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Veggies has been at Glastonbury since (about) 1987!

Veggies Glastonbury cartoonVeggies Catering Campaign will cater at Glastonbury Festival from 9am Wednesday to 6pm Monday, in the Green Futures Field, at the opposite end of the site from the Pyramid Stage, towards the ‘Stone Circle’.

Our Menu will feature Veggies Burgers, samosa & bhajis, fresh baked pasties, fresh cakes (hand-made on site from mostly organic ingredients), fair trade fruit juices, organic soft drinks and organic/fairtrade teas & coffees.

Our core times are likely to be 10am to 4am.

We set out from Sumac in .

Info for Action

Every year (and at every event) we give over a share of our space, and some of our crew, to running a campaigns space with displays and activities in support of active groups working for positive social change, such as Commotion for the Ocean in 2014.

Food for a Future images

In 2016 we will again support Food for a Future, which launched in 2015 in the Green Futures Field, featuring Creative Cookery Demonstrations, Veggie Masterclasses, Solar Powered Dairy-Free ice Cream, Greener World Talks, Plant-Based Nutrition and Free Info & Recipes.

For more campaign presentations check out the Speakers Forum. And, as is the long standing tradition, no doubt we’ll gatecrash a few Seize The Day gigs for a campaign shout out!

Vegan Outreach in the Mud

Report by the Vegan Recipe Club from Viva!

(Archived copy here)


Vegan Glastonbury

A recent survey reported a 350% increase in the number of vegans – an estimated 500,000 – so one-in-ten Glastonbury patrons may be interested in vegan food. Glastonbury Festival’s long standing support for Greenpeace, Water Aid & Oxfam mirrors interest in a diet that benefits the environment, the climate, water use and global food security, as well concern for animals.

Glastonbury 2015 saw the launch of Food For a Future, a new activities space in the Green Futures Field, which featured displays, cookery demonstrations and talks, to empower people to make green lifestyle choices through what they eat and demonstrate the positive impact this simple act will have on the environment

Also last year the Vegan Glastonbury Twitter feed, connecting the great vegan groups, foods, performers & followers at Glastonbury Festival.

This year these projects are combining forces to seek out, map and spread the word about vegan foods at Glastonbury Festival.

If you would like to engage with this initiative get in touch via Facebook: or Twitter:

See more at and the amazing 2015 blog from Banana Backpacker.

Find us in the Green Futures Field

Glastonbury Green Futures Field

Veggies at Glastonbury

The Green Fields are at the opposite end of the site from the Pyramid Stage, towards the ‘Stone Circle’; cross the ‘Old Railway Track’ – Green Futures is on the right.

Those in the know, know that the field is packed full of venues, spaces and healthy food. There is Groovy Movie, The Mandala, Small World, Permaculture, Henry’s Beard, A pedal powered Laundrette, Rinky Dink, The Tin Village, Lunched Out Lizard, Speakers Forum, Astrologers amongst many.

“Not to mention the World’s finest Vegan Burgers from Veggies Catering Campaign”.

Veggies has catered in the Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival since 1987.

    • In 1990 tickets cost £38, our trading fee was £600 & our burgers cost £1.00.


    • In 2015 tickets cost £220+fees & our trading fee is £4,632.


  • Sorry, Veggies burgers in 2015 will cost more than £1.00!


Veggies Glasto Gallery

Glastonbury 2013 gallery

See also our 2014 Glastonbury Festival Report

Veggies Glastonbury’15 Application

Glastonbury 2013 panorama

Please describe the food you wish to sell from your stall.

Veggies BurgerEthically sourced vegan foods, including our own hand made Veggies burgers, cakes baked on site from organic ingredients, pasties & samosas baked on site, organic &/or fair trade soft drinks, fair trade organic teas & coffee.

Do you cater for any specific dietary requirements
(i.e. Vegan/gluten-free/halal etc)?

As all Veggies food is vegan it is accessible to the most people in terms of dietary, cultural and religious requirements.

Gluten-free’ requests are usually satisfied following a discussion of the customers needs, ranging from ‘wheat-reducing’ to coeliac (for which we advise caution).

Have you traded at Glastonbury before?

Vegan Backpacker Veggies imageWe have traded at Glastonbury Green Futures since 1990, using our award winning vegan / organic / fair trade catering as a base for campaign outreach for the many groups with whom we work.

We are at pitch Q1/31 [Green Futures Field at junction of Old Railway Track with pathway to the stone circle]. After a number of years this is now established as the place where our regular customers & supporters know to find us. We do however suffer from flooding in the event of rain.

2015 was a record-breaking Glastonbury. We had to cut back on baking to cope with over-the-counter sales. We need a bigger crew to bake more & trade through the night.

Have you traded at any other festivals in the past 2 years?

Glastonbury is the only major festival at which we cater, although in 2015 we catered a Steam Punk Festival in addition to over 70 other events including green events (eg Nottingham Green Festival / Green Gatherings), action camps (eg Peace News Camp / Cooperative gatherings), indoor fairs (eg Animal Aid Fair / London Radical Bookfair), local community events (eg Stuff of Life / Grow Your Own) and on-the-streets campaign catering (eg London Climate March / migrant solidarity rallies).

And loads more on Veggies Events Archive

Please tell us about anything special or unique your stall would bring to the Festival.

Many consider Veggies to be one of the most ethical caterers on the circuit, with policies developed from over 30 years experience in organic / fair trade / pure vegetarian catering and guided by feedback from customers and supporter.

Veggies promotes the use of vegan, fair trade, locally sourced and
organic products. Since 1984 we only used fair trade teas & coffees.

We use minimal packaging and reusable mugs. All the compostable packaging generated by Veggies would fit into one bin bag. We aim to recycled everything, including tricky things (eg plastic wrap, tetrapacs) which we take home with us if facilities are not provided.

We are five times winner of the Best Vegan Catering Award. We received the Glastonbury Green Trader Award in 2011.

But we are not just about catering. A gatherings such as Glastonbury we provide ‘information for action’ and support the Food For A Future workshop space, to share information to help customers make active choices for a more sustainable future.

Vegies tentBut we are not just about catering. A gatherings such as Glastonbury we run ‘information for action’ campaign cafe spaces to share information to help customers make active choices for a more sustainable future.

Veggies Glastonbury menuFood for a fiver

The Festival is committed to providing affordable, quality food and would like to be able to offer Festival goers ‘Food for a fiver’ in the form of a meal from a number of stalls onsite. Veggies are happy to participate in this scheme, offering a Veggies Double Burger; or a Pasty + cake + drink.

(As you can see from our menu, it is hard to spend much more than a fiver at Veggies Catering Campaign)

Cleaner, greener and fairer

Read our 2015 Green Trader Awards submission

See also Green Glastonbury info.

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