Veggies Summer Tour T-shirts have arrived from Sunrise Screenprint

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The latest edition has our 2016 Tour Dates, so is a great souvenir of events at which you may have enjoyed #FoodByVeggies. May of the events are regular features on Veggies Tour Dates

2016 Tour dates


friends not food t-shirtBuy your own Veggies T-Shirt and get 10% discount on all purchases at all events on our tour at which you are wearing the shirt!

You may be able to buy your t-shirt at Veggies events, or order from our on-line shop for just £10.00 (+p&p)

To discuss availability please contact us and let us know what sizes you are interested in!

salvage fashion labelAt the time that Veggies was being declared the most ethical veggie/vegan burger company in the UK, Sunrise treated us to one of the most eco-friendly t-shirts. Supplied by the Salvage Fashion and made from salvaged waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing, shredded, blended with recycled plastic bottles and made back into our t-shirts!

2016 tshirt offer


25th anniversary t-shirtSee also our 25th & 30th Anniversary T-Shirts, t-shirts from previous years – 2013 Badger Tour, Veggies ‘Tor’, ‘Planet Vegan’, ‘Tea Up Comrades’ and more from our t-shirt gallery.

t-shirt lineup pn 2016

You’ll need to contact us first to check availability. When confirmed we’ll send you back here to pay, using plastic or paypal, via this button: