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Dairy Outreach and VR Debut

What better date to début our brand new Virtual Reality Headsets (with many thanks to Animal Equality) then a few days before Valentines day where lots of dairy chocolate will be purchased as gifts. The immersion experience in question will be on the dairy industry and the lives of cows from birth to slaughter.

We will be doing our usual food outreach stall focussed on dairy alternatives to firm favourites to show how easy it is to leave torture and cruelty off your plate. We will have lots of information, recipes and flyers too.

We welcome any donations of accidentally or vegan specific or home baked food for our stall and always need friendly faces to welcome and talk with interested people who approach the stall.

If you know someone who can take the challenge to watch the truth with their own eyes or are interested to have a look for yourself then we will be in the centre of town (depending on weather, specific date to be confirmed) from 11 am.

Nottingham Animal Rights Christmas Social

This Nottingham Animal Rights meetings is relocating from the Peacock to the Sumac Centre, so that we can hold a bring & share pot luck social meal.

All welcome – hunt sabs, vegan campaigners, AR activists, people who want to get involved, and people who just want to know more about what we do, including supporters of Animal Aid, Greyhound Action, Hunt Sabs, SHAC, VIVA!, Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society, and the many other groups that we aim to support locally.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Support Nottingham Animal Rights :

Christmas Vegan Outreach

We are holding a Christmas vegan outreach stall on Saturday 2nd of December. We will have lots of Christmas-related foods and other items. We will be giving this food away for free as well offering festive seitan roast with gravy!

We hope to have items such as mince pies but we need your help!

Could you bake anything for us and bring it along? Savoury and sweet foods needed! We will even have a cheeseboard for people to try. Any vegan junk food would be great too, especially Christmasy foods!

We will have lots of information on the stall too relating to veganism, animal rights, specifically turkeys, reindeer, foie gras, etc. as these are the most abused animals of the season. There will be lots to do, leafletting, talking to people, holding posters, giving out food, etc. so no matter how confident you are, come along and do as much as you like and are comfortable with. All help is really appreciated.

Share the events, invite your friends to it, share on local groups, etc. Let’s show people you can have a festive holiday without the cruelty!

See you there!


Anti-Greyhound Racing Demo

A peaceful Demonstration to raise awareness about the underlying exploitation of Greyhounds in racing.


*Raise awareness about the plight of greyhounds bred for racing.
*Campaign for the abolition of commercial greyhound racing.
*Promote greyhounds as pets.
*The government to pass legislation making it illegal to place or accept bets on greyhound racing.*
*The general public to NEVER attend or bet on greyhound racing, so the industry fades away through lack of support.

Twycross Zoo Awareness Demo

A public demo at Twycross zoo to highlight the cruelty involved with zoos. Groups from around the midlands will come together to show the public that zoos are not as glamarous as they are publicised to be.

Many zoo species are not endanagered and are purely bred into captivity for money-making purposes. Each year, animals are culled to prevent over population in the zoo as a result of continuous breeding to produce babies which are essentially money makers (including those endanagered in the wild). Captivity takes its toll on wild animals and many behaviours can be seen displayed by them including pacing, chewing on their limbs, hair plucking and aggression.

In recent years Zoos have jumped on the Conservation bang wagon, they actually just have a legal obligation to promote conservation. Loop holes in Zoo legislation allow them to not only sell animals to other zoos but to circuses aswel as seen with West Midlands Safari Park. They are failing the animals, they are a business and will not be the ones to tell you the truth. Please take a look at the below organisations for more info 👍

CAPS are an organisation dedicated to helping animals in captivity: https://www.captiveanimals.org/our-work/zoos
Captive Animals’ Protection Society – CAPS

Along with the Born Free Foundation http://www.bornfree.org.uk/campaigns/zoo-check/

Join us for a peaceful demonstration to stand in solidarity with these animals.

World Day For Animals In Laboratories 2017

This year’s march to commemorate World Day For Animals In Laboratories will take place in Birmingham City Centre, please keep your diaries free.

There will be speeches and a march through the city centre to raise awareness to the plight of animals suffering in laboratories the name of “science”, various stalls and food will also be available

More info on speeches etc will be announced soon…

World Day for Laboratory Animals is a United Nations recognised day of international commemoration of the suffering and killing of millions of innocent sentient beings, in laboratories throughout the world. A time to reflect upon the pain and suffering caused to millions of animals, all in the name of a fraudulent scientific practice – a practice that not only is so cruel to the animals so horribly abused, and killed by vivisectors, but a practice that cruelly gives false hope to those with illness and disease.

Nottingham Animal Rights: Vegan Outreach

Vegan outreach in Nottingham’s market square with free food, recipes, leaflets, and advice.

Building upon Nottingham animal rights long history with vegan outreach we aim to start doing these events each month in order to raise awareness of vegan-ism and the cruelty inherent in the meat, dairy, egg and related industry.

This is a good opportunity to show people how easy it is to cook delicious vegan food.
There will be a mixture of “accidently vegan” shop finds and home cooked food.

Meeting at the Lions at 12 so if you have any time to cook any food for the stall or just want to come along to help give some advice to interested people that would be great.

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