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The Monday Meet Up Sessions with Extinction Rebellion Nottingham . De escalation techniques as part of Non Violent Action

The Monday Meet Up Sessions

All Welcome to friendly, supportive, interactive sessions

29th Nov. De escalation techniques as part of Non Violent Action.

For individuals in heated conflict, angry members of the public, for groups and police in non violent actions, for ourselves when we get agitated. Skills and strategies to practice.

WHERE? Sumac Centre, 245, Gladstone St,NG7 6HX
WHEN? 7.15 till 9pm
WHO FOR? everyone welcome however new or experienced

Hosted by Extinction Rebellion Nottingham

Earth Riot with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

Dead excited to hear that Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir are returning to Nottingham.

They are Earth-loving urban activists who protect bees, oppose police brutality and create dramatic actions to inspire climate change activism.

The EARTH RIOT show is on Monday 8th November at National Justice Museum, High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HN . View Map

Bookings at Eventbrite

Photo of Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir by John Quilty,

About this event

Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir are a radical performance community who use the theatre of protest, spectacle and the sincere intensity of song to carry their message. They are Earth-loving urban activists who protect bees, oppose police brutality and create dramatic actions to inspire climate change activism.

Join them for a riot in the court,seeking justice for nature , a breathtaking, joyful, and heartbreaking show.Earthalujah!

Tickets are on a sliding scale – pay what you can afford

The Earth Riot Tour is like a cloudburst of melody and rhythm mixed with open conversation about the uprising of our physical world. At a turning point in our lives, as shock extinction accelerates, how do we live and how do we love?

After performances across the country, the exuberant troupe will reach COP26 International Conference for Climate Change with two shows in Glasgow. Whether COP26 will be so pleased to see them remains to be seen!



Sunday 11th 2003 : Reverend Billy’s Sunday Service

From Veggies Archive

The possibly insane but indisputably sublime Reverend Billy brought his war on consumerism from New York city to Nottingham. Mixing art with activism, and activism with entertainment the Reverend performed one of his comic ‘services’ at Broadway, appropriately enough, since the building was originally a chapel.

During the service, Reverend Billy conferred ‘sainthood’ in the Church of No Shopping on Veggies’ Co-operative members Pat & Ronny.

Nottingham COP26 Coalition Rally. The Forest – Market Square

On 6 November 2021, as world leaders meet in Glasgow for the COP26 Global Climate Summit, towns and cities across the world will take to the streets demanding global climate justice.

In Nottingham we will be assembling at the Forest Recreation Ground at 1pm, marching down Mansfield Road at 2pm and rallying in the Market Square at 3pm.

Join us for #FoodByVeggies.


We are living through a period of multiple breaking points – from climate to covid to racism. We know that these crises not only overlap, but share the same cause. 
While no one can escape the impacts of these crises, those who have done least to cause them suffer the most. Across the world, the poorest people and communities of colour are too often those bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. From coastal villages in Norfolk whose sea-defenses are eroding faster than ever, to people living by the Niger Delta rivers blackened by oil spillage.

We are calling for:

NO MORE COOKING. THE BOOKS: No To Fossil Fuels, Net-zero And False Solutions!
– Fight For 1.5
– We Need Real Zero, Not Net Zero
– Keep It In The Ground: No New Fossil Fuel Investments Or Infrastructure
– Reject False Solutions: No To Carbon Markets And Risky And Unproven Technologies

REWIRE THE SYSTEM: Start The Justice Transition Now!
– Start The Justice Transition

GLOBAL CLIMATE JUSTICE: Reparations And Redistribution To The Global South!
– Fair share of effort from all rich countries
– Cancel the debts of Global South by all creditors
– Grant-based climate finance for the Global South
– Reparations for the loss and damage already happening in the Global South

animal aid go vegan logo

Broxtowe Green Festival

We’ll be at the Broxtowe Green Festival on 25th September at Inham Nook Rec. Ground with #FoodByVeggies, including #samosasforsocialchange!
We hope you can join us!

This follows Nottingham Green Festival on Sunday 12th and Derbyshire Woodland Festival 2021 on Sat/Sun 18th/19th
All great opportunities why vegan food has such an important role to play in any efforts to mitigate #climatebreakdown

Spring into Action – March for Wildlife

Join East Midlands Rebellion on Saturday 5th June – celebrating our wildlife and raising awareness about protecting it from harm.

Veggies will be there raising awareness of the pressure that wildlife faces in the UK and worldwide from the impact of intensive farming practices required to grow food, not for people but for the 2nd population explosion of farmed animals.

Meet at Nottingham station at 2:45pm

Sneinton Essentials Market

As a response to the covid-19 crisis Veggies are proving basic vegan larder staples at the Sneinton Essentials Market every Saturday between 10 and 2pm, alongside the Vegan Market that has now returned on the First & Third Saturdays.

A large range of foods & cleaning materials can be ordered from our Community Food Hub from the extensive stock list by email to sales@veggies.org.uk, for collection at the Market.

On the day we also have:

  • Veggies Burgers
  • Various pasties & Sausage Rolls
  • Vegan Cakes – including Gluten free
  • Fresh baked bread Bread – wholemeal; sour dough; gluten free
  • Teas & Coffee
  • Veggies Mixes to make your own at home!

Love Your Planet; Strike For It!

Nottingham YouthStrike4Climate will be taking to the streets of Nottingham to demand an end to the climate crisis under the title “Love Your Planet; Strike For It!”.
Your political and practical support is crucial for having a powerful demonstration on the day. You are invited  to join us on our action. See the link to our Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/524281981526196/.
In addition, we still need to organise some of the details for the day and so we are having an open planning meeting which all groups and individuals are welcome to attend.
The meeting is this Saturday 25th January at 3pm in the Vat and Fiddle, NG2 1NB and it would be great to see as many people there as possible. Link to the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/843502749409534/.

Join us as we take part in this nationally co-ordinated call to action and take to the streets of Nottingham to demand a solution to the climate crisis! Show the world what you love about our shared environment and be a part of the fightback for its defence.

This is our world and we will fight those who are destroying it!


XR Nottingham Community and Training weekend

This is going to be a packed weekend of trainings to upskill and empower. Provided by national, regional and local trainers – this is going to be a weekend of fresh ideas and perspectives and a chance to meet other rebels from around the region.

We are offering a packed schedule of sessions. This includes training in de-escalation, being a spokesperson, facilitation, becoming an NVDA trainer, self-organising-systems, community building, songs/chants.

There will be a meal by Veggies and social event held on Saturday evening. Also we can offer accommodation for rebels if required.

Sign up via https://www.facebook.com/events/s/xr-nottingham-community-and-tr/470460946996163/

Heading For Extinction (and what to do about it)

Climate change: HEADING FOR EXTINCTION – and what to do about it! (+ #FoodByVeggies!)

With all the terrifying reports of the devastation caused by extreme weather events from Australia to the Amazon, it can seem like this is beyond our control. Billions of animals lost, millions of hectares of land destroyed – it all seems so overwhelming. BUT, there are things we can do to prevent this all getting worse.

This talk is to let you know why the climate and ecological crisis have come to pass and what we can do to prevent this catastrophe from continuing. Extinction Rebellion’s ethos is non-violent mass civil disobedience to force governments to ACT NOW on the growing climate and ecological emergency.

Reclaim the Power National Gathering

RTP gathering in Sheffield saying goodbye to 2019 in style and gearing up for 2020.

*Note the change of date to 18/19 January 2020 – Venue is the same, Union Street in Sheffield*

Reclaim the Power is a UK based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice.

After Power Beyond Borders, fundraisers and hostile environment actions we are coming together to think about what 2020 might look like for Reclaim the Power.

Full Agenda details to follow

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