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Forest Fields Social Club at the Sumac Centre

Sumac Garden Bar & Cafe

Fridays: Bar 6pm – 10pm(subject to events & volunteers)
Saturdays: Bar 2pm – 10pm with People’s Kitchen Meal from 7pm.
Sundays: Brunch 11am – 2pm;
Bar from 2pm with bar snacks.
Opening times are subject to the availability of volunteers.
There are often events at the Sumac Centre, but members are always welcome during club hours.

Zapatista Journey for Life


What is the ‘Journey for life’?

On 1st January 2021 Indigenous Mayan Zapatistas published a declaration for life announcing an ‘invasion’ of Europe, a mission of solidarity and rebellion to mark 500 years since colonisation. The objective of this “Journey for Life” is to have meetings, dialogues, exchanges of ideas, and experiences with all who are committed, from different perspectives and fronts, to dismantling capitalism, as well as patriarchy, racism, imperialism, colonialism, and other violent systems that destroy life.

The North of England and the Midlands section of the tour will only be 4 days – 28th to 31st October.

  • Thurs 28th: Bradford
  • Friday 29th: Midlands gathering hub at Nottingham Sumac Centre
  • Sat/Sun 30/31st: Manchester & Liverpool

We will host a visit of a 7-person delegation at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre on Thursday 28th/Friday 29th. They will take a day trip to Bradford on the Thursday but we invite all interested groups and individuals to contact us to get involved to make the most of this unique once in a half millennium opportunity! We have space for people from around the region to relay their stories to the Zapatistas, but also to meet and network with each other. There is space to stop over before and/or after if that helps people traveling from outside of Nottingham.

Restrictions: The Zapatistas are very strict about anonymity and also about COVID security, given how badly it would affect the international tour if any of them were to catch it. This Guidance document gives you an idea of their requirements and an idea of the kinds of things they want to hear about and speak about.

More Nottingham details here.

Invitation to meet with Zapatista delegation, Nottingham, 29 October.

Follow updates about the visit to the ‘WISE’ Islands (Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England) from Zapatista Solidarity Network on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

There’s also a crowdfunder and an Etsy shop in solidarity with the Zapatista Journey for Life .

You can read more about the ‘Journey for life’ at: https://viajezapatista.eu/en/

More background on the history & struggles of the Zapatista communities may be found at Veggies’ Zapatista Coffee page.


Guardian 4 May 2021: zapatistas-set-sail-for-spain-on-mission-of-solidarity-and-rebellion

Guardian 17 Feb 2018: mexico-zapatistas-rebels-24-years-mountain-strongholds

More on Nottingham Schedule

The Zaps will be traveling from Bristol to Nottingham late Wednesday evening then to Barnsley early on Thursday 28th Oct for a union hosted meeting with Orgreave  miners and more (see below)..
They come from there to Nottingham Thurs evening to stay over at Neds Housing Coop.
Neds/Sumac/Veggies are hosting for the entire Midlands/Yorkshire/NorthEast region, inviting folk from all over to meet up here.
There will be a session at Neds on Thurs evening about coops, including the  Radical Routes Network.
There will more sessions at Sumac on Friday 29th October
Fri AM may cover the history of Sumac, Nottm campaigns & related topics, perhaps including indymedia, (zapatista inspired) anti-capitalist campaign in the 90’s, climate action in the 00’s, spycops/ mclibel/ and more that you and others might be able to add to the list.
Friday PM will start with a presentation from the Zaps about there uprising and their current worldwide fact-finding mission. This will follow into a focus around land rights, headed up by the Landworkers Alliance and perhaps travellers issues might fit in here.
The evening may be more social and informal as early the next morning they travel from Nottingham to Liverpool/Manchester and then down to Stonehenge (direct action campaigns, HS2 etc) and on to London (inc Netpol etc)


Invitation to meet with Zapatista delegation, Nottingham, 29 October

Hi everyone

We would love for people and projects from across the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North-East to meet with the Zapatista delegation which is touring the UK & Ireland at the moment. For example people from Our Future Leeds/Leeds Climate Action going to join their day in Nottingham on Friday 29th October, together with members of the Landworkers Alliance.

Here’s some Zapatista background:
The Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN in spanish) is an indigenous Maya organisation from Chiapas in the southern mountains of Mexico, who, in 1994, claimed autonomy from the Mexican government in multiple communities in Chiapas – they have managed to maintain these autonomous areas ever since.  Their struggle is against neo-liberal capitalism/earth destruction, against the discrimination against and repression of indigenous peoples, and in favour of dignity, women’s equality and sovereignty over land and food.

The Journey for Life is a fact-finding and relationship-building mission – 200 Zapatistas have come to Europe to meet people/groups/communities ‘from the left and below’, to find common ground, to explain more about their historical and current struggles, to find out what life is like for people in resistance here and to build alliances.

We, some individual Zapatista supporters in the North/Midlands, planning the tour in our region, are hosting a delegation of 6 Zapatista men. 

The tour programme has been drastically cut due to the new COVID travel restrictions, so we now only have 2 days in Yorkshire/Midlands, of which one day (the 28th in Barnsley) is devoted to union and community organising past & present, the legacy of Thatcher and the miners’ strike, police infiltration (Orgreave) and co-operative intentional communities.

Nottingham, 29 Oct:
That leaves us one day (29th) for other groups from the North East and Midlands and for issues not covered by other host locations.  We hope our day will include some municipalist strategic projects, some land-related stuff (Land Workers Alliance) and bits and bobs of other stuff, perhaps including solidarity economy and perhaps including a couple of folks from a traveller organisation.

We encourage all participants to attend for as much of the day as they can.  We are developing a loose programme where each topic/project is covered at a roughly set time and that the Zapatistas will talk about their history, principles and political strategy for a couple of hours in the middle of the day.

It’s helpful for the Zapatistas to understand the difficulties that nearly all political projects on the left are grappling with, so come along with a critical perspective when you join us.

The discussions will be held between Neds Housing Co-operative and the Sumac Centre co-operative Social Club in Forest Fields.

Restrictions: The Zapatistas are very strict about anonymity and also about COVID security, given how badly it would affect the international tour if any of them were to catch it.  I attach sections of the Guidance we’re working from, to give you an idea of their requirements and an idea of the kinds of things they want to hear about and speak about.

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Sumac Centre Anniversary

sumac/images/dovelogo.gifNottingham’s Rainbow Centre opened at 180 Mansfield Road on 9th September 1985, the co-operative having been established on 9th April 1984 by campaigners for peace, animal rights, human rights, civil liberties and the environment. /moving/oldrainb.jpg


Veggies Catering Campaign (established 18th October 1984) moved in from Earthwise (the FoE Shop next door) when it closed, later taking on the day-to-day running of the centre.

From the Rainbow Centre base plans were hatched for the purchase of a permanent campaign base, which was opened as the Sumac Centre, in Forest Fields/New Basford on June 22nd 2002.

Full event details at http://www.veggies.org.uk/moving/schnews.htm.

Sumac Sunday Brunch

The Sunday Sunday Brunch Returns

DiY prep from 10am. Food from 11am – 2pm.

Seven items for a suggested donation of £3.50, inc tea/coffee.

After the success of the first one we are rolling dates two weeks at a time, with the hope of building up a team of volunteers to keep it sustainable into the future.

Join us to help with preparation from 10am, or relax with coffee & papers, ready for food from 11am – 2pm

There may be No Homers Chief Wiggam Rashers, Veggies Catering Campaign Sosages, Sumac Potato Cakes, Suma Organic Baked Beans, toast, mushrooms, tomatos, fried onions, scrambled or smoked tofu, tea / coffee/ organic cordial.

Forest Social Club (Sumac Bar) may be open too.



Follow the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/136208740767159/

Social Centres Network Gathering

You are warmly invited to a weekend of discussions and skill shares for anyone interested or involved in social centres to learn, organise & party together.

Social Centres Gathering

Food & crash space from Friday evening at Next to Nowhere, Liverpool

Contact  info@liverpoolsocialcentre.org if you’re coming!

See also Self Managed Social Centres on wikipedia



Pizza and Beats

Fancy a summery afternoon eating freshly stone baked pizza in the sun?

Join us at the Sumac Centre on Saturday 3rd August for some fun beats, delicious vegan treats and refreshing summery drinks.

Don’t miss out on the treats we have in store. Click interested to this event to find out more!

100% of the profits will go towards keeping the volunteer ran, community and off-grid Green Festival alive and free for everyone, for many years to come.

Social Centre Gathering

Social Centre Gathering at Star & Shadow Cinema Co-operative

Friday 3rd May. Early birds registration Friday from 7:00 onwards

Saturday 4th May onwards from 10:00am Breakfast provided.

Sunday 5th May from 10:00am to 14:00.

There is a bank holiday Monday and the possibility to stay on and tour Newcastle is open.

Emerging ideas – (1) Follow up from last gathering, (2) building a social centre, (3)  conflict and its resolution, and now “how to set up a social centre”?

There will be a social event on Saturday evening (Beer & music) Plus we are looking for ideas about a film programme Saturday for the Gathering  and even (Sunday for extended stayers).

The Star and shadow cinema – is a newly built social centre that doubles as a diy cinema, and does pretty much what other social centres do.

People’s Kitchen – Punk for the Homeless

Aprils P4TH is a special half-dayer – an eclective mix of punk attitude stuff (see poster for details) for street children. Proceeds to Compass Childrens Charity https://www.compasschildrenscharity.org.uk/ . Plus Peoples Kitchen/Vegan Grub, cheap bar, merch and raffle.

A delightful dish is cooked and served at the Sumac Cafe by a different volunteer team each Saturday. Food is served at 7pm until all gone. The Forest Fields Social Club Bar follows from 7.30.

On the last Saturday of each month People’s Kitchen is part of a fundraising evening for Punk for the Homeless, to raise awareness and money for Casa Alianza, a homeless charity for street children in Latin America.

Skills Exchange Timebank Winter Social

Friday 4th January 2019, 7pm- 10.30pm

We are a time bank, centred on the NG7 area of Nottingham. Members carry out jobs for each other (non-professionally) in exchange for Time Credits rather than money – one credit for one hour’s work. Examples of such jobs include: transporting people and goods, massage, IT repairs, gardening and befriending.

We also hold monthly meetings to organise our activities, and regular social events which help bring us together. We network with other community groups and use Timebanking UK software for our administration.  Groups such as the Sumac can become group members.

The Winter Social is a Members and friends event. Extra visitors are welcome. There will be a veggie buffet (mostly vegan), a quiz and a tomboa.

Details from Skills Exchange Timebank  – Rosie Jarrett: 07984 125239, skillsexchangeng@gmail.com and Moby Farrands.

Winter Craft Fair and Social Happening

Beautiful handmade gifts by local crafts businesses, delicious vegan food by Numinums, bar and music.
Free entry, bring cash for gifts, food, and drink.
Get yersen down there!

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