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2015 Traders Signup

Basic Information

Trade Details
1: Please describe the food you wish to sell from your stall.
(100 words maximum)
2: List the items on your menu and the prices you will be charging during the Festival including drinks (if any). If there is not enough space for your entire menu please complete as much as possible and email remainder to

Your product list and prices will be monitored onsite.
Item 1 Price £
Item 2 Price £
Item 3 Price £
Item 4 Price £
Item 5 Price £
Item 6 Price £
Item 7 Price £
Item 8 Price £
Item 9 Price £
Item 10 Price £
Item 11 Price £
Item 12 Price £
Item 13 Price £
Item 14 Price £
Item 15 Price £
3: What percentage of your products (if any) are:
Free range
Local (within 50 miles of where you are based)
Outdoor Reared
RSPCA Freedom Food
Red Tractor
Marine Steward Council (MSC)
Other Food Standard/Assurance Scheme
If other Food Standard/Assurance Scheme, please specify:
4: Dietary requirements

Do you cater for any specific dietary requirements (i.e. Vegan/gluten-free/halal etc)?


If so, please give details

5: Have you traded at Glastonbury before? If so, which years and any pitch reference information. Any comments about previous pitch location(s) can be listed here. Please give details of your previous opening hours at Glastonbury. (150 words maximum)
6: Have you traded at any other festivals in the past 2 years? If so, please give details.(100 words maximum)
7: Please tell us about anything special or unique your stall would bring to the Festival.
(200 words maximum)
8: Local Authority you are registered with:
9: Food for a fiver

The Festival is committed to providing affordable, quality food and would like to be able to offer Festival goers 'Food for a fiver' in the form of a meal from a number of stalls onsite. We are keen to establish whether traders would wish to participte in this scheme.

Would you be happy to offer 'Food for a fiver'?


If so, what would be your meal offering?

10: Green Traveller Scheme

Glastonbury encourages festival goers to travel to the Festival using public transport and as a reward we ask that traders offer something in return. Green Travellers will be given 2 x 50p vouchers which can be used against a food/non-food purchase over £6.00 and 2 x free tea/coffee vouchers for use when purchasing a meal over £6.00, (these vouchers are not redeemable).

If your application is successful would you be willing to participate in the Green Traveller Scheme?

Pitch/Staff Requirements
1: Stall width metres
The exact width of your stall in metres
2: Stall depth metres
The exact stall depth in metres.
3: Pitch width metres
The total width in metres you require including any guy ropes, menu boards, towing hooks etc.
4: Pitch depth metres
The total depth in metres you require INCLUDING YOUR STALL. This must include space for any essential onsite vehicles, caravans, camping and storage. Space is limited so be realistic in your requirements. We cannot guarantee the requested space will be available, if you application is successful, all of your requirements would need to fit within the allocated pitch size.

Please be aware that in some markets, camping will not be directly behind your stall however should be within the allocated market area. The Festival reserves the right to allocate camping as appropriate according to site Health and Safety requirements.
5: Number of passes required
(Anybody aged 13 or over at the time of the Festival will require a pass)
Vehicle Requirements
Onsite vehicles are parked behind your stall within your pitch requirement, they are not able to be moved until 6pm on Monday 29th June. These vehicles must be diesel (no petrol vehicles to stay onsite).
Short stay vehicle passes allow traders with staff passes to drive on to the site for the purpose of unloading before parking in one of the traders cars parks.
These vehicles will not be allowed on site, they will be parked directly in the Traders car park.
If you intend on bringing a caravan/caravans onto your pitch we will need to know in advance. Caravans do not need their own pass however the towing vehicle would need to have been accounted for above, either with an onsite or short stay pass. There is no facility for a direct water supply however electricity may be available (this would need to be pre-ordered via Aggreko)

Caravans can take up a lot of room in the back of market areas, please make sure you have accounted for this in your pitch width and depth. As previously mentioned, we are unable to guarantee the space you request will be available, if you application is successful, all of your requirements would need to fit within the allocated pitch size.
Power Requirements

Power is provided by the approved festival provider. If you are offered a pitch you will be asked for full power details by the provider.

If you are a charity/campaign organisation applying for a pitch in the Green Futures Field please be aware there is no power in this field.

1: Do you require power? Yes

(Aggreko provides electricity for market traders)
Water Requirements

Each food trader must have their own direct water supply; details will be sent to successful applicants with offer documentation.

1: Do you require water? Yes
Sound Output

Any trader wanting to play music (even from a radio) must apply for a sound allocation.

1: Do you require sound output? Yes
2: Sound output watts
3: Genre of music i.e. trance, soul, jazz etc. 
All sound output will be discussed and agreed if you are successful in your application as part of your trade contract with Glastonbury Festival.
Images must be under 2MB in size and in JPEG, PNG or GIF format - please ensure all photos are fully uploaded before attempting to submit your application.

If you do not have any photos of your stall then we would need to see a sketch or artists impression of how your stall will look. We look for creative and aesthetically pleasing stalls which fit in with the ethics of the Festival.
1: Please upload a selection of images of your stall
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
And finally…

Have you checked your entries on this form?

Have all your photos uploaded fully?

If you are confident that the information you have given is correct, press the submit button.

Once your application form has been submitted, the next screen will display an application ID which will also be emailed to you. Please keep this number safe as you will need to use it in any further communications with us regarding your application.

Have you read and understood the Disabled Access information?

I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions for trading at Glastonbury Festival if allocated a stall. I also understand that if I wish to change any details in this form I must inform Glastonbury Festivals by email.

Once you click submit, you will be sent a copy of these details by email.