Demo Energy Flapjacks

Makes 12. Wheat-free.

1. Place the margarine, chopped into lumps, in a pan, and pour the sugar over it.

2. Heat slowly, without stirring, on a low heat until the marg has melted and bubbles appear. The bubbles should spread over the entire surface of the pan. Once this has happened, continue heating for about another minute, then stir in tahini and remove from heat.

3. Pour the sugar/marg toffee mixture over the oats and mix well. Stir in the berries/choc chips/ nuts/hemp seeds (but be careful not to mix too much).

4. Press into an oiled baking tin and bake at gas mark 6 (200C/375 F) for about 15-20 mins, until the top is golden brown. Cool, then cut up.

These can be made without the tahini if you prefer. Just add a little more margarine. Choc chip flapjacks are also nice with a dash of vanilla essence added.

Recipe may be freely circulated, but please credit Veggies.

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