The Zapatistas need your solidarity after attacks by government-linked paramilitaries destroyed much of this year’s coffee harvest
On August 22nd 2020 the ORCAO paramilitary organization looted & burned two Zapatista coffee warehouses in Cuxuljá, Chiapas, in an escalating series of attacks on indigenous communities resisting extractive mega-projects on indigenous lands
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Chiapas in Mexico produces one of the best coffees in the world, mainly grown in the mountains. Coffee is Mexico’s main export. Mexico is in fact the world’s fourth largest producer of coffee in the world, and the main producer of organic coffee. Partly due to the changing climate the plants are having to be moved further up the mountains, resulting in a reduced supply – so temporarily it is mixed 50/50 with coffee from the Juan Tama women’s coop in Colombia, to try to stretch out the supply.

chiapas mapIn Mexico more than 3 million people depend on the production of coffee and on its exportation. 91.7% are small producers with less than five hectares of land, and more than 60% of these are indigenous peoples. The other 8.3% own a number of enormously extended estates that are the fruits of occupations of indigenous lands; these occupations have been promoted and supported by the government.

The EZLN commonly known as the Zapatistas has developed social and political projects: building, from the bottom up, a society where the Maya people can enjoy autonomy, safeguarding their own idioms and culture, and organising their own access to education, health, and land, through forms of direct democracy.

drying coffeeOne of these projects is the creation of small cooperatives that produce the “Cafe Rebelde” or “Zapatista coffee”. The organisation of these cooperatives has strengthened and improved access to the land and the quality of life overall. …more…

Direct trade: Chiapas to Nottingham via Hamburg

Where appropriate Veggies therefore uses and sells Café Zapatista that come to the UK from Café Libertad Kollectiv in Hamburg. Café Libertad deal directly with the cooperatives in Mexico, as an act of solidarity with the indigenous peoples struggle in Chiapas Mexico and also because it tastes so damn good!

Zapatista CoffeeYou can buy Zapatista Coffee from Veggies at the Sumac Centre, at many good events and from our mail order shop.

Zapatista Coffee is also available from our supplier, Lembas from Sheffield or from Active Distribution.

Also in Bristol from Essential Wholefood Co-operative or The Base, from the Cowley Club in Brighton or in London from Housmans Bookshop & 56a InfoShop.

See Café Rebelde from Chiapas article by Ethical Consumer.

Note that at some events, particularly outdoors, we also use fair trade coffee from Cafe Direct.

Deliveries to UK only. Overseas by special arrangement

  • We may have to decline orders that cannot be economically sent overseas – contact us to discuss.
  • We will check the additional cost of sending overseas, and invite an additional donation towards the cost.
  • You should check the cost of getting it from Cafe Libertad in Hamburg. As they bring it direct from Chiapas to distribute to the UK, their base price €3.30 is cheaper than our £4.50, which means that they may be able to send it to you more cost effectively, subject to their postage costs. See their prices …here…
  • To discuss delivery costs contact us 


The dossier on the Café Zapatista has been printed on the Italian
magazine “A Rivista Anarchica”.

You can find the English version online

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