To get to an event 100 miles from our home base at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre, (and back), Veggies will emit 120kg CO2.

However by helping each 100 people Eat Vegan we will “offset” 200 kg CO2

If ONE customer goes Vegan For Life, they will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals’ lives, and enabling all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources.

Estimate statistics and references

  • Diesel fuel: 2.68kg CO2/litre; 4-5mls/ltr (50-70k/100ml)(LILO Handbook)
  • Cooking gas: Butane: 1.74kg CO2/kg; Propane:1.95kg CO2/kg (as above).
  • 1.5 tonnes CO2 saved annually by a vegan diet (4kg/person/day) (New Scientist);
  • Livestock industry produces 100 million tonnes methane each year (FAO, as below)
  • Methane is 23 times more harmful to the climate than C02 (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization).
  • 1 hectare typically produces 1,400kg of oil and 1,900kg of cake for animal feed (United Oilseeds).
  • 1,400kg of oil when converted to Rape Methyl Ester would allow a car to travel approx 26,500 kilometres (as above). ‘Straight veg oil’ requires no conversion.
  • Could meat be murder for the environment (New Scientist):

    “A kilogram of beef is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution than driving for 3 hours while leaving all the lights on back home.

    “This is among the conclusions of a study by Akifumi Ogino of the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science in Tsukuba, Japan, and colleagues, which has assessed the effects of beef production on global warming, water acidification and eutrophication, and energy consumption.

    “Their analysis showed that producing a kilogram of beef leads to the emission of greenhouse gases with a warming potential equivalent to 36.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide. It also releases fertilising compounds equivalent to 340 grams of sulphur dioxide and 59 grams of phosphate, and consumes 169 megajoules of energy. In other words, a kilogram of beef is responsible for the equivalent of the amount of CO2 emitted by the average European car every 250 kilometres, and burns enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for nearly 20 days.


Different sources quote methane as 21 or 23 time more potent than CO2.

A google search (Nov’07) gives 198,000 references for “methane 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide” – against 194,000 for 23% – so there’s not much in it.

However the closest I can find to the source of the issue is the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s own press release at which uses the 23% figure.

Confusingly the Climate Change Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency uses the 21% figure at

According to the calculator at driving a diesel vehicle 10,000 per year at 20mpg would give emissions 5.95 tonnes. The cost to offset this CO2 with Carbon Care would be be £44.63 – this is not enough! Carbon emissions are too critical to pay off this cheaply. The concept of Carbon Offsetting allows people to think that they can fly or drive guilt-free, rather than taking steps to reduce their emissions. However let’s hope that our work helps and encourages just 4 people to Go Vegan each year. This alone would save this amount of CO2 emissions. The challenge for us is to travel less, whilst still giving the support for people to adopt a climate-friendly vegan diet.

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