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Sherwood Vegan Market – Monthly vegan market in Nottingham

We are looking forward to Sherwood Vegan Market. It’s organised by Adrian Bhagat, owner of The V Spot vegan supermarket, who has been vegan since 1994.

Everything sold or promoted at the market is suitable for vegans. Therefore we can enjoy a relaxed shopping and dining experience without having to worry about checking every product.

Our Aims & Values

Sherwood Vegan Market aims to:

  • Spark interest in veganism and encourage the adoption of a vegan lifestyle. This is kinder to animals and better for the environment
  • Provide access to a wide variety of vegan products
  • Give the community in Sherwood and beyond a chance for a day out
  • Help create a friendly and supportive vegan community
  • Promote Sherwood as a shopping destination and bring customers to local businesses
  • Promote the growth of vegan business through by providing trading opportunities
  • Encourage the generation of new vegan businesses. Providing an affordable, low commitment trading opportunity for vegan entrepreneurs.

2nd Saturday Monthly

The Sherwood Vegan Market is now established for the 2nd Saturday of every month at Sherwood United Reform Church.

While you are in Sherwood don’t forget to visit the local vegan shops, The V Spot and Faux Butcher.


Sherwood United Reform Church, 1 Edwards Lane, Sherwood, Nottingham. NG5 3AA MAP


Stallholders are listed on the Sherwood Vegan Market Event Page.

12th February 2022 stallholders

8th January 2022 stallholders

If you are a trader and would like to book a stall, please see booking information here.


Veggies Catering Campaign, Nottingham’s original vegan campaign caterers, all-vegan since 1984, will be at every market. Find Veggies Burgers, sausage rolls, #SamosasForSocialChange, organic cake at stalls 9 & 10, together with vegan campaign outreach info, recipes & book, plus a guest pop-up campaign each month.





For a directory of vegan market traders in Nottingham see Veggies’ Nottingham Vegan Market page (not associated with this event).

Other Street Markets in Sherwood

Note that Sherwood Street Market also organise markets at this venue at other times, including their Last minute Festive Gifts & Food Market on December 11th.

They are not involved in the organising this Sherwood Vegan Market.



Veggies Catering Campaign will be catering at this event

Veggies Catering Campaign provides pure vegan catering for many campaign events, as well as festival, fairs & markets, and family celebrations.

The menu includes our own burgers, handmade at our Sumac Centre base from organic ingredients. We also have samosas, our own sausage rolls and vegan cakes, made by us from organic ingredients, including organic flour from Nottingham’s Greens Mill.

Many consider Veggies to be one of the most ethical caterers on the circuit, with 35 years of experience in award-winning vegan / fair trade / organic catering.

To get to this event, 1.6 miles from our Sumac Centre base, Veggies may emit approx 2kg CO2.

However by helping 50 people Eat Vegan we could “offset” 100 kg CO2.

If ONE customer goes Vegan For Life they will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals lives, and enabling all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources. [carbon calculation references]


The venue, Sherwood United Reformed Church, is also available for hire.

Animal Aid Christmas Fair 2022 – Kensington, London

Animal Aid have announced their Christmas Festival at Kensington Town Hall on Saturday 10th December 2022.

It promises a fun day out for all the family. It is  a perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of vegan food while doing some shopping for the festive season!

Details from previous years:

There will be more than 100 stalls with a wonderful variety of animal-free and eco-conscious clothing, gifts & food. Indulge in the diverse selection of skincare products – perfect presents. And so much more on offer, from aromatherapy to wildlife art. There will be three vegan caterers. Plus a huge selection of vegan cakes, beers, cheeses, confectionery and delicious savoury pies on offer.

There is also a crèche and children’s workshop.

Keep an eye on the Animal Aid website and Facebook page for the full programme.

There is now a dedicated Twitter account for Animal Aid’s Christmas Fairs and other events. Please follow  @AnimalAidFayre.

If you are interested in booking a stall, please email Animal Aid


Veggies Food is Here

Veggies Catering Campaign hope to be catering at the Fair. Veggies are a volunteer-led, community-based, social enterprise, promoting vegan catering and supporting campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment.

Volunteer with Veggies after 10am to help with serving teas, cakes or pasties. Even one hour’s volunteering would enable one of the core crew to have a break to look around the fair. If you would like to help, contact us or find Veggies on facebook

For directions click here and replace Veggies starting postcode with yours!

Veggies Climate Change Campaigns

Go Vegan
To get to this event Veggies will emit approx 160kg CO2 (total distance: 131 miles each way – route).

However by helping an estimated 500 people Eat Vegan we will “offset” 1000 kg CO2

If ONE customer goes Vegan For Life, they will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals lives, and enabling all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources. [references]

Sumac Sunday Brunch

Join us for Sunday Brunch in the Sumac Centre Garden Cafe & Bar, or to take away as part of the Community Food Hub,.

There may be Veggies Sosages, No-Homers Rashers,  potato cakes, organic baked beans, mushrooms, tomatos, scrambled tofu and toast baked in house.

Pop in every Sunday from 11am to 2pm, or include in your Food Hub Order.

Also Forest Fields Social Club Bar from  noon to 4pm


Flier artwork for eggies Sunday Brunch and food hub

Follow the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/346220879674931/

Veggies 38th Anniversary (Events to be planned)

Veggies Catering Campaign was established as a fully vegan volunteer-led cooperative on 18th October 1984

Watch this space for events at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre and beyond.

This is what we got up on our 37th Anniversary Weekend in 2021

The Vegetarian Society says:

“Veggies Catering Campaign was set up in Autumn 1984 by four friends who were frustrated about the lack of vegetarian fast food available in Nottingham. Their intention was both to provide an ethical fast food stall in the city, and to take the veggie message to a wider audience by participating in demonstrations and gatherings. One of the first things the founders did was to take a giant veggieburger along to a Vegetarian Society protest outside the infamous Royal Smithfield show!

“Veggies has grown and evolved quite a lot over the last [26] years, but the ethical message has remained the same. All food served has been vegan from the start, and as minimally packaged and locally-sourced as possible and practical.

“In addition to producing the famous frozen burgers and sosages which are widely popular in Nottingham, compiling the Animal Rights calendar and Contacts Directory, helping run the Sumac Resource Centre, and fundraising for a range of good causes, Veggies has a tightly-packed events diary. The co-op provides food in all sorts of situations, from carrying boxes of samosas and cakes on protest marches, to cooking up a posh spread for a weddings and other parties. New volunteers are always welcome.”

From The History of Veggies:

In 1984, Tom and Clare from Nottingham’s animal rights group had the idea of presenting the manager of a local McDonalds with a huge veggieburger to represent an ethical alternative to the products of death and destruction sold there.

This was such a success that the logical next step was to do the same thing for the public every day, first from a mobile food van, then from early 1985 from a daily market stall, literally on the next street to McNasty.

Veggies has been a streetwise catering campaign ever since, reaching a highpoint with the 2006 Vegan Society Award as ‘Best Vegan Caterer’.

Many years of ‘campaign catering’ has kept Veggies on the front line. Whether driving along a drainage ditch to support campaigners protecting a peat moor, or jumping the barriers onto a reclaimed motorway, Veggies food always gets through.

From Peace News:

“While there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields”, said Tolstoy. This is why the vegan and peace movements are two sides of the same coin. “One struggle, one fight”, as they say in the animal rights movement.

Veggies has been seen at Molesworth US military base on a snow-strewn February morning in 1985; at Menwith Hill, Fylingdales and Aldermaston; at Faslane 365 and at Heckler & Koch offices in Nottingham, putting a spotlight on the world’s second largest supplier of small arms.

Veggies and Peace News have woven a path together through the decades. From PN’s time in Nottingham, not 100 yards from Veggies’ base at the Rainbow Centre – now evolved into the Sumac Centre, one of the emerging network of independent social centres – to catering for the first Peace News Summer Camp. Veggies’ summer tour also takes in the Animal Rights and Earth First Gatherings, Climate Camps and DSEi protests against the arms trade.

… and this is what we got up to in 2009

Saturday 17th October to Sunday 18th October 2009
Veggies 25th Anniversary Weekend! Feeding the hungry without exploiting animals since 1984!

Friday 16th
* What’s Still Wrong With McDonalds – demos everywhere, including Vegan Free Food Give-Away in Nottingham.
* Benjamin Zephaniah Gig. 7pm-9pm at Djanogly City Academy, Sherwood Rise.
* Open Decks Disco. 9pm – Midnight.

Saturday 17th – Campaign Catering at these events:
* National Anti Fur March and Rally, London
* The Great Climate Swoop, Nottingham
* Target Brimar, Manchester Arms Trade Action
followed by:
* Saturday at Sumac : Party Like It’s 1984!
Food, music & drinks at the Sumac Social Club.
Acoustic jammers, Bedroom DJs and other musicians and entertainers welcome!

Sunday 18th : All Day Veggies Bunch and Workday at Brinsley Animal Rescue.

25th Anniversary T- Shirt (from 2009), featuring key events since 1984.

Diary dates t-shirt from Veggies 2009 tour


Veggies / Sumac Community Food Hub

Drop-In on Wednesdays & Sundays 12am – 4pm . Collection or delivery at other times by arrangement.

During 2020 we converted the Sumac Centre into a hub for the distribution of foods around our community, for those isolated at home or those that wish to support an ethical alternative to many supermarkets. As we prepare to reopen Sumac as a regular social centre we are reducing the range of fresh fruit & veg and moving towards establishing a diy Food Hub Club for access to ethical loose & packaged wholefoods and ecological household products.

Goods can be ordered from the stock list and order form by email to sales@veggies.org.uk, for collection from Sumac Centre or delivery to about one mile radius. There is a drop-in facility between 11am & 5pm on Sundays and Wednesdays.

You are encouraged to collect for isolated, at-risk, frail or elderly friends and neighbours too.

Many items come from bulk supplies. Cleaning materials & liquid foods may be dispensed in jars & bottles. Empty containers are welcome to maintain our supply.

We aim to stock ethically sourced, wholefood, fair-trade & organic products which, due to the broken food system, may be more expensive than cheap supermarket foods. However we can match supermarket prices and will look at deferred payment for those that have no income. We invite donations to a fund to cover this.

Everything that we stock is vegan and therefore suitable for most dietary, cultural & religious preferences. Gluten free items are also available.

Map of 1 mile radius of Veggies & Sumac CentreWe are concentrating on Forest Fields (NG7-6) & New Basford (NG7-7).  Local Mutual Aid Networks may be able to help if you need delivery further afield.

Please join our Food Hub group on facebook updates, new products, delivery/collection details etc, or see details on the product list, our Food Hub page or this Facebook post.


Earth First Summer Gathering 2022

The Earth First Summer Gathering is back!

Five days of skill-sharing for grassroots ecological direct action – make links, share ideas, and get involved in the struggles against open cast coal, fracking, new roads, HS2, climate criminals and more.

The Earth First! Summer Gathering is the place where people involved in radical ecological direct action – or those who want to be involved – get together for five days of time and space to talk, walk, share skills, learn, play, rant, find out what’s going on, find out what’s next, live outside, strategise, hang out, incite, laugh and conspire.

The workshops, networking and planning of actions at this low impact eco-living camp is organised non-hierarchically. It’s run without leaders by everyone who comes along, so come prepared to chip in!

The Gathering may have parallel workshops coordinated as an embedded UK Animal Rights Gathering.

Veggies Food is HereVeggies will coordinate a diy cafe space, tuck shop, vegan cake baking workshops, with main catering coordinated by Eat First!. To help Contact Veggies.


Collect fliers & posters for the Summer Gathering from at Green Futures Field, at the & many other events at



Shambala Festival – Rebel Soul 2022 – to be confirmed


Shambala is a creative, non-commercial, ethical and family-friendly festival with a wild side and completely independent from advertising and sponsorship!

In 2016 Shambala went Meat and fish free, to continue their mission to keep Shambala at the cutting edge of sustainable event organising.

“… we’re setting ourselves a challenge: to provide the most eye-popping, mouthwatering, colourful, hearty array of cuisine at Shambala 2016 without a single bit of meat or fish on sale. Not a sausage. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for … a range of delicious food from around the world, debates, talks and creative exploration of the wonderful world of food.

Shambala HQ is a mixed bag, with vegans, veggies and meat eaters co-existing harmoniously together. However  the whole team agrees that it is important to be bold with our environmental stance, and encourage this debate.”

Rebel Soul

Whilst not catering at the event, Veggies will assist again with facilities for the Rebel Soul space. There will be a programme of intellectual stimulation, music and performance that will challenge, inspire and fire you up. Whet your appetite: fresh-baked cake, pasties & samosas, teas & coffees (for donation), and fairtrade tuck shop.

Rebel Soul will be a whole area combining beautiful tents and beautiful people within to celebrate rebellion, resistance and exploring positive futures. Stimulation for your mind with workshop, displays, info and bookstall and, for your aural delectation, a fine line-up of music and poetry.

“Rebel Soul is politics thinly veiled as entertainment. In the day we host workshops and debates on hot topics run by people who know their fields inside out. We host the country’s frontline campaigners. We bring you the people who will ask the big questions, and then help you answer them. Why is Shambala vegetarian? What is sex? What is race?”

By night we celebrate with bangin’ bands and DJs from punk to soca to techno, and from all over the world. We have a store full of books and zines and a tuck shop with hot drinks and delicious cakes. All our proceeds go to support grassroots campaigns – last year we funded groups supporting asylum seekers.

Rebel Soul at Shambala 2014 Rebel Soul Shambala 2014 Calais Migrant Solidarity at Shambala

Read more at rebelsoulspace.weebly.com

To get to Shambala follow this cycle route from Nottingham or via the train to Market Harborough.

Meat and fish-free Shambala has ‘Gone Off Dairy Milk Too

For 2022 Shambala say:

In 2016, we made the decision to remove meat and fish from our on-site food offering, for both the public and our festival staff.

For us, the decision was an environmental one. If we’re serious about being the most sustainable festival on the planet, we can’t ignore the undisputable evidence that a diet predominantly based on meat and fish is having a devastating effect on this little blue and green marble we call home.


Even more incredible was that 33% of you reporting reducing your meat and fish intake since the festival (that’s not counting the 30% of you that were already veggie or vegan).

SO.. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR 2021? Join the debate.

Vegan Organic Fest 2022

The  Vegan Organic Fest 2022 is back!

The on site cafe will be serving meals with veganic veg from local grower Rich Hardy. There will be homemade cakes and raw delights.

Activities will include:

Yoga, tai chi, gong baths, foraging, silent disco, fire, talks and discussion, live music, veganic food, arts and crafts, circus skills, trampolining, sauna and swimming pool.

The Vegan Organic Fest will be at Chyan Cultural Centre; an eleven acre site deep in the Cornish countryside with a capacity of about 200 people, camping facilities, on site hostel and nearby alternative accommodation.

Chyan is an off grid veganic apple farm with its own supply of spring water. The venue hosts many events and is a wonderful place for returning to nature, some of the land is wild, some is nature reserve and there is plenty of flat meadow for camping.  Chyan has a 200-seater geodesic dome theatre, two large modern barns for classes plus several marquees. The centre has its own wind turbine, which provides electricity for the whole site and its the hot showers. The swimming pool and sauna are all fed by natural spring water.  We are blessed to be able to hold the festival in such a beautiful, peaceful and positive space. https://chyan.org/.

Report from Vegan Organic Fest 2021

The event is from midday on Thursday 18th August- Monday 22nd August with activities happening from Friday-Sunday.


Sneinton ‘Vegan’ Market, Nottingham . Twice-monthly

Nottingham Vegan Market


On 31st October, 2015, in advance of World Vegan Day, Sneinton Market held an event to showcase great tasting vegan food. Following this a monthly vegan market in Nottingham was launched on 5th December 2015.

Nottingham’s Sneinton Vegan Market became the established event to regularly celebrate and showcase great tasting vegan food and drink, crafts, animal rescues & other products/services. However it has sadly lost its way and is no longer in tune with the values of the vegan community.

Originally Sneinton Market said:

“We are looking for VEGAN food traders and all kinds of cruelty free cosmetics, clothing, awareness raising, workshops. Product list must be approved by the market team to ensure the brief is met.”

This wording was from sneintonmarket.co.uk which is no longer available. The Sneinton Vegan Market website now lists all kinds of traders without any indication as to which are vegan and which are not. Some traders have sold non-vegan products at the ‘vegan’ market – efforts to clarify this have been begrudgingly made.

However there are several Nottingham vegan market traders that deserve our continued support, as they have few other trading opportunities.

Current vegan traders

This directory is compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign, independently of the market, to support past, present & future vegan traders.

Vegan traders are marked and where appropriate linked to their Vegan Traders Union profile Vegan Traders Union Icon 

For details of the traders on any particular Saturday check out the latest Facebook event.

If you would like us to correct your details, any links or the status of your business, please contact us.

  1. Antemaccassa  Unique garments, headbands & accessories, using high quality designer fabrics, at most Sneinton Vegan markets : facebook icon 24pxl  
  2. Abeyo Ethiopian Cuisine Delicious vegan friendly Ethiopian Food at Sneinton Market every Saturday : facebook icon 24pxl  
  3. Carolina’s Chilli Vegan Tex-Mex inspired foods, homemade in Nottingham, at every Sneinton Vegan market : facebook icon 24pxl 
  4. CHOW Vegan Meats Nottingham-based mouth-watering vegan meats, at every Sneinton Vegan Market : facebook icon 24pxl
  5. Khatti Meethi delicious vegan appetisers at Sneinton Market every Saturday : facebook icon 24pxl
  6. Natty Roots natural Ital juices from Belper at Sneinton Market every Saturday : facebook icon 24pxl  Vegan Traders Union Icon 
  7. Naweii Registered with the Vegan Society Açaí and Tropical Fruit Pulps from Brazil, at some Sneinton Vegan markets : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl 
  8. No Baloney UK  Eco-conscious vegan friendly mobile caterer. Quality home cooked comfort food at some Sneinton Vegan Markets facebook icon 24pxl
  9. Purely Sweet by Paige Luxury, Raw Vegan Desserts – Free From Refined Sugar and Gluten, at some Sneinton Vegan markets : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl 
  10. Veg ‘an’ Love Now serving chick’n burgers, fries & sausage bites, at some Sneinton Vegan markets : facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon 
  11. Vegan Baked Gems A small vegan business based in Derbyshire. 100% vegan treat boxes, freshly baked for some Sneinton Vegan markets : facebook icon 24pxl  
  12. Vegan Junk 100% vegan junk food based in Nottingham, at some Sneinton Vegan markets : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl

Now trading elsewhere

These have traded recently; please follow them to find them at other events. Please contact us to suggest updates

  1. B’s Body Boost Wild Crafted Sea Moss Gel . “Eat good / create good” :  
  2. Clemie’s Vegan Cakes Pop-up vegan bakery : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  3. Cococheesecakes Coconut powered cheesecakes : facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  4. Dash Vegan  Gluten-free vegan food store & delivery service : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl  Vegan Traders Union Icon 
  5. Delicacy of South Asia (DOSA) From a classic dosa to a sweet or savoury crêpe : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  6. Dirt Vegan Desserts  A Teesside based small business making fully vegan, dairy free and cruelty-free desserts : facebook icon 24pxl  
  7. Epicuriosity  Delicious, small-batch vegan sauces and dusts from Birmingham : facebook icon 24pxl  
  8. Functionalchemy   Cold process soap with essential oils & hand carved spoons : facebook icon 24pxl
  9.  Herbivore Plantbased Foods 100% vegan run and owned home bakery. A variety of bakes: sweet, savoury and raw : facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  10. It’s Cruelty Free quality products that are cruelty free, vegan & produced in the UK : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl  Vegan Traders Union Icon 
  11. Karke lebanese food nostalgia All vegan, authentic Lebanese food – cooked to put a smile on your face :
  12. Loles Cosmetics Beauty, cosmetic & personal care in Nottingham : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl 
  13. No Homers Vegan plant based deli. Homemade vegan meats (wheat meats) deli slices, etc : facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  14. Nottingham Animal Rights Keep up to date with the groups focuses, events and meetings and find out how you can get involved : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  15. Punk 4 The Homeless Feeding starving street children in Latin America, with money raised via the power of punk rock! : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl 
  16. Simply Wholistic Holistic Health Treatments, primarily focused on natural organic supplements to help restore the body’s natural state : facebook icon 24pxl  
  17. Soul Nuah Soapery A small black owned business specialising in handmade 🙌🏾 Ethical & Cruelty Free 🐰 Vegan 🌱Cosmetics : facebook icon 24pxl  
  18. Taylor’s Free From  All products are gluten free, dairy free & vegan & all made by hand in Cheshire! twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  19. The Green Pepper Classic style   Vegan Pizza, made completely from scratch, with love : facebook icon 24pxl
  20. Those Vegan Pizza Guys Freshly made hand stretched, stone-baked pizza; spreading the vegan word through outreach! : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  21. Tilly’s Kitchen  Good vegan food is my passion and I am delighted to offer you a range of my home cooking : facebook icon 24pxl  
  22. Tropic Vegan Skin CareDeirdre Westwood, cosmetics and body care facebook icon 24pxl
  23.  Soul Cheeze Artisan, nut based cheeze. Made in small batches in Cheshire : facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon 
  24. V-Ice Screams  A Nottingham based independent vegan ice cream business : facebook icon 24pxl
  25. Veganitis 100% vegan Caribbean influenced home cooked meals, for events and local collection (in Leicester) : facebook icon 24pxl  
  26. VegansWay Caribbean Kitchen, providing healthier alternative dishes, from savoury to sweet treats : facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  27. Veggies Catering Campaign Vegan Campaign Catering since 1984 : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon

Non-vegan traders

Please contact us to suggest updates

  1. Bikes Love You : reconditioned bikes & professional repairs at affordable prices : facebook icon 24pxl  
  2. Blue Barrel Cider : all-vegan traditional cider from Sherwood & Summerwood Community Garden at most Sneinton markets :
  3. Chilli Bobs : a dedicated chilli nursery at Rolleston, Notts, with spices, condiments & their own range of pickles & preserves twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  4. Cute Little Bags by Wendy : all-vegan handmade personal and gift bags in 5 designs : facebook icon 24pxl 
  5. Falafel.baba : Vegan falafel served at Sneinton Market. Note: Meat products served elsewhere : facebook icon 24pxl
  6. Little Clay Shop : Light weight, small batch polymer clay jewellery, handmade in Nottingham : facebook icon 24pxl 
  7. Love At First Sight VintageVerified vintage seller specialising in 90s fashion :  
  8. Natasha Household items : Collectables, clothing electrical appliances and more. May not all be vegan.
  9. Nice Lolly Co : Handmade naturally delicious whole fruit and all natural ice lollies. Not a vegan company, but all vegan at the Vegan Market : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl  
  10. Nottingham Green Festival : The all vegan Green Festival was on Sunday 12th Sept 2021 : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl  
  11. The Jam Lady : Jams, chutneys and marmalades from my kitchen in Carlton, Nottingham : facebook icon 24pxl
  12. Roots Out – allotment grown plants from Bulwell Hall Community Garden, teaching kids to grow, cook and build : facebook icon 24pxl  
  13. Sneinton Sweet StallAll vegan sweets at Sneinton Market every Saturday : facebook icon 24pxl 
  14. Unorthodox Bake Box – Homemade sweet treats from Mansfield – not a vegan company, but all vegan (only) at the Vegan Market : facebook icon 24pxl 
  15. Zeha : Handpicked products from all over the world to support small companies and start ups.

If you would like us to correct your details, any links or the vegan status of your business, please contact us.

Update 27th June 2021

Through several generations, Peggs Fruit & Vegetable stall has traded at Sneinton Market for 60 years. However they are outside of the designated ‘Vegan Market’ area.

Our understanding is that The Bread Club will now be selling their non-vegan products outside of the Vegan Market area.


The following vegan companies have traded at the market in the past

  1. A Whole Life  A Vegan shop from Rainworth, Mansfield, catering for all your daily needs facebook icon 24pxl
  2. Amala Living Food  Raw & cooked vegan foods for markets, events, private catering. facebook icon 24pxl
  3. Besos Food & Drinks : Besos de Oro is a vegan and gluten free ‘cream’ liqueur made from Spanish Brandy & Tigernut Horchata from Valencia : facebook icon 24pxl
  4. Black Star Printshop  Custom printed vegan ethical T-shirts, Tote Bags and patches twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  5. Brinsley Animal Rescue Animal Rescue run on vegan principles
  6. Feed Me UK Nottingham-based food stall specialising in fast food. 100% Vegan; attending events from April 2018 : facebook icon 24pxl
  7. For Precious Life : Vegan, raw, gluten free, sugar free, soy free, oil free, chocolate free, gourmet natural food from Warrington : facebook icon 24pxl
  8. Gillie Food Speciality oriental vegan catering
  9. Green Revolution  A Nottingham based 100% vegan catering company that is all about real food : facebook icon 24pxl
  10. Good Mood Food  Rezi Zimsek: “I enjoy cooking vegan food for myself , family & friends. I have now extended this love for cooking & do events locally” : facebook icon 24pxl
  11. For Precious Life Gourmet natural food for vibrant life. Vegan, raw, gluten free : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  12. Katy Parish Vegan Crafts : facebook icon 24pxl
  13. Lakeside Ethical Treats Natural, organic, fairtrade vegan sweets and chocolates sold in aid of Midlands Vegan Campaigns : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  14. Lettices No longer trading. Use them or loose them – support vegan businesses
  15. Lily Jane  Freelance Illustrator/artist & designer. Ethical vegan & animal/nature lover : instagram logo
  16. Moocylu’s Designs Vegan related pins, stickers, and more facebook icon 24pxl
  17. Notts Nibblers Rodent Rescue A small home run rescue, based in Carlton, Nottingham. We take in rodents in need and find them loving homes facebook icon 24pxl
  18. Numinums sadly now ‘retired’ :  twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl 
  19. Raw/Vegan/Unrefined Chocolates by Luisa Guilt free chocolates!
  20. Recycled Vegan  Vegan gifts and accessories made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, tyres and bike parts : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  21. Roots Kitchen
  22. SatsumaPips Plant based butter & cheeses from sister company to Satsuma, Chester’s 100% plant-based pop-Up bistro : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  23. Skin Elixir  100% natural, organic, vegan, free from toxins, no added water, hand-blended moisturisers and perfumes : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  24. SUNU KËR natural vegan hair & beauty products & handmade accessories inspired by West Africa facebook icon 24pxl
  25. Superchocs vegan novelty chocolates
  26. Sweet Vibes Baker  Vegan bakes free from refined sugar, animal products & gluten : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  27. The Kind Kebab  A 100% vegan run pop up business serving vegan kebabs at markets and fairs across the UK : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl You Tube logo
  28. This Means Raw  Sustainable, Plant Based, Healthy Vegan and Raw Food Catering from Derby : facebook icon 24pxl 
  29. Totally Vegan Vegan cafe & caterer from Coventry
  30. Truffle Pig Vegan chocolates hand crafted in our home kitchen in Sheffield, from the finest, natural, fairtrade ingredients : facebook icon 24pxl instagram logo
  31. Unless – Hardcore Vegan Catering based in Derby : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  32. V Delivery No longer trading. Use them or loose them – support vegan businesses
  33.  Spot Vegan Shop (was Bluebird Wholefoods)
  34. Vegan Cakery  award winning cakes from Leicester 
  35. Vegan Grindhouse Vegan gourmet street food and snacks : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  36. Vegan Pizza Co  Delicious, hand-stretched, stone baked pizzas using our own innovative meat/dairy-free recipes : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  37. Verna Poppy Designs Vegan artist
  38. v:gd Vegan Gluten Free Desserts : twitter icon 24pxl
  39. Vie for Vegan Nottingham based Vegan & Gluten free deliciousness : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  40. Vork Pie Handmade Vegan and Vegetarian pies and snacks twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl Vegan Traders Union Icon
  41. Willow and Dove – Handmade Sweet Treats – naturally free from dairy, gluten & egg facebook icon 24pxl

Others that have traded at the market in the past

  1. Bake Off and Pie : purveyors of fine breads & pastries for the good people of Nottingham facebook icon 24pxl
  2. Beccy’s Global Kitchen : Vegetarian and vegan pop-up cafe : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  3. Besos Food & Drinks : Besos de Oro is a vegan and gluten free ‘cream’ liqueur made from Spanish Brandy & Tigernut Horchata from Valencia : facebook icon 24pxl
  4. Blend : a vegan-friendly coffee lounge at Sneinton Market, for coffee or a glass of wine, great cakes, sandwiches & pastries : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  5. Cayenne Cuisine : Spicy street food with a Brum twist : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  6. CramcakesSweet & savoury pancake stacks. Gooey porridge pots. All gluten free + crammed with goodness : facebook icon 24pxl instagram logo
  7. Crocus Cafe – vegan and vegetarian community cafe at 18 Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2ES : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  8. The Crop Club – supporting people to grow their own food at home in small spaces : facebook icon 24pxl
  9. Deirdre Westwood Tropic Skin Care Ambassador
  10. Dr Ice : Natural Organic and Vegan. Beard, Tash, Hair and Skin Care from Nottingham : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  11. Elia Foods : Top-quality Greek extra virgin olive oil, herbs and spices. Ceased  trading in July 2018 : facebook icon 24pxl
  12. Free Spirit : Luxury handcrafted chocolate creations & baked treats, including vegan choices : facebook icon 24pxl
  13. Freshly Spiced : 100% natural Spice Blend recipe kits allowing you to plan your food week, healthy meals packed full of flavour : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  14. Gedling Herbalist – Medical Herbalist Anke Wellhausen BSc (Hons) MNIMH
  15. Hannah Edge – Nourish Yoga Glow : – Health coach, yoga teacher and essential oil distributor : facebook icon 24pxl
  16. Frack Free Nottingham – Campaign against Unconventional Hydrocarbons (Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas Fracking) : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  17. Gluten N Dairy Free Luv – Gluten & dairy free cafe in Nottingham, serving homemade cakes, deserts, Jamaican style hot food & more : facebook icon 24pxl
  18. Inspired by Vegetables – vegetarian & vegan food cooked with love from locally-grown or produced products : facebook icon 24pxl instagram logo
  19. Jack And The Bean – Outdoor veggie / vegan street food inspired caterers. Sister venture of Derby restaurant The Wonky Table : facebook icon 24pxl
  20. Jenny Roe – Sugaring Practitioner and Weleda Advisor from East Leake facebook icon 24pxl
  21. Lindsey Whotton – Arbonne Consultant Grantham. Arbonne products are naturally inspired, and scientifically tested : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  22. Lush Nottingham – Serving Bathtime Realness! Swing by and see us on Clumber Street for all of your LUSH needs! facebook icon 24pxl
  23. Magpie BreweryHand crafted real ales, craft keg ales and ciders facebook icon 24pxl
  24. Mission PizzaAward winning mobile wood fired vegetarian & vegan pizza. : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl 
  25. The Nottingham Soapbox All of our soaps are handmade in a Nottingham kitchen! twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  26. Primary Gardens – Urban horticulture, plants, events, workshops, garden, edible flowers, herbs, urban food growing : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  27. RawBite UK – The organic fruit and nut bite – now in the UK : facebook icon 24pxl
  28. Sauce ShopMission: to get people eating better sauce. Ditch the gloopy and bland mainstream for #realsauce : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  29. Soul Song Therapies & Healing Centre – raw and hot chocolate elixirs
  30. Stewarts of Trent Bridge – Nottingham Coffee Roasters at Sneinton Market facebook icon 24pxl twitter icon 24pxl
  31. Stripey Beetroot – hot & cold catering for all occasions by a small Nottingham-based business facebook icon 24pxl
  32. Tropic Skincare with Joanne – Nottingham
  33. Twisted Teas – Step into a wonderland of tongue twisting tantalising delights with twisted teas : facebook icon 24pxl
  34. Vikki Welch, Independent Consultant, Arbonne International
  35. Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Clare Heyting, North Nottinghamshire
  36. Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Elanor Shaw, Leicestershire
  37. Zymo Foods – Fermented foods produced in Nottingham

Our first tweet in support of Nottingham’s Vegan Market in October 2015

Vegan Camp 2022


Vegan Camp UK The original vegan camp established 1981, a friendly and enjoyable annual social gathering for singles, couples and families, not to be confused with any other similar named group.

In 2022 the 40th annual Vegan camp will take place at Bank Farn, Horton, Gower Peninsula, by Swansea, South Wales

See  http://www.waldegraves.co.uk/ to  view facilities and site map.

Families, Couples & Singles all welcome. You can come for any period of time between 23rd July  and 7th August 2022


Future camps:


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