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Funeral For Our Future?

Join Extinction Rebellion for a symbolic funeral procession and memorial service for all those already lost to climate change, and for all our futures unless we take urgent and radical action now.

This is a chance to express our grief for the thousands who have already died as a result of climate change, and for those species which have gone, or will go extinct – possibly including ourselves! It is also an opportunity to mourn for all our futures as we come to terms with the massive disruption which climate change is already having and will bring in the coming decades.

We will process solemnly through the City Centre streets behind the coffin to the beat of a drum and song, stopping occasionally to address the crowd. Arriving at our end point we will make our declaration and present our demands to the City Council. Then will come a memorial service with songs, poetry and speeches, and the chance to place tokens of our grief and hope on the coffin.

Finally, we will gather in a warm place close-by to share food and drink, to reflect on how we are feeling, to share our hopes and ideas on how to improve our situation, and to get to know each other.

Everyone is welcome to join us at any part of the event. Please dress (warmly!) in black if possible and bring tokens of grief and hope; e.g. pictures of lost environmental activists, extinct animals, or climate change damage, soft toys, or flowers; to leave on the coffin.

If you’d like a chance to address the crowd, or perform a poem or song, please contact us via direct message. Likewise if you have a specific need to be addressed. This event is intended to be as open and accessible to everyone as possible.

Bring climate-change placards and banners, and warm those voices up to sing along, united in grief and hope.

Schedule · Saturday, 19 January 2019
Meet, ready to process – Trinity Square
Funeral Procession through the City Centre
Funeral Ceremony – Market Square
Time to reflect, talk about what we can do to save our future, and get to know each other – Venue TBC

Demo at Spycop Andy Coles’ Talk on Policing

Andy Coles then and now

Andy Coles then and now

When the truth was exposed about Andy Coles’ history as an undercover police officer, he immediately resigned as Cambridgeshire’s Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner.

He spent four years undercover infiltrating peace and animal rights campaigns, and deceived a vulnerable teenager, ‘Jessica‘, into a year-long relationship. Such activity by the Special Demonstration Squad is one of the darkest parts of Metropolitan Police history, and Met lawyers admit it breaches the fundamental right to freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment.

When his deployment ended, Coles wrote the Special Demonstration Squad’s Tradecraft Manual, which gives instructions on how to conduct sexual relationships with women they’re spying on, and how to steal the identities of dead children.

On exposure on May last year, he locked all his social media accounts. Though he resigned as Deputy PCC, he retains his seat on Peterborough City Council. He has still given no interviews to explain himself, merely several short prepared statements.

However, in recent months he has unlocked his social media and now he is booked to speak on policing issues to the AGM of the Longthorpe and Netherton Residents Association.

Astonishingly, he is speaking alongside the person who took over the Deputy PCC role after Coles was forced to resign, Ray Bisby.

Men who abuse their public roles in order to violate citizens should not be in positions of civic trust. Most especially, they should not be seen as credible voices on the work of the very institution whose power they abused.

Join us to protest about Coles’ continued role in public life. 

DATE: Wednesday December 19th, 5pm (ahead of the AGM at 5.30)

PLACE: St. Jude’s Church, Cranford Drive, Peterborough PE3 7EW

The Official Animal Rights March 2018 | London


The Official Animal Rights March is an annual march founded by UK animal rights organisation Surge. The march began in London in 2016 with 2,500 vegans and in 2017 the march doubled to 5,000 vegans marching in London for animal liberation. In 2018 we want to see THOUSANDS MORE vegans taking over the streets of London, demanding an end to all animal oppression.

In order to make this march bigger than ever before, we need your help. Invite your friends, tell every vegan you meet, this is the day that we unite, where we stand up, rise up and say no more, not in our name.

This march will be bigger, bolder, brighter and louder than any year prior. The future is vegan, but we must continue to speak out on behalf of the animals until the day that their suffering ends.

The route is shown here: https://www.facebook.com/surgeactivism/photos/gm.309902249756233/851821891681591/

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Save the date, spread the word – and let’s make history for the animals.

Trailer coming soon.




The Official Animal Rights March is supported by HeartCure Collective, a Sheffield-based non-profit organisation.



Surround Yarlswood #14 SHUT IT DOWN!

Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre holds 400 women; women who have committed no crime.

Their Rights are denied; their freedom removed: FREE THEM NOW!

Read about all the current concerns here



50 Years of Resistance

1968-2018: A Celebration of 50 years of Resistance, Campaigning and Alternatives for A Better World

– despite 50 years of police opposition, spying and repression

1st to 8th July:   Week of local events and activities around the UK – please organise!

Sat 7 July, 1-3pm: Roll Call / Rally: Grosvenor Sq, London W1K 2HP

Sun 8 July, 10-4pm: Conference / Exhibition: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

In 1968, following demonstrations against the Vietnam War in London’s Grosvenor Square, the police set up a Special Demonstration Squad (SDS). Since that time, 50 years ago, over 1,000 groups campaigning in the UK for a better world have been spied on, infiltrated and targeted by political policing. Their protests and demonstrations are also subjected to ongoing police opposition and control to try to limit their effectiveness.

This targeting has included groups campaigning for equality, justice, the environment and international solidarity, for rights for women, LGBTQ, workers and for animals, for community empowerment, and those campaigning against war, racism, sexism, corporate power, legal repression and police oppression and brutality. Such groups have represented many millions of people throughout the UK who want to make the world a better, fairer and more sustainable place for everyone.

When the SDS was formed they aimed to ‘shut down’ the movements they were spying on. But despite disgusting police tactics, movements for positive change are still here and growing, and have had many successes on the way.


The planned events are in support of those campaigning for full exposure and effective action at the Undercover Policing Inquiry, and against police attempts to delay and undermine it. We aim to encourage more groups to find out about the Inquiry and how they can get involved and support each other, and to unite the many different groups and organisations who have been victims of our police state because of their efforts to improve society. 


Block Around the Clock: Mass camp and action

“If you like it then you shouldn’t put a rig on it.” – Beyoncé

This summer we’re stepping up the disruption with a BLOCK AROUND THE CLOCK, as part of our mass action camp against fracking. Come and join us as we return to Preston New Road near Blackpool to stop Cuadrilla’s dastardly fracking plans once again.

Weds 27 June to Sunday 1 July
Get the dates in your diary, more details to follow soon!

Time and again, local communities have shown the shale gas industry it has no social license to frack in the UK. But the Conservatives are continuing their plan to force this dirty drilling on communities. With a long winter behind us and fracking proposed to start soon at Preston New Road, it is now more important than ever to show the locals of Lancashire that we stand with them.

This Reclaim the Power mass action and camp is part of the United Resistance, a bold 3 months of action organised by Lancashire locals. They are calling on anti-frackers from across the country to join them and take action, with at least one action per week planned between April and June. For more information check: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedResistanceUK/

If you’re wondering why you should care about fracking, why Preston New Road is a key frontline in the resistance against dirty fossil energy, and why direct action is necessary – watch this brand new documentary http://player.lush.com/tv/power-trip-film-zoe-broughton-and-paul-oconnor

Reclaim the Power is a UK-based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice. We aim to build a broad-based movement, working in solidarity with frontline communities to effectively confront environmentally destructive industries and the social and economic forces driving climate change.

Birmingham March To Close All Slaughterhouses

Birmingham Animal Action will be hosting the Global event ‘March to Close Down all the Slaughter Houses’ 2018

We will meet at Victoria Square in Birmingham City Centre for 12pm
March route will be confirmed closer to the time

Every year Cities across the world gather together under the banner of ‘Close All The Slaughter Houses’ which originated in France a few years ago.

People from all walks of life will march together as one with leaflets, placards and banners to promote an end to Animal slaughter and advocate veganism.

It’s time to claim loud and clear the abolition of slavery of all the animals, the abolition of the practices which cause them the biggest wrongs: their breeding, their fishing and their slaughter.

Every year in the world, 60 billion land animals and more than 1000 billion aquatic animals are killed without necessity, which means that 164 million land animals and more than 2,74 billion aquatic animals are killed every day.

After the march, we will be disrupting a place of animal exploitation then heading to Pak Mecca Halal Slaughterhouse, for a remembrance and to lay flowers for the millions of victims that have had their throats slit there and been hung, drained of blood and sliced into pieces for cash and human consumption.

We ask you to respect this event by taking a vegan pledge for the duration of the event if you are in the process of transitioning. Thank you.

Our first speakers confirmed will be from:

Please feel free to bring your own banners and vegan leaflets.
We ask you respect a vegan pledge for this event.

Fossil Free Mischief Festival

We’re excited to announce:


Grab your hat, don your wig, bring your wickedest smile
And come challenge BP in theatrical style
Join us in June to exhibit your ire
At that loathsome, rank, endless and infinite liar…

On Saturday June 16th, we are delighted to invite you to our 50th rebel performance to kick fossil fuels out of the arts.

Join us in beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon for some serious MISCHIEF against Big Oil!

We’re bringing a festival of guerrilla theatre, disobedient poetry and rebellious music to the doorstep of the Royal Shakespeare Company, to challenge their partnership with oil giant BP. But we need your help to make it a success. Out, damned logo!

Transport from London and Oxford will be provided. If you’re interested, email info@bp-or-not-bp.org and we’ll send you more details on how to take part. Please also share this callout, and the Facebook event!

What’s this all about?

This June, as part of their annual “Mischief Festival”, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) are staging a double bill of plays about ‘freedom of speech and the right to protest’. As with all RSC plays, tickets for young people are sponsored by BP. BP is deeply complicit in the activities of repressive governments around the world who are crushing people’s freedom of speech and protest, from Egypt to Indonesia – often in ways that benefit the oil company. To add insult to injury, BP is sponsoring discount RSC tickets for 16-25 year olds – the same young people whose futures the company is actively trashing through its greenhouse gas emissions and lobbying against climate action.

Enough! No more!

On Saturday June 16th, we’re heading to Stratford-upon-Avon to hold our own “Fossil Free Mischief Festival” at the RSC’s front door, without permission. With your help, we’ll take a creative stand for clean energy and ethical arts funding, and test how committed the RSC really is to freedom of protest…

Now is the summer of our discontent! Will you join us for some serious Mischief on June 16th?

What will happen on the day?

A host of different performers will join BP or not BP? for a family-friendly day of music, theatre and spoken word – all held mischievously outside RSC venues. Think of it as an unofficial “fringe” to the RSC’s own Mischief Festival. We are working with activists from countries directly affected by BP’s operations, and will be sharing their messages and stories with the public. Some of the performances will be lively and cheeky, others will have a more solemn tone to reflect the reality of BP’s operations.

We need your help to:
Be part of the audience, enjoy the show, partake in some Shakespearean dressing-up and help hold the space.
Join us in throwing Shakespearean insults at that smiling damned villain BP.
Help us engage with theatre-goers and the public, to explain why the RSC needs to stop supporting BP and to share the stories of people fighting back against oil and gas extraction around the world.
Be part of our musical flashmob finale! No performance experience is required – email us at info@bp-or-not-bp.org to find out how to take part.
What are the exact times, and how can I get there and back?

The festival will run from 12 noon to around 6.00pm on June 16th. We’re organising cheap transport from London and Oxford – to book a place, please email us as soon as possible at info@bp-or-not-bp.org (ideally before the end of May). If you need help or advice travelling from somewhere else, please let us know that too. Stratford-upon-Avon also has a train station, which is a 15 minute walk from the theatre.

What’s the problem with BP sponsorship?

Oil companies like BP are lobbying hard to prevent meaningful climate action, while burning reserves which will put us into an unprecedented climate emergency.

Sponsoring public and cultural institutions like the RSC help BP cover up these practices, by providing them with a social licence to operate.

With their logo proudly displayed by respected partners, they present themselves as being a caring, responsible company, while committing some of the world’s worst human rights abuses and causing runaway climate change.

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, the plays in the RSC’s Mischief Festival are about the disappearance of activists in Mexico and the imprisonment of journalists in Turkey – both countries where BP’s operations have faced serious criticism. The oil company recently signed a major new offshore drilling contract with the repressive Mexican government, while in Turkey a massive BP-backed pipeline has been linked to serious human rights abuses. It’s time the RSC stopped covering up BP’s bad behaviour.

Who’s organising this?

We are BP or not BP? – a troupe of theatrical actor-vists.

We formed in 2012 to oppose BP’s sponsorship of the Royal Shakespeare Company with a series of Shakespeare-themed stage invasions.

We now create pop-up performances in a range of fossil fuel sponsored spaces, including the RSC, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery and Royal Opera House. We will not rest until these cultural institutions are freed from the beastly grip of that puke-stocking BP!

Manchester March to Close All Slaughterhouses 2018

We are pleased to announce the 2nd March to close all slaughterhouse in Manchester will happen on June the 10th 2018!

We want to build on the success of the 2017 march. Let’s make our voice heard for animal rights.

Why are we marching to close down all slaughterhouses?

As a society, we have marched against sexism, racism, homophobia and so much more. It is now time to march against speciesism – the ideology that some lives are more important than others. We know Veganism is our moral baseline; this march, boldly and openly, demands social change and this event serves a key role in the awakening process within the movement towards animal liberation.

It is time to introduce this idea for public discourse. The number of people who refuse to participate in the mass exploitation, torture and killing of nonhumans is growing. While it is important to ask people to boycott the consumption of animal products. Our intent with this march is to make a political statement demanding the end of animal exploitation and killing. If we do not boldly and directly demand this social change now, the abolition of nonhuman animal exploitation will always remain a dream, never a reality.

More details to be announced about the march at later date.

World Day for Animals in Laboratories (WDAIL) March- Nottingham

The WDAIL March will go ahead on the 28th April in Nottingham City Centre.

Please follow http://www.facebook.com/WDAILUK and click attending or interested to keep up to date with all details as they are organised. Much more info to follow.

World Day for Laboratory Animals was instituted in 1979 and has been a catalyst for the movement to end the suffering of animals in laboratories around the world and their replacement with advanced scientific non-animal techniques. The suffering of millions of animals all over the world is commemorated on every continent.

Nottingham last hosted WDAIL Rally in 2014 – watch the videos to see what to expect.

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