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Belle Vue Greyhound Demo

Shut Down Belle Vue campaign to raise awareness of the reality of greyhound racing, demos every Saturday outside Belle Vue track, Manchester, England.

Over recent years there have been a number of dogs killed at Belle Vue Greyhound Racing Stadium at Belle Vue Racetrack in Gorton, Manchester, so we have to tell the punters with all honesty that dogs are regularly dying in the Belle Vue ground.

We need to put an end to this miserable place, please give us your support.

Nottingham COP26 Coalition Rally. The Forest – Market Square

On 6 November 2021, as world leaders meet in Glasgow for the COP26 Global Climate Summit, towns and cities across the world will take to the streets demanding global climate justice.

In Nottingham we will be assembling at the Forest Recreation Ground at 1pm, marching down Mansfield Road at 2pm and rallying in the Market Square at 3pm.

Join us for #FoodByVeggies.


We are living through a period of multiple breaking points – from climate to covid to racism. We know that these crises not only overlap, but share the same cause. 
While no one can escape the impacts of these crises, those who have done least to cause them suffer the most. Across the world, the poorest people and communities of colour are too often those bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. From coastal villages in Norfolk whose sea-defenses are eroding faster than ever, to people living by the Niger Delta rivers blackened by oil spillage.

We are calling for:

NO MORE COOKING. THE BOOKS: No To Fossil Fuels, Net-zero And False Solutions!
– Fight For 1.5
– We Need Real Zero, Not Net Zero
– Keep It In The Ground: No New Fossil Fuel Investments Or Infrastructure
– Reject False Solutions: No To Carbon Markets And Risky And Unproven Technologies

REWIRE THE SYSTEM: Start The Justice Transition Now!
– Start The Justice Transition

GLOBAL CLIMATE JUSTICE: Reparations And Redistribution To The Global South!
– Fair share of effort from all rich countries
– Cancel the debts of Global South by all creditors
– Grant-based climate finance for the Global South
– Reparations for the loss and damage already happening in the Global South

animal aid go vegan logo

Free the MBR Beagles Demo at Home Office & Parliament

‼️JOIN US‼️ Next Monday 18th October outside of Westminster Hall in London. There will be Food By Veggies

Let’s make some noise for the EDM 175! A hearing to hold a scientific and public review into animal testing!

This is monumental in the animals rights movement! There has been NOTHING like this since 1906. We must ensure the government conduct this milestone review with integrity. The last time this was promised was before the 1997 Labour elections. More details from Free the MBR Beagles on facebook.

Some of you may remember Barry Horne, the activist who died on hunger strike in a bid to get the government to uphold their promise of a Royal Commission into vivisection. November 6th will mark the death of his 20 year anniversary.

Let’s unite and make sure animal research is abolished like it should have been back in 1906 ❤️

Protest the beagle puppy factory

2000 Beagle puppies are being sold into VIVISECTION (at just 16 weeks old) every week!
This isn’t just puppy farming, THIS IS FACTORY PUPPY FARMING!
Please join us to protest at the puppy factory farm in support of Camp Beagle
Sawtry Way
PE28 2DT

Spring into Action – March for Wildlife

Join East Midlands Rebellion on Saturday 5th June – celebrating our wildlife and raising awareness about protecting it from harm.

Veggies will be there raising awareness of the pressure that wildlife faces in the UK and worldwide from the impact of intensive farming practices required to grow food, not for people but for the 2nd population explosion of farmed animals.

Meet at Nottingham station at 2:45pm

Enforce the Ban on Fox Hunting – postponed til March 2021

Since the hunting act was introduced in 2004 thousands of foxes have been hunted and killed.
Hunt saboteurs have continually been victims of violence with little action being taken by police.

Please bring your voice, megaphones, drums and banners. It’s time to make it known that we won’t stand for this anymore.

National Animal Rights Day

You are invited to attend the 10th National Animal Rights Day (NARD) event in London, along with 50 other cities around the world!

* WHERE: London, TBC – Exact location coming soon!

* WHAT: The event will start with a moving Memorial Ceremony for the billions of animals who lost their lives this year by human hands, and will end with a Celebration of the victories we had this year towards ending the suffering of all animals.

World Day for Animals in Laboratories 2020

Join World Day for Laboratory Animals 2020 in Liverpool.

Each year inside British laboratories, around 4 million animals are experimented on. Every 8 seconds, one animal dies. Included are experiments on more than 600,000 animals. With over half of all animal experiments now taking place in universities it is crucial we speak out to end animal suffering and progress beyond wasteful, costly and cruel research.

Guest speakers throughout the day will be raising awareness about poor and cruel science behind animal experimentation and curiosity-driven research. There will vegan food and campaign stands, a media presence, exciting and creative stunts.

Love Your Planet; Strike For It!

Nottingham YouthStrike4Climate will be taking to the streets of Nottingham to demand an end to the climate crisis under the title “Love Your Planet; Strike For It!”.
Your political and practical support is crucial for having a powerful demonstration on the day. You are invited  to join us on our action. See the link to our Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/524281981526196/.
In addition, we still need to organise some of the details for the day and so we are having an open planning meeting which all groups and individuals are welcome to attend.
The meeting is this Saturday 25th January at 3pm in the Vat and Fiddle, NG2 1NB and it would be great to see as many people there as possible. Link to the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/843502749409534/.

Join us as we take part in this nationally co-ordinated call to action and take to the streets of Nottingham to demand a solution to the climate crisis! Show the world what you love about our shared environment and be a part of the fightback for its defence.

This is our world and we will fight those who are destroying it!


Nottingham Greyhound Demo

A peaceful Demonstration to raise awareness about the underlying exploitation of Greyhounds in racing.

Sadly, deaths and serious injuries to dogs running on the tracks are relatively common, and the existence of a major track like Nottingham is responsible for the putting to death of about 500 greyhounds every year.

According to a Guardian article: “Greyhound tracks are closing and the industry isn’t doing enough to care for the thousands of dogs who face an uncertain fate”

*Raise awareness about the plight of greyhounds bred for racing.
*Campaign for the abolition of commercial greyhound racing.
*Promote greyhounds as pets.
*The government to pass legislation making it illegal to place or accept bets on greyhound racing.*
*The general public to NEVER attend or bet on greyhound racing, so the industry fades away through lack of support.

Demo at 6.30pm at Daleside Road Roundabout, (the entrance to Nottingham Greyhound Stadium).

Probably every 2 weeks, but call 07703 031667 to confirm.


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