). Food was provided by Veggies.

Saturday 5th : Nottm & Notts Refugee Forum Day Conference

‘A Borderless World? Local and Global Perspectives on Asylum’

Taking as its starting point the practical work currently being undertaken to support asylum seekers in Nottingham, this conference explored some of the local and global issues around asylum. The conference offered an opportunity for people involved in asylum support – as workers, volunteers, asylum rights / anti-deportation campaigners or as refugees and asylum seekers – to discuss their views on the global and local contexts of asylum. Veggies food.

Friday 11th – Sunday 13th : Goddess Camp

3 days in Bestwood Park with Food by Veggies.

Saturday 12th : Green Dragon Fair

Environmental Fun-Day at Green Dragon School, North Road, Brentford, Middlesex with Veggies Food!

Sunday 20th : Freshfields Animal Rescue

Sanctuary open day at Ince Blundell, Liverpool with fun dog show, Kids stuff and Veggies Food . Website:

Sunday 20th : Summer of Dub

Free Party in the Arboretum, Nottingham with music, stalls, sideshows, campaign groups, kids stuff and Veggies Food . Organised by Sweet Potato:

Wed 30th July – Mon 4th August : Big Green Gathering

The Big Green Gathering is a festival of Green Awareness, Green Ideas, and Green Campaigning, bringing together over 7,000 environmental activists, campaigners and supporters on the Mendip Hills, near Cheddar, completely powered by wind, solar, pedal power, and food by Veggies in the independent campaigns area!


Sat 2nd to Sat 16th : Vegan Camp

A camp for vegans, or those willing to be vegan for 2 weeks, or a day or two, at Lyme Regis, Dorset, with occasional food by Veggies

Thursday 7th : Sumac Centre Annual Meeting

The annual review of Sumac’s progress to date and future plans.

Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th : Earth First! Summer Gathering

The gathering is a practical example of non-hierarchical low-impact living in action. Food by the Anarchist Teapot Action Kitchen cake by Veggies in the chilled space of Cath’s Caff on a beautiful site near Ripon, with 40 acres of meadows, ponds and woodland, a conservation site and focus for local wildlife projects.

Sunday 17th : Woodside Animal Centre

Open day and fundraiser for animal rescue with Dog Show, Classic Car Show, Dog Agility Competition, children’s entertainment, stalls and Veggies Food!

30th – 6th Sept : Vegan Summer Gathering

“There were a few evening meetings – the one I found most interesting was when Andrew Martin spoke about the new Veggies Centre in Nottingham, where he works.”


Saturday 6th : Sumac Visioning Meeting

A gathering of all Sumac Supporters for an in depth brainstorm and workshops on Sumac’s future plans.

Sun 7th : Nottingham Green Festival

Featuring many campaign groups, stalls, music and Veggies Food.

9th – 12th : Stop The Arms Fair

DSEi, the “Defence Systems and Equipment” international arms sales exhibition and conference, one of the world’s biggest ever trade fairs for guns, bombs, military planes, small arms, mines and tanks took place in the Excel centre in London’s Docklands. A week long festival of action, protest and resistance took place, with food by Veggies – on the streets!

Saturday 13th : The Big Day Out

A mini-free-festival in the Old Market Square, Nottingham with poetry, live performance, stalls, drumming workshops and DJ’s, Capoeira demonstrations, instillation art, poetry, street performances and food by Veggies, marking European Car-Free Day and bringing together bus, train, tram, taxi, cycling and walking.

Sunday 14th : 6th National Vegan Festival

The best vegan food and drink around, campaigning groups, speakers and music, with more besides, sponsored by Veggies.

Sunday 21st : Sumac Workshop Day

A bunch of keen volunteers turned up to help demolish a dangerous length of garden wall and begin repainting the fire escape. It was a beautiful day and we got lots done, with a large hole in the wall and red oxide paint patches on the fire escape as evidence of our hard work! Many thanks must go to all who slaved away in the (almost) Mediterranean heat, especially welcome new faces, Nel (plus friend Alex who unwittingly became a “guest” volunteer!) and Zoë. Now we’ll need on-going help in erecting a temporary fence and rebuilding the wall, as well as completing the painting of the fire escape. See pictures from the Work Day at


Saturday 27th : National Stop The War Coalition Demonstration

26th-28th Sept : Grassroots Anti-War Conference

The Justice Not Vengeance Network organised the grassroots anti-war conference for activists to discuss, debate, and share skills, experience and ideas, with food by Veggies (on the Sunday).Veggies Against War:

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