National Demo Against Huntingdon Life Sciences

Cambridge - Saturday 23rd June 2001

National Demonstration Against HLS in Cambridge

On 23rd June, over 1000 protestors gathered in Parkers Piece for a national rally and march against the nearby Huntingdon Life Sciences. The old and young bought drums, megaphones, whistles and banners and wandered around various animal rights stalls acquiring leaflets and learning of campaigns around the country.

Many passers-by were also attracted to the crowd and came to look at the information stalls which included SHAC, The Newchurch Campaign, Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaign, Animal Aid, Uncaged, SIAV and many more.

The infamous NAVS blow-up beagle sat in the park making the SHAC demo known before it had even started.

At around 2pm the speeches started. Everyone gathered around the lorry as Andrew Tyler talked of the plight of the animals inside HLS and how the government have failed to do anything about the disgusting company. Then it was onto Amanda from the Newchurch Campaign who talked of the connection between the Halls and HLS. Then it was onto Dawn and Bev from SHAC who both gave empowering speeches about the fight against HLS.

Then the large crowd moved off with the SHAC banner leading, the noise was immense. As the 1000 strong crowd marched through Cambridge town centre, the shoppers stopped and stared whilst leaflets were distributed and street furniture was stickered. Staff stopped working and local residents poked their heads out of their windows to watch the loud, visual demonstration pass. The demonstration brought Cambridge to a standstill and made sure every single person knew of the animals suffering inside HLS and that they all must do something about it.

The march ended back at Parkers Piece where people soon left with a clear message in their heads: all the people on the demonstration have their eye on the target and with a campaign growing from country to country it won’t be long until the hellhole is closed for good.

[ Report from SHAC website ]

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