To help put your ideas into practice, we have a range of facilities available to individual users and affiliated groups.

Facilities include:

  • Message & Mailbox Services — Providing a reliable point of contact for your organisation.
  • Meeting Space — Sumac Centre's Café doubles as a meeting room for up to 100 people.
  • Shared use of Office facilities with photocopier, telephone and fax — pay as you go, or on account by application, enabling groups to closely monitor and budget their printing and phone usage.
  • Computers — IBM compatible PCs with word processing, spreadsheet and database packages.
  • Internet Access — e-mail sent & received for individuals, volunteers & user groups.
    Web page can be designed and hosted on this site. See User Groups for examples.
  • Desktop Publishing — Full facilities, including image scanning, for the design of leaflets & newsletters.
  • Sumac Library — books, videos, journals, press reports, leaflets and campaign materials on world issues such as human rights, animal rights, peace, the environment and social justice.

A small charge is made for use of some of the above to contribute towards running costs and maintenance.