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Nottingham’s Monthly Critical Mass Bike Ride

Critical Mass is for everyone who rides a bike in Nottingham.

In short, “we are not blocking the traffic – We are Traffic!”

Nottingham Critical Mass is a mass cycle ride, with no particular route, except where we want to go. We ride on the last Friday of every month.

So, meet us to leave at 7pm outside the Bell Inn, Old Market Square, Nottingham (opposite end of square from council house).

Last but not least, join us to enjoy a fun and sociable bike ride.



Flier image for Nottingham Critical Mass

Critical Mass Flier. Please print & distribute

Veggies archive info.

Bye Bye Bicycology

We are sorry to hear that Bicycology has reached the end of the road.
We have enjoyed working with, and been inspired by, this activist cycle project on many occasions.
Bicycology is/was a UK-based collective that was formed after the 2005 London to Scotland G8 Bike Ride. It was a non-hierarchical non-profit organisation which aims to promote cycling as part of a wider focus on social and environmental sustainability. [wikipedia]
In 2016 Indymedia reported that the Bicycology bike tour traveled from London to Lancaster (via Nottingham), before heading to the Climate Action Camp. It visited Nottingham on Saturday 19th August:
Bicycology is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise future events of a similar nature. By focusing on cycling we aim to persue our vision of a just and sustainable world through a combination of education, entertainment and creative direct action. The collective was formed during a weekend meeting at the Sumac Centre, here in Nottingham, in November 2005 with 15 original members.
At the Big Green Gathering in 2017 Bicycology offered the usual selection of information and energy trailer amusements, and a multitude of bike jewellery and Tetra Pak wallets. The wallets and their Tetra Tool Kits are featured on Veggies Tetra Pak Craft Recycling website.


The Climate Camp connection continued when Bicycology headed up a cycle rally from the site of the 2007 Heathrow Airport camp to the 2008 site at Kingsnorth Power Station. Veggies supported the mission by taking a parallel route to provide vegan catering at each stop. Veggies was an active participant in Climate Camp catering from 2006 to 2009 – as their Action Resources Blog says:

… the United Nations has reported that “livestock is a major threat to environment” all food is vegan, mostly organic and locally sourced to minimise food miles, provided by communal neighbourhood kitchens, many associated with the Social Centres Network.

“We were in the campaigns area of the Green Futures Field, sharing a space with Veggies (the Nottingham based vegan catering campaign), an art exhibition and Rubbish DJ’s (turntables and amps mounted in a rubbish cart). The art exhibition and DJ setup were in the marquee which was closed up at night. Each morning we opened it up and laid out our Bicycology stall at the front. We had taken a load of old tyres and chains for making belts and bracelets – people could either make their own or buy them ready made from us with all the money going to 56a Infoshop in London.”


Whilst Bicycology on the streets may be just a happy recollection, hopefully their online resources will continue to inspire; their guide to building the Bicycology Energy Trailer, is a great resource for any Critical Mass Bike Ride or action camp , as seen alongside Veggies Catering at Peace News Summer Camp:

Image result for bicycology site:veggies.org.uk
And finally their “All About Food” Guide:
Front of Bicycology Food Guide
Back of Bicycology Food Guide

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Monster Masquerade NCM

Dress up or down as much as yer like, but try at least bring a monster mask and some dancing shoes!
We meet in the Market Square on the island between the tram lines and the Bell Inn. We leave at 6:30pm by following the person in front or if your in front you go where yer like!
At some point we’ll head back to the square and suggest we head to the secret after party!
This after party will have NCM’s very first techno ceilidh as well as the usual fire fun. So be ready to grab yer monster partner an take them on a spin!
Bring yer own food,drink and whatever else you want to the party.
NCM putting the fun back between yer legs.

Summer Reggae Ride NCM

It’s time for us to take over the streets of Nottingham with our reggae powered bicycle sound systems….
Just meet at 6:30pm in the Market Square on the little island between the tram lines and the Bell Inn. Come on a bicycle.
No route necessary we just follow the person in front and if you are at the front then you go where you like!
At some point though we’ll head back to the square and suggest we head over to the secret after party!
The after party will be held in Shamilla’s honour as she turns 31 today! It will be held in a low light pollution area as it is also the peak of the Delta Aquarids meteor shower! There is a spot for wild swimming, so bring whatever you feel comfortable swimming in, if yer want to do that. We’re going to celebrate Shamila’s 31st year with a wood fired vegan/vegetarian BBQ.
Bring yer own food,drink and whatever else yer need to party!
NCM puts the fun back between yer legs!

Space for Cycling Ride to Party

On the 22nd of April rides will be taking place across the country to promote safer cycling in the run-up to the local elections on the 4th May.

The national Space for Cycling campaign aims to create the conditions where anyone can cycle anywhere.

We will gather at the Brian Clough statue at 11:00 for a 11:15 or so start.

Rest stop about half way and finishing at County Hall at around 13:00 for a picnic

Veggies aim to bring/send food & drink, but have other commitments on the same day, so anyone that can help take food along, please contact Veggies. Please bring your own too, so we can have a picnic by The Trent.

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