the Vegan Bar issue ...

Spreads..... it has come to our attention that
there is a Veganize a Mars Bar campaign
by people sick of Fry's Chocolate Creams.
VAM is campaigning for Mars to make a vegan
Mars Bar using pea protein and real chocolate,
so gentic manipulation and cruelty free. . .

.. fast forward to May 2007 ...
A Mars a day? Not if you're a vegetarian

The Scotsman reports:

VEGETARIANS with a sweet tooth may find many chocolate treats are
off-limits, because they are now being made with animal products.

A recipe change to some of the UK's most popular chocolate bars by giant
confectionery manufacturer Masterfoods will prevent strict vegetarians
being able to enjoy a range of the UK's most popular chocolate brands.
. . . . Full report.

.. Meanwhile ...
From Nott Fin #6 . 2nd March 1998 Published
at the Sumac (Rainbow) Centre in Nottingham,
included a vegan Mars Bar recipe,
by Veggies crew member, Steve,
available as a rare treat from Veggies Catering
Campaign at Animal Rights Demos and other events.
Rather than encourage a large and
possible unethical sweet manufacturer
(remember the dental research
on monkeys sponsored by Mars?)
, we suggest
that people should be encouraged to do it themselves
by circulating the recipe far and wide.

No copyright, but credit to 'Steve @ Veggies, Nottingham'
would be nice. Further suggestions & comment welcomed.
(eg it's not neccessarily fully ethical yet, but is instead
cheap & cheerful for vegan junk fooders!)

Uncle Stevie's ARES BAR (Vegan Mars Bars) RECIPE

From Wikipedea (16th May 2007)

In August 1984, sixty SEALL activists carried out a daylight raid on the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) at Buxton Brown Farm, Downe, Kent. They uncovered details of dental and diet experiments being carried out on monkeys and other animals. Information obtained led to the Royal College of Surgeons being prosecuted by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection for causing unnecessary suffering to a ten-year-old macaque monkey called Mone. They were fined 250. In order to obtain the prosecution, activist Mike Huskisson had to admit to being present on the day and witnessing the documents bing removed. He was sentenced to prison for eighteen months. The RCS's conviction was later overturned on a technicality.