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Alternative Eid Al-Adha Preparation

“The time has come for all true Muslims, be they Sunni or Shi’a, Sufi or otherwise, to stand up for the universal standards of justice and compassion that the Prophet (sal) not only spoke of (both through Hadith and, more importantly, as the receiver of the Qur’anic revelation), but actually put into practice.”

If you would like to take part in preparations for an Alternative Eid Al-Adha in Nottingham you could think about:

as a vegan/vegetarian alternative option for an Udhiya / Qurbani / Sacrifice in readiness for distributing in Nottingham.

The 18kg suggested is a rough estimate of an alternative to the boneless meat from, for example 2- 3 goats.

This is just a humble suggestion for people to think about, a coming together that shall find its time

Vegan Eid Recipes!

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Eid! To help you make this Eid extra special – and animal-friendly – we’re sharing these yummy vegan recipes with you!

All you need to keep the festivities and kindness alive is to replace meat with mock meat or veggies. Try out these vegan recipes, and share them with all your friends.

See recipes at PETA India

The Sacrifice of “Eid al-Adha”
by Shahid ‘Ali Muttaqi

“We can talk all we want about Sunnah (tradition and the way of the Prophet [sal]), but if we do so, then let us take the whole picture into account. The Prophet (sal) ate primarily dates and barley, only occasionally eating meat (which would have been necessary at that time and place for proper health, as it was a vary harsh climate that demanded a rigorous lifestyle which was very taxing on the human body). Such circumstances do not exist today for most of the developed world, and the fact is, meat-eating with our current sedentary lifestyle is responsible for the increase in cancer and heart attacks throughout the world.

“Meat-eating (and in relation to it, animal sacrifice) is not intrinsic to who the Prophet (sal) was or to what he preached. And most of the current research shows that humans are healthier on a vegetarian/vegan diet (ultimately proving we do not need to eat meat, and therefore, no longer have any justification for animal sacrifice in a modern setting). Certainly the Prophet (sal), who instructed us to go even to China in search of “Ilm, or ‘Divine Knowledge'” understood the importance of advancing our understanding of the world in which we live and living in harmony with our surroundings.

“The time has come for all true Muslims, be they Sunni or Shi’a, Sufi or otherwise, to stand up for the universal standards of justice and compassion that the Prophet (sal) not only spoke of (both through Hadith and, more importantly, as the receiver of the Qur’anic revelation), but actually put into practice. For those who need to take a life in order to survive, then let them do so humbly and with respect for the life they are forced to take, showing as much mercy and compassion as humanely possible in an otherwise regrettable situation. However, for those of us who no longer need to kill in order to survive, then let us cease to do so merely for the satisfaction of ravenous cravings which are produced by nothing more than our Nafs (or lower self). That would truly be the Sunnah of the Prophet (sal).


See also Hajj 2014 – Considering Alternatives to the Animal Sacrifice (Qurbani) of Eid-ul-Adha


Brinsley Animal Rescue Online Fair

Our Spring Open Day will now be an online event. We will be showcasing films throughout the day which will involve stories and educational information on the animals as well as fundraising links to help support the charity.


We hope you will stay with us online through the day!

Veggies / Sumac Community Food Hub

Drop-In on Wednesdays & Sundays 12am – 4pm . Collection or delivery at other times by arrangement.

During 2020 we converted the Sumac Centre into a hub for the distribution of foods around our community, for those isolated at home or those that wish to support an ethical alternative to many supermarkets. As we prepare to reopen Sumac as a regular social centre we are reducing the range of fresh fruit & veg and moving towards establishing a diy Food Hub Club for access to ethical loose & packaged wholefoods and ecological household products.

Goods can be ordered from the stock list and order form by email to sales@veggies.org.uk, for collection from Sumac Centre or delivery to about one mile radius. There is a drop-in facility between 11am & 5pm on Sundays and Wednesdays.

You are encouraged to collect for isolated, at-risk, frail or elderly friends and neighbours too.

Many items come from bulk supplies. Cleaning materials & liquid foods may be dispensed in jars & bottles. Empty containers are welcome to maintain our supply.

We aim to stock ethically sourced, wholefood, fair-trade & organic products which, due to the broken food system, may be more expensive than cheap supermarket foods. However we can match supermarket prices and will look at deferred payment for those that have no income. We invite donations to a fund to cover this.

Everything that we stock is vegan and therefore suitable for most dietary, cultural & religious preferences. Gluten free items are also available.

Map of 1 mile radius of Veggies & Sumac CentreWe are concentrating on Forest Fields (NG7-6) & New Basford (NG7-7).  Local Mutual Aid Networks may be able to help if you need delivery further afield.

Please join our Food Hub group on facebook updates, new products, delivery/collection details etc, or see details on the product list, our Food Hub page or this Facebook post.


Sumac / Veggies Food Hub

We are converting Sumac Centre into a hub for the distribution of foods around our community, to open our food stores for those isolated at home or those that wish to distance themselves from the madness of Tesco & Asda (for many reasons)

We’ve crunched the 800+ rows of our stock control spreadsheet and gotten it down to 190 of the more popular items that we can sell.

This is the first draft. We reserve the right to withdraw anything that is listed wrong. We’ll try to update it in real; time to reflect current availability.

So please look at the stock list and order form (on Facebook) and let us know what you think. If there are problems accessing it on various devices, social medial platforms or operating systems, please contact us and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

You can place your orders by email to sales@veggies.org.uk, either simply typed or by downloading, filling in & attaching the form.

Goods can also be requested & collected from Sumac Centre between 11am & 3pm on Sundays and Wednesdays.

You are encouraged to collect for isolated, at-risk, frail or elderly friends and neighbours too.

When collecting from Sumac you are encouraged to bring containers, jars & bottles. To keep listed prices down  as there will be an add-on price, of  10p per compostable cellophane bag). Bottles & jars are essential for cleaning materials that are dispensed from bulk supplies. (Extra empty bottles are welcome for those without).

Through engagement with Local Mutual Aid Networks we will arrange local delivery. There will be a cut-off radius – anyone closer to Roots Natural Foods, The V Spott, The Natural Food Company or Dash Vegan will be encouraged to support them instead.

This week it is cash on collection. Soon we’ll work on payment by bank transfer, paypal or card. We’ll look at defered payment for those that have no income. We will invite optional donations to raise funds to cover this. When it’s all over we’ll run a gofundme for any shortfall or donate any surplus to the Refugee Forum or Punk for the Homeless (or similar).

So please look at the spreadsheet and let us know what you think.

The next stage of our covid-19 support is to open our food stores for those isolated at home or those that wish to…

Posted by Veggies Catering Campaign on Thursday, 19 March 2020

Future editions will include #organic & #glutenfree tags. Price comparisons with recommended retail prices & tesco prices will follow. We aim to be cheaper, but we stock ethically sources, wholefood, fairtrade & organic products, which with the broken food system are unfortunately more expensiive .



Follow the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/136208740767159/

Alternative Organizations: The Case of Premium Cola  

Premium Cola are an organization without investors, offices, bosses, advertisement, fixed working hours and contracts.

Growing from a social movement committed to enjoying particular recipe of cola, a collection of avid customers morphed into a soft drinks organization.

Only selling to companies with similar values, making decisions democratically and sidestepping capitalistic imperatives of “profit above all”, Premium Cola have managed to sustain themselves over a decade and through radically different ways of organizing and working.

Nottingham University Business School and Nottingham Business School are delighted to host Miguel Martinez from the Premium Cola collective who will talk us through the history and unique ways in which cola can be made in a collective and non-hierarchical way.

Alongside Miguel will be a panel of academics and practitioners who will offer insight and commentary to the Premium Cola collective and the typical issues and possibilities facing organizations refusing hierarchy and adopting counter-capitalistic ideas.

We invite you to join us for an evening of debate, discussion and refreshments.

Thursday, 27th February, 5:30 pm-7pm 

Room C76, Business School North Building, Jubilee Campus


Miguel Martinez, Premium Cola collective

Cath Muller, Radical Routes

Professor Daniel King, Nottingham Business School

Hosted by the OB/HRM division. To book your free spot or for any further information, please contact:Fabian.Maier@Nottingham.ac.uk




Green Festival Annual Meeting

Nottingham Green Festival was held on Sunday 15th September 2019, organised by grass roots, community based volunteers, with no statutory funding.

The AGM of the Green Festival will be held on Sunday 23rd February at the Sumac Centre. Times to be confirmed.

The meeting will include presentations for some Green Festival participants a forum for feedback from organising volunteers, crew, performers, stallholders and attendees.

The formal AGM will follow to include recruitment of members of the Cooperative that runs the event. Please consider joining us!

The 28th Nottingham Green Festival will be held on Sunday 13th September 2020 , so your support is most welcome.

Love Your Planet; Strike For It!

Nottingham YouthStrike4Climate will be taking to the streets of Nottingham to demand an end to the climate crisis under the title “Love Your Planet; Strike For It!”.
Your political and practical support is crucial for having a powerful demonstration on the day. You are invited  to join us on our action. See the link to our Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/524281981526196/.
In addition, we still need to organise some of the details for the day and so we are having an open planning meeting which all groups and individuals are welcome to attend.
The meeting is this Saturday 25th January at 3pm in the Vat and Fiddle, NG2 1NB and it would be great to see as many people there as possible. Link to the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/843502749409534/.

Join us as we take part in this nationally co-ordinated call to action and take to the streets of Nottingham to demand a solution to the climate crisis! Show the world what you love about our shared environment and be a part of the fightback for its defence.

This is our world and we will fight those who are destroying it!


Sumac Sunday Brunch

The Sunday Sunday Brunch Returns

DiY prep from 10am. Food from 11am – 2pm.

Seven items for a suggested donation of £3.50, inc tea/coffee.

After the success of the first one we are rolling dates two weeks at a time, with the hope of building up a team of volunteers to keep it sustainable into the future.

Join us to help with preparation from 10am, or relax with coffee & papers, ready for food from 11am – 2pm

There may be No Homers Chief Wiggam Rashers, Veggies Catering Campaign Sosages, Sumac Potato Cakes, Suma Organic Baked Beans, toast, mushrooms, tomatos, fried onions, scrambled or smoked tofu, tea / coffee/ organic cordial.

Forest Social Club (Sumac Bar) may be open too.



Follow the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/136208740767159/

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