STOP THE CROP Rally Destroys GE Test Site

500 Peaceful Protestors Decontaminate a 24 acre Farm size Trial as Resistance to Genetix Grows.

Mass anger at Biotech Giants expressed as 500 protestors from the stop the crop rally, trashed 24 acres of gentically modified Spring Oilseed Rape.

The day started off in joyous sunshine with about 700 people meeting in a field, ownd by a friendly local farmer, opposite the test site. 600 white decontamination suits with dust masks were handed out, and all were donned.

People of al ages and backgrounds, from activists through families to grannies, lounged around in the sun, visited the displays, fed from the great array of catering supplied by Veegies and Eco Trip and listened to the speeches.

There were speeches covering all angles of genetix, from Food Helath and damage to the enviroment, to the attacks on small scale peasant farming and damage to the organic sector.

A lot of details were revealed as to the scientific inadequacy of this farm size experiment, one of seven set up the government to "investigate potential damage to the enviroment caused by a farm sized field of GMO"

This was the governments response to the anger expressed on the deliberate release into the enviroment of genetically modified crops grown on experimental trials to investigate the commercial potential of these crops. These experiments are however are just another step in the legitimisng process of GMO's. Another step towards commercialisation.

This supposedly rigiid scientific experiment is flawed in some very basic ways. They have never done a baseline study to check what wildlife is already present in the area to compare the results to. They are only checking levels of insect life and not soil microbiology, or mammal life in the area. The half of the field with the GMO in has trees in the middle, which are pockets of wildlife havens and will increase the wildlife relative to the other half, the control crop.

Apart from all these flaws, the biigest problem is that these experiments need to occur in closed enviroments, and not out where the damage can occur.

So a crowd of inspired and very fired up people, left the rally site and marched over the road to surround the crop. Once the crowd got so close to the crop, a mutual decision occure. The crop had to go.

Depite hte press reports this action was not just the whim of some extremist minority in the group, virtually everyone at the rally decided to enter the field and start decontaminating the crop. A great mix of people danced, rolled, scythed, pulled and played throughout the field for about two hours with minnimum interference fom the police.

This is the second farm size trial to be decontaminated so far, the first one having been destroyed by the farmer who planted it. There is only one oilseed rape site left in the country, located at Boothby Graffoe in Lincolnshire....

..... A local Mansanto owned gentically modified Sugar Beet testsite, at Ruddington south of the city, has recently been decontaminated by the Fishnet Fairies. This site was subject to a rally organised by Ken Cotes and Friends of the Earth which highlighted its existance. leaving only Meden Vale's, near Mansfield, two site, one sugar beet and one oil seed rape left in Nottinghamshire. Their grid references are SK 59 70 and SK 588 704.

For a copy of the Garderner's guide to Surivival in the Modern World, prince Charle's own DIY guide to trashing test sites, pop into the Rainbow Centre.


All individuals and groups in the Nottingham area working non-hierarchically for revolutionary social change are invited to meet....

7.30 pm Monday August 2nd upstairs at the Newcastle Arms North Sherwood Street.

As part of a growing realisation that we are all fighting the same common enemy and in the spirit of global resistance that led to the recent J18th international day of action protest and carnival, Nottingham has launched it's own direct action network. All individuals and groups in the Nottingham area working non-hierarchically for revolutionary social change are invited to meet.

The meeting will consist of announcements of upcoming events and actions, a brief update of campaigns in the area, a presentation and debate about the recent history and plans of Nottingham City Council, a discussion of a name for the forum and a social were people can develop ideas and plan joint events.

Anyone who wants to create a better world is welcome. The themes of the meeting will be communication and solidarity, not hammering out some “party line” or promoting any one group above others. Feel free to bring any leaflets and newsletters about your campaign or group, or forthcoming actions, events and demos.

The idea for this forum came together by groups that created links in the run up to J18 and reflects other direct action networks forming around the country, including Manchester's Riotous Assembly, Brighton's Rebel Alliance and The London Underground. In the mean time rack your brains for a locally appropriate name.




Squatters Estate Agency Opens

In an attempt to combat the rising tide of homeless people in Nottingham a Squatter's Estate Agency has opened at the Rainbow Centre. Max a spokesperson for the agency commented that

"With over 800,000 empty houses in England and so many homeless the problem amounts to nothing more than a national disgrace. Over 100,000 of these are owned by public bodies such as the NHS, the MOD and Local Authorities. Government economists have estimated each empty property costs on average £10,000 per year to keep empty due to rent loss, dilapidation and security. All these potential homes should form the basis of a 'right to rent' scheme, where homeless people would have the right to rent properties that have been empty for a year or more." Squatting has benefits for both the squatters, the home owners and the general public, despite the preconceived image of crusty junkies.

It provide free accommodation to those who need it. And you don't need to pay extortionate rent to some private fat cat for crap housing.

It protects buildings as empty properties fall quickly into disrepair. Empty properties usually develop damp and are the most likely properties to be vandalised and burgled.

It protects wider society by keeping housing costs down. Most empty properties are owned by speculators, who keep properties empty in order to increase demand for housing and thereby housing costs. Of course land never drops in value so it doesn't matter what state the building is in, because the land will be worth more than when you brought it.

So for all these reasons and more this agency has been set up. It will provide advice on squatting, a list of available empty properties and a possible skill sharing network. So come and "RECYCLE THE EMPTIES". And let the agency know of any properties in your area, that have been empty for some time.


EF! Big Day Out Targets Tarmac

As part of an ongoing campaign against Tarmac, EF! held a national Action on the 17th July to try and occupy and shutdown a Tarmac Quarry in the peak district.

We were housed on Friday night in a squat in the centre of Sheffield, where people ate, drank and discussed the plan for the following day. It was decided that this action was to be shutdown and that we would get up at four in the morning with the intention of getting to the quarry at Stoney Middleton before 6 when the workers arrive. The location of the quarry was at this point still secret. However, as people were to rise at 4 we decided to have an early night and went to sleep.

Then the problems began. We were quickly woken up by the police arriving to try and investigate the squat and the people still arriving outside. They tried to prevent people from entering the squat and in the struggle, put through one of the ground floor windows. This put pay to the idea of us all being able to sleep that night and some people needed to stay awake to keep an eye on the police's movements.

People rose at four and were served breakfast, while a drivers meeting happened, where drivers were briefed as to were we were going, and given briefing sheets for all in their vans. People tatted down and everyone was ready to leave by 5.

We all left the squat on mass and climbed into our vans. As we were all leaving a queue of police vans pulled us over to conduct a " routine vehicle check". Which delayed most of the vans for about an hour. A few pigs then stuck their snouts through a window of the squat and claimed to be able to smell drugs. Which was their excuse to bust the squat and search all left inside.

Once the vehicles had got away they split up and headed for the target. As they approached the target the was another police roadblock, who stated that a section 60 was in force in the area and they had the power to stop and search all vehicles and people they believed were to be involved in violent disorder or criminal damage activities.

After the search which took about an hour, some vans drove down the road only to be stopped and searched by another roadblock 100 yards down the road. Some of the vans were even searched three times, twice by the same group of police officers.

Despite this, a small group of protesters managed to get on site were they were quickly headed off by police, who stopped all work in the neighbouring two quarries, incase people were in there.

Two people were arrested after the search, one for a tiny blim, she didn't even know she had on her and another for possession of an offencive weapon, the baseball bat in the sports kit, that was part of the entertainment for the day.

Due to the over whelming police presence, there were over 40 vans in the area, people retired to the back up meeting point.

From there some groups went off and occupied the Tarmac work site at Manchester Airport, and only left after management guarantees that all workers would be paid in full for the day, whilst others went home and a few went to meet some Tarmac Workers, who had come along for the action.

The Workers are on strike and are picketing against Tarmac, for sacking their safety officer after he tried to improve the condition at on of the sites where over 300 men have 3 loos between them. Tarmac have the worst Health and Safety Record of any construction company in the country, with 54 convictions last year for breaches of regulations. They also killed 13 of their workers last year.

The day however was a success as Tarmac closed down most of their sites throughout the country, and we were only trying to close down one. We successfully managed to close another site. Links were made with the workers and local residents of Stoney Middleton, have since stated their support for what we tried to do.

The campaign will continue.


More Quarrying in the Peak District

As if the peak District National Park wasn't quarried to fuck anyway, there are plans afoot to either reopen or build 6 new quarries in the Bakewell/ Matlock area.

The Peak District is supposed to be a national park for the enjoyment of the Nation. It is used as a haven and refuge for people from the surrounding towns of Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Manchester, all industrial towns, whose workers need to escape. It is also the most visited tourist area in the Midlands and one of the most popular in the country.

Its breath taking beauty has by ravaged for some time by quarrying and opencast mining, and this looks set to continue with the new plans.

One of these quarries is an extension of a quarry disused since 1952 on Stanton Moor.. This is less than 100 yards from Nine Ladies Stone Circle. A very popular circle, visited by thousands each year. It has been described as the Stonehenge of the Midlands and is part of our National Heritage.

The circle is busy throughout the year, but is always the focus for local pagans at their festivals throughout the year.

This quarrying is not based on local needs, in fact the stone is to be used to build Government buildings in Boston USA. The quarry will involve 60,000 truck movements through single lane country tracks for the duration of its working life.

The local residents are fighting these proposals and are supported by The Council for the Protection of Rural England. If anyone wants to offer help in any way or set up a local Nottingham support Campaign contact Andy C/o the Rainbow Centre.



If you haven't seen a FIN before we hope you've enjoyed it. Free Information Networks grew out of the Traveller/Free Festival scene and developed into more city/community based papers providing information on subcultures and the fightback against this earth-raping, exploitative and oppressive system. Ned Ludd's News is just one of a network of FINs and other publications around the country.

Although we obtain much information from this network, we also rely on you writing and sending us stuff, particularly about local issues. If you like Ned Ludd's then give us some cash. Only donations keep us free. If you organise gigs/parties then do a benefit for us, or invite us to run a stall or collection at the event. We can help in the organising.

This Newsletter is produced by a collective of Nottingham campaigners. Your help is welcomed. We need writers, typists, layout designers, distributors, fundraisers

... Interested ?

The publishers of Ned Ludd's do not necessarily condemn or condone any action considered illegal under any law, we fully expect you to sit at home infront of the TV and do nothing!

Ned Ludd's is anti-copyright, please feel free to reproduce and part of this publication. Stuff censorship.

NottFIN does not necessarily agree with the views published herein.


Nottingham Women's Centre

Nottingham Women's Centre is both a community resource centre and a crisis centre for women only. It houses Women's Aid, Rape Crisis, Roshni (Asian Women's Aid), Self Harm Crisis Line and training for women amongst a huge rang of other services. It has free creche facilities for children 2-5, provides counselling and free pregnancy testing. Our courses include setting up your own business, sign language, computer literacy reading writing and assertiveness. We are currently applying for a £2000 grant to set up a course for women who want to become more involved in their environment - and how to look after it. We are hopping that the first of these courses will be an introduction to growing your own food sustainably and organically - in your window box or back yard. Sessions will be practical as well as providing lots of ideas to inspire you! If anyone has any ideas they would like to see covered in this or later courses, please phone Sue Atkinson on 9240041. We are also very keen to hear form trainers who would like to take on the teaching (paid!) of this exiting new course.



The first 15 years!

Veggies Catering Campaign will be celebrating its 15th birthday this October.

Monday the 18th of October marks the 15th anniversary of the launch of Nottingham based Veggies Catering Campaign, and we will be marking this event in a several ways. We are organising social events in both London and Nottingham and will publish a celebratory book.

On Saturday the 16th of October (the evening of the Anarchist Bookfair) there will be a massive party in London. Everyone who has ever been involved with Veggies is invited to attend.

This will be followed by a picnic in Nottingham on Sunday the 17th of October, then another party on Monday the 18th of October at Veggies headquarters, the Rainbow Centre on Mansfield Road, Nottingham. For more details about any of these events, please phone us.

We are putting together a book called 'Veggies - The First 15 Years' which will be published in October. It will be an irresistible compilation of the thoughts and feelings of Veggies volunteers, workers and customers, both old and new. We need a wide range of submissions for the book, such as stories, jokes, recollections, praise, whinges and doodles. Absolutely anything to do with Veggies or the events we have catered at will be considered for inclusion.

We need as wide and interesting a range of submissions as possible, so please do get involved in this exclusive project and get typing and scribbling soon. We look forward to seeing them!

All submissions and enquiries should be sent to the compiler: Ronny, Veggies Catering Campaign, 180 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3HW.
For more details on any of the above, phone : 01159 585 666 or email



Hooding @ Hellgrove

A protester, John Codd, was wrongfully and violently arrested in Oxford under Section 4 of the Public Order Act by Thames Valley Police at the Hillgrove Demo on 12/12/98. During his arrest a bag was placed over his head while the police floored, handcuffed and injured him. The use of bags is called 'hooding' and is illegal under international Human rights legislation. The European Commission on Human Rights ruled that this constituted TORTURE.

In court the police are denying everything, If you have any information about anyone hooded in the U.K. since 1978 this would be really useful to John's case. Also any evidence of police violence on Hillgrove actions especially on the 12/12/98 would also help John's case. Funds are also desperately needed to cover legal cost and transport to court, for further info please send £3.00 for set of info leaflets and selected documents to the Rainbow Centre.



Masking up for Mother Earth

After seeing all you energetic youngsters trashing corporate buildings without masks on J18, and after the police picked off individuals not masked up at the mass decontamination last Sunday, I thought I would make a reappearance to give some advice on masking up.

At any big potential public order situation or even at small local demo's the police like to film all present. This is done with the intention of intimidating protesters, putting faces to places, just to see what your most interested in and to catch people doing things that they can't effectively police on the day.

So the message should be clear if you want to avoid some free hospitality at her majesties pleasure, Mask Up. The point of masking up is to create an identical look between all present. This doesn't mean the police won't be able to recognise you, but does mean that in a flurry of action all individuals blend into each other, so you won't be picked out of the crowd. Masking up is not just for people doing something illegal, all people going to these events should wear a mask. This will provide cover for people who need it and prevent them from being picked out as the only people to be wearing black and a mask.

To mask up effectively, you need to cover any identifying features, and dress in non-identifiable clothes. Plain black, usually works. Then you need to cover your hair, for this I recommend a plain black hooded top. Then you need to cover your face. A combination of sunglasses for your eyes and a bandanna, Zapitista style, for your nose down. A quick, easy and effective mask can be made by ripping the sleeve off a T-shirt and placing over head. However, a quick warning to fellow spec wearers, your glasses will steam up and impair your vision. to prevent this I recommend buying some self supporting stockings, high dernier, and cutting of the top, these can then be worn in the same fashion without visual impairment.

So remember kids, better to be safe than sorry.




Local breeders of animals for vivisection, Harlan UK in Belton, Leicestershire are the subject of the latest investigation by the BUAV, resulting in TV exposure of the suffering of the animals in their 'care', including for the first time ever, undercover footage of genetically-modified pigs.

The 'transgenic' pigs, whose whereabouts have never before been publicly revealed, belong to Imutran, subsidiary of bio-tech giant Novartis. The pigs have been bred with human genes in a crude attempt to make the organs 'rejection resistant' when transplanted into humans.

The video footage shows piglets kept in plastic weaner units and slightly older pigs kept in overcrowded pens. None of the pigs have any access to sunlight. The pigs fight viciously with one another, despite instructions by Imutran to staff at Harlan UK to use 'anti-fighting' spray on them.

There are, at present, no Government guidelines in place to govern the welfare of transgenic pigs. The normal age for weaning pigs is about 80 days old but these piglets are separated from their mothers when less than a week old and shipped to Belton from another secret breeding centre in Scotland. At Harlan UK, they are flattened up before being sent to Heathrow and flown around the world to form breeding herds in Japan, the United States, Canada and Spain.

Sarah Kite, Head of Research and Investigations at the BUAV says: "It is outrageous that the commercial production of transgenic pigs is allowed to take place without any government regulations. The findings of our investigation reveal major animal welfare concerns and show the stark contrast between the reality of living for these pigs and the cosy PR image portrayed by Imutran. This from the very same company that brought us the appalling conditions of their 'Beagle Factory'."

The daring and harrowing ten month investigation involved a BUAV investigator going undercover as an employee at Harlan UK. The findings were shocking, revealing an appalling lack of care of the dogs and puppies, mass slaughter of 'surplus stock' and a catalogue of breaches of government guidelines. Much of this was captured on film with a hidden camera by the investigator.

Identified only by a number, each of the 1,000 dogs and puppies at Harlan UK had a commercial value of up to £800. Even dogs that could not be sold to the research industry because of physical 'imperfections' had a price - they were likely to be bled alive and their blood sold on to laboratories.

The shocking findings included:

* Mass killing to dispose of 'surplus' stock i.e.. puppies and dogs past their 'sell-by-date' due to over-breeding. On one day 29 healthy dogs were killed.

* NCPs - Non-conforming products. Dogs with physical imperfections such as a stumpy tail were classed as NCPs and were routinely killed.

* Bored & frustrated dogs, kept in overcrowded conditions, often resorted to fighting, resulting in appalling injuries and even death.

* Females, some as young as seven months old, were mated and forced to have litter after litter of pups until worn out and eventually discarded. Distressed mothers often ate their pups.

* Dogs were kept in barren surroundings with concrete floors, no bedding, exercise or stimulation, even females nursing their young. The breeding females and stud males were penned up for their entire lifetime.

Michelle Thew, BUAV Chief Executive says: "The vivisection industry must not be allowed to continue to operate behind this 'wall of secrecy.' We are calling on the government to withdraw the license from Harlan UK. We're also calling for a ban on the use of dogs in research and an immediate Home Office Inquiry into the over-breeding & killing of animals for research and for these findings to be made public."

Full details:

Intensive campaigning by local activists continues with pickets every Wednesday at 7pm and 'greet the workers' vigils at 3.30 on the 1st Wednesday of each month. The next national demo is planned for Sunday 25th July, noon at Dodgford Lane off B5324, Belton, Leicestershire.

Further details from Loughboro Animal Concern or c/o Rainbow Centre.



This hellish farm, with 1000 cats breeding kittens for vivisection, can close soon, but it's up to you to make it happen.

EVERY TUESDAY is our area's day

(Notts, Leics, Derby) for phoning evil Farmer Brown on 01993 703120.

EVERY FRIDAY is our area for a night vigil. Please ask Veggies for transport details, or better still help provide some (Veggies have 2 or 3 events most weekends 'til September).

There will be a national Hillgrove on Saturday 31st July, it will be big. This place will close if we all make the effort.


Save the Forest and the Baths

Nottingham City Council have for years being running down local baths. They have closed Northern Baths, and are now planning on closing down Noel St and Victoria Baths. They intend to replace these baths with a large leisure centre to be built on the forest recreation ground.

The proposed leisure centre will not provide facilities to replace the local baths that people had. It will require further travelling and will be priced out of the range of the majority of local people. It will also destroy some of the only open space in that area of Nottingham, which is used by groups as diverse as the bowling club, football players and dog walkers. This development is purely about prestige for Nottingham, not about local people's needs.

Nottingham is currently going through an image change. There will be a lot of developments like this, the new national Ice Stadium and the proposed tram are some examples. We have to let the council know that a program of Gentrification, making Nottingham attractive to business and conferences, at the expense of the local people, can not and will not happen.

Demonstration against the closing of the Baths and the development on the forest Sat July 24th at 2:30 pm at the corner of Gregory Boulevard and Mansfield Road.

Public Meeting Monday 16 August at 7:30pm Forest Fields Community Centre, Sturtin Street/ Gladstone Street.


Ares Bars

(Vegan Mars Bars)

Uncle Stevies recipe column

The Hard Way:


2/3 Cup of Soya Milk
3 oz. Soya Marg. (Co-Op or wholefood shop)
8 oz. Sugar
2 tsp. Vanilla Essence
2 oz. Wheatgerm, preferably ground in spice grinder.
4 oz. dried Soya Milk

Put the milk, marge and sugar into a thick saucepan and heat, without stirring, on a low heat until it bubbles all over. Keep at this heat for 2 min (if you have a sugar thermometer, it should be 2350 F./112.80 C.) Cool.
Add the vanilla essence and the wheatgerm. Add the dried soya milk and beat till creamy. Pour into a tray roughly the size of 12 mars bars and freeze for an hour.


4 oz. Sugar
4 oz. Soya Marge (Again, Co-Op is best.)
150 ml Soya cream
1 tbsp Golden Syrup

Put everything in a thick bottomed saucepan and heat on a low heat till it bubbles all over. Keep at this temperature for 4-5 minutes, stirring constantly.

Pour the toffee over the nougat and freeze for another hour. Cut into mars bar size pieces and re-freeze until the toffee is solid (this can take a couple of days.) Melt 400g of vegan chocolate in a microwave if you have one (3 minutes full power for 100g) or place into a bowl above a saucepan of boiling water till melted. Coat the bars with chocolate and place onto a greased tray. Re-freeze.

The Easy Way:

Buy one from Veggies at the Rainbow Centre or at many good demo.


Nottingham Lets RE-Launch

LETS stands for Local Economic Trading Scheme or System. The scheme is based on the trading of services offered by its members, in return for your services you receive credits which can be 'spent' on other peoples services on the scheme.

Credits on our scheme are considered as green pounds called Lets. These credits are put into the schemes central accounts and there is no obligation to work for others in return. There are a variety of services offered in the schemes directory.

Members are expected to negotiate a price before hand, this can be anything from between 4-40 lets per hour. The main thing is you get an agreement before hand. Nottingham LETS is not like a bank, the 'Let' is different to money in many ways. Being in Let debt is not like being in money debt, so don't be afraid to be overdrawn. In fact, spending Lets is encouraged as like all economies, this one needs a regular flow of Lets to survive.

We do think that the negotiation of prices is a useful skill that can be used in the wider world, but we have noticed some problems that have arisen due to the linking of the Let with Pound Sterling.

The main problem that has occurred is the mirroring of the class system within the LETS scheme. People offering skills like baby sitting and building work, tend to charge considerably less Lets than Shiatsu Masseurs and other 'skilled' work.

Because of this we will be reviewing our payment system and a decision will be made whether to adopt a set figure per hour of work, with an added double or triple time clause for work of a specialised or difficult nature.

For more information, on the LETS scheme, details of services offered and to take part in the review of payment methods, please contact: Nottingham LETS, C/o Rainbow Centre, 180-188 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3HW or Tel. 0115 9585 666.