In March we had hoped to complete the purchase of new premises at
245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX

This was based on the understanding that a letter was on its way from the building society with the terms of the definate offer of a mortgage. Once again we had not taken into account that nothing in property purchase is that simple! The letter DID arrive and DID contain details of the definate mortgage offer

... However ...

The mortgage was dependent on the Building Societies solicitor being satisfied that all the neccessary Planning Consents and Fire Certificates were in place. The catch was that some works had already been identified to bring the building up to current standards re fire compliance, accessability etc. This work could not be done until we were in the building ... we could not get in the building until the mortgage was in place ... we could not get the mortgage until the work was done. You get the picture?

Finally, over the weekend 6th - 9th April, everything has fallen into place.

- Our solicitor confirmed that Ukranian Social Club, from whom we are buying the building, are happy to accept our deposit, sign the contract and allow access for building works, whilst waiting for completion of the work before getting the balance of the purchase price.

- We heard that an application to The Key Fund, for funding to do the essential works had been successful.

- Our planning application to open as a community centre, as well as a private members club, and for other neccessary changes, was accepted.

We hope to sign the contract soon after Easter

Weekly Meetings

The Rainbow Centre in a co-operative, with all individual and group users of the centre invited to contribute to the decision-making process, with agreements collectively made to consensus, where-ever possible. The planning meeting are an opportunity for all to practice this commitment.

Moving on meetings with feedback from all subgroups and discussion of how to proceed are held very Thursday from 6pm. Now held at The Place, (the Sherwood Depot Activities Centre), at 2a Melrose Street, off Mansfield Road in Sherwood.

Public Meeting

The many complications of property purchase had delayed the intended meeting for the local neighbourhood. With everything now reaching completion in a rush the long awaited public meeting was finally held on Sunday 18th March at the Forest Fields Community Centre, off Gladstone Street, near our intended new premises.

Many members of the local community came along, offering their time and skills, together with much advice and ideas to contribute, also having the chance to raise concerns about some the suggested aspects of the project.

New Community Resource for Nottingham

The Rainbow Centre is relocating, expanding its services & resources and changing its name. After 16 years the Rainbow Centre has outgrown its rented Mansfield Road premises. Volunteers have worked hard over 5 months to raise the deposit to buy a permanent new home at the former Sitch Ukranian Club on Beech Avenue and Gladstone Street, in Forest Fields/New Basford area of Nottingham.

The Centre was originally opened in 1984 by members of Nottingham CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) & FoE (Friends of the Earth) as a single office and shop. Rainbow has since provided resources to many individuals, groups and campaigns working for social change. It exists to promote the causes of social justice, animal welfare, conservation, co-operation, mutual aid and community spirit. Rainbow is a non-hierarchical organisation where all volunteers get an equal say.

As well as the café, library, information exchange, internet & computer access, offices and meeting facilities offered at the current centre, new projects will also be possible. Veggie cookery classes; social club venue for local performers; video evenings, urban permaculture gardening and workshop space for artists and local co-operatives may be available in due course.

We are still raising funds. If you are able to help with the costs of the project cheques made out to "Rainbow Centre Moving-On" can still be sent to the address below, for forwarding to our office. We are also pleased to discuss offers of loans, on which we can offer interest.

The new address should be available soon at
245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX

New Phone: 0845 458 9595

email: . . .