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We have a flat rate of £3.50 for delivery so you can add extra items with no additional charge.

Veggies is a volunteer-led organisation, so orders may be processed once a week. We apologise if there is a short delay.

Short Cuts:

We also have a Community Food Hub, supplied locally from  our Sumac Centre base in Nottingham, for many vegan wholefoods & treats, plus ecological & ethical goods. Details at our ‘Food Hub’ page.

We have discontinued Veg1 vitamins, but they are available from the Vegan Society.

Zapatista Coffee

Price Rise – February 2023: The retails price has gone up by 18%. This follows the 36% in April 2021, which we were told was due to a post-Brexit import tax on coffee.

We continue to subsidise Zapatista Coffee to below the RRP. For a special prices for larger orders please contact usCafé Zapatista comes via Café Libertad Kollectiv in Hamburg.

  • Zapatista Coffee – 250g ground coffee – £7.59 . £7.00 .
  • Zapatista Coffee – 500g coffee beans – £12.36 . £12.00 .

Please donate here to support Zapatista communities

Click here for more information about Zapatista Coffee.

Veggies Burger & Sosage Mixes

Burger and Sausage Mixes are now in larger packs but the same great value.

Price frozen pending a full price review in the New Year! The costs of our organically grown ingredients have increased by 45% since 2018, but we are keeping the same 1p/gram price on our burger & sausage mixes. However we are ‘up-sizing’ the packs to 350g for £3.50, (was £3.00 for 300g).

There is no change to the £3.50/300g price/size of the No-Gluten Mix & Nut Mix.  Get in quick – there will be a full price review in 2023.

More information about Veggies Mixes

  • Veggies Festival Mix  – 350g – £3.50 .
  • Veggies Festival Mix – 1kg – £9.00 .

Veggies Festival Mix is a blend of our classic burger mix and  hemp burger mix as served exclusively at Veggies events – you can now recreate the Festival experience at home!

  • Burger Mix – 350g – £3.50 .
  • Burger Mix – 1kg – £9.00 .

  • Sausage Mix – 350g – £3.50 .
  • Sausage Mix – 1kg – £9.00 .

  • Hemp Burger Mix – 350g – £3.50 .
  • Hemp Burger Mix – 1kg – £9.00 .

  • ‘No-Gluten’ Mix – 300g – £3.50 .
  • ‘No-Gluten’ Mix – 900g – £9.00 .

Contains No Gluten Ingredients, but is carefully made in a kitchen that also handles gluten ingredients, so may not be suitable for strict celiac diets.

Veggies Nut Mix

Vegan nut en crouitVeggies Nut Mix is not just for Christmas!
This larder staple is for more than just great roasts🎄☃️⭐🎅 Try stuffed peppers, burgers, nut rolls, nut roast en croute, rissoles and more

  • Veggies Nut Roast Mix 300g – £3.50 . 
  • Veggies Nut Roast Mix 900g – £10.00 . 

Allergy advice: Contains nuts, including peanuts, & wheat gluten
More information about Veggies Nut Mix

Burger Maker – OUT OF STOCK

  • Burger maker – out of stock (but may be available on ebay) .
  • 100 Cellophane burger disks (available) – 80p .
  • 1000 cellophane disks (available) – £5.00 .


a selection of vegan, fair trade, organic chocolate bars

  • Equal Exchange Dark Lemon Ginger Chocolate (100g) – £2.60 .
  • Moo Free Bunnycomb Choc (20g) – £0.60 .
  • Moo Free Original Choc (20g) – £0.60 .
  • Moo Free Original Choc (80g) – £1.70 .
  • Ombar Fruit & Nut Organic Choc (70g) – £2.80 .
  • Organica Marzipan & Dark Chocolate (40g) – £1.40 .
  • Panda Raspberry Liquorice (4x32g) – £2.20 .

Handmade Face Masks

  • Face mask (added to an order for other goods) – £3.00  .

If ordered as a stand alone item use the following for reduced postage cost:

    • One face mask only – £3.00 + £1.15 p&p 
    • Two face masks only – £6.00 + £1.00 p&p 


A picture of handmade wedding cards, with themed images on gold card

  • Handmade Wedding Cards – £2.25 inc p&p (dispatched separately)  .

More information about Face Masks

Threads – Comic/zine by Cartoon KateCover of Threads by Cartoon Kate

  • Threads by Cartoon Kate  – £1.00 .

A 16 page full colour comic of the Threads Calais cartoon. Eyewitness reportage from the Dunkirk and Calais Jungle refugee camps.

No additional p&p if ordered with other shop items. To order as a stand alone item, order a  copy signed by the author (£2.50 inc p&p). For the full, hardback book version visit Cartoon Kate’s website.


Climate Resistance HandbookPicture of cover of climate resistance handbook

  • Climate Resistance Handbook – £3.50 .

The Climate Resistance Handbook uses a wide variety of real-life stories to teach some of the core elements of campaigning. Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner, or have only recently gotten involved, this book is for you. The perfect book to get into the hands of climate strikers and XR activists!

No additional p&p if ordered with other shop items. To order as a stand alone item it may be better to go direct to the publisher, Peace News.

Peace NewsCover of Peace News

The latest edition of Peace News has arrived. Read it online, subscribe or add a copy to your order:

  • Peace News – Current Edition – £2.00 .
  • FREE Peace News back issue .

Scoffer Recipe BooksVeggies Scoffer Cover

  • Veggies Scoffer – £1.50 .
  • Breakfast Scoffer – £1.50 .
    (Temporarily) Out of Stock

Note: these buttons add a £3.50 standard single postage charge at checkout, which is fine if ordering with other items, but for the Scoffers alone you could use the other payment options for £1.50 each & add just £1 for p&p.

More information about Scoffer Publications

Book cover for Jo's Vegan Nosh

Jo’s Vegan Nosh

  • 97 mouth watering recipes donated in memory of Jo Badger – £5.00 .


Cook Food by Lisa JervisBook cover for cook food by Lisa Jervis

    • A manualfesto for easy, healthy local eating – 8.99 . now £8 .

Books and PublicationsBooks and Publications


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